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Those sky devils were daring enough to even forcibly occupy Priest Mu’s clone bodies, and the unbreakable body of the first Chiyou. Ji Hao also thought of the fact that he could ‘eat’ these sky devils with the small cauldron inside his body and gain great benefits.

Ji Hao grinned, took a sideway step, and stood right before the old man’s face. Then, he politely bowed to the old man and said, "Eh? This gramp sounds so angry, why? What happened? Did your son die? Did your daughter-in-law run away? Since you’re burning in anger, the water is all over the world out there. Why don’t you go out and soak your head in the water to chill yourself down?"

Ji Hao’s words were extremely mean, which even shocked the old man and his tens of guards. They paused for a short while, then the old man’s amiable face twitched. Grimly, the old man yelled at Ji Hao, "Where are your parents? How dare you…"

Ji Hao threw a slap on the old man’s face.

If that were a real elderly human being, Ji Hao would never act so rudely. But it was a sky devil. Therefore, Ji Hao felt no pressure when doing this. On the contrary, he even felt rather good.

When Ji Hao slapped on his face, the old man’s eyes sparkled with a strange five-colored light. He saw Ji Hao’s move clearly, yet his body didn’t manage to react timely; he could not dodge at all.

Behind him, the eyes of his tens of guards all shone with the same five-colored light. They also saw Ji Hao’s move clearly. They even saw Ji Hao’s palm split the air and smashed tens of floating dust grains in the sky.

They saw it indeed, but they couldn’t react timely either; none of them could be as fast as Ji Hao.

Followed a clear cracking noise, the old man swung his head sideway with half of his face dented deeply. He largely opened his mouth and let blood and broken teeth spurt out. Those teeth exploded before they landed on the ground, generating a series of popping noise.

Ji Hao was a powerful being now. He had grown the red-sun primordial spirit, and preliminarily raised the extremely positive power, extremely negative power, and the power of the Dao of destruction. At this stage, he was almost as powerful as Supreme Magi and Sun and Moon stage non-humankind beings.

His physical strength was even greater. Ever since the drop of Chaos blood sneaked out of the Divine Origin Pool and merged with Ji Hao’s heart, all of Ji Hao’s blood had now been replaced by Chaos blood. Nourished by the Chaos blood, his internal organs were changed magically. By now, his physical strength had gone far beyond the level of peak Divine Magus, and had seriously stepped into the level of Supreme Magi.

He didn’t slap the old man too hard. In fact, he carefully restrained his power. But still, the old man was sent flying into the sky, pulled by his dented head, spinning in the air in a weird manner. Thud! While vomiting blood, then old man flew hundreds of meters away and thudded on a big tree, broke the tree, then finally landed on the ground.

In disorder, a group of guard rushed to the old man, some of them even screaming and cursing.

The few guards, whose eyes shone with the five-colored light, silently pulled out their swords and lunged to Ji Hao’s vital body parts. Their swords were nimble and fast, coiled in faintly visible colorful mist. The moment they pulled out their sword, a warm and sweet aroma could even be sensed from the air.

"Human warriors can never use swords like this. Their swords had no aroma, just the scent of blood!" Ji Hao fiercely dashed up and bumped his strong body against the few swords.

Lines of spell symbols dazzled on those thick and heavy swords, but following a series of creaking noise, those swords failed to take Ji Hao’s power, and shattered inch by inch. Ji Hao darted to the few guards, raised his right arm, and gave each of them a neat punch.

Once again, their eyes shone with that five-colored light. Same as the last time, they saw Ji Hao’s move clearly, but still didn’t manage to dodge.

Their exquisitely crafted armors were broken. The strong impact force blasted inside their bodies like thunderbolts. In panic, many human warriors by the gate of the Town Hall saw that these few early-Divine-Magus-level guards exploded into clouds of blood mist, which sprayed to tens of meters away and dyed the ground red.

"Stop! Marquis Yao!" An experienced warrior commander rushed out of the crowd, grabbed Ji Hao’s arm while shouting, "This is Fufeng Yu, the leader of Fufeng Clan…He came all the way here to Pu Ban City with his army, under Emperor Shun’s order!"

"Marquis Yao, Marquis Yao, if he offended you, please, for Emperor Shun’s sake, stop killing!" This commander hurriedly introduced Fufeng Yu to Ji Hao with a hoarse voice, then begged Ji Hao to not kill Fufeng Yu.

Fufeng Yu was held up by a few guards while he gasped quickly for air. Half of his head was still dented. With a deep yet strong voice, he growled and activated his spirit blood. Soon, his broken bones were healed, while his skin, flesh, and broken teeth regrew.

Within a few seconds, Fufeng Yu had recovered completely, such that not even a sign of wound could be seen on his face anymore.

Sulkily, he stared at Ji Hao and said with a cold voice, "Marquis Yao…Ji Hao? No wonder you acted like that…I have only slightly offended you, but you killed my people! Right in front of the Town Hall, under the watch of Emperor Shun, how dare you do that? Do you even care about the law of the alliance of human clans?"

Ji Hao looked at Fufeng Yu, smiled faintly, and asked, "Are you sure that the ones I killed are people?"

The pupils of Fufeng Yu and the few guards around him shrank instantly. The other warriors didn’t know what did Ji Hao mean. They angrily walked up, pointed at Ji Hao, and yelled out at him. Even though Ji Hao was Marquis Yao, and was way more powerful than these ordinary human warriors, these warriors still approached him with anger and without fear. They were shouting at him, trying their best to bring justice back for their ‘clansmen’, who were killed by Ji Hao.

Facing the sky devil, Ji Hao launched lethal attacks carelessly. But facing these real human warriors and hearing their accusations, Ji Hao could only step back embarrassedly.

Suddenly, Emperor Shun’s voice could be heard. "Why is this place so noisy? A disaster has come upon us. We human beings should hold hands and overcome the difficulties together. But why are you against each other?"

Those human warriors hurriedly dropped their hands and politely bowed to Emperor Shun.

Ji Hao turned around. Emperor Shun was surrounded by tens of senior ministers, standing by the gate of the Town Hall, coldly and fiercely looking at this area.

‘Coldly and fiercely’? Ji Hao paused. Normally, Emperor Shun had always been imperatorial and serious. When did he ever make people feel ‘cold and fierce’?

Looking closer, Ji Hao quivered, because he sensed a great terror from deep inside his heart!

The pupils of Emperor Shun were also glistening with a faint five-colored light.

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