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Behind Taisi, a, thousands of meters tall, gray silhouette slowly merged with the air.

Taisi raised his head and looked where the silhouette faded. Then, he nodded seriously at last and said, "I can’t sense him anymore. In Pan Gu world, he has ceased to exist already. Unless he left this world, he is already dead, both his body and his soul."

Ji Hao stopped worrying. He patted heavily on Taisi’s shoulder, then shook Taisi’s body in a naughty way while saying, "Good job! When we have the time, I will give you a big vacation, and let you return to Yao Mountain City to see your children."

Man Man laughed out loud, Yu Mu chuckled, while Feng Xing squeezed his eyes towards Shaosi. As for Shaosi, she delightfully looked at Taisi, and said slowly and seriously, "Not enough! If we want our family to raise again, my big brother’s children are still far from enough. When we are less busy, I’ll go beg Elder Wulong to make my big brother hundreds of more pills!"

Taisi instantly showed a sullen look. Pitifully, he grabbed Ji Hao’s sleeve while staring at Ji Hao with an extremely sad and dismal face. He just gazed at Ji Hao like that, and didn’t say a word.

Ji Hao immediately changed the topic, then hurriedly activated the golden bridge, flying towards Pu Ban City with his friends. He didn’t know how to help Taisi, neither did he dare to!

Shaosi had a strong obsession of reviving her family. Back then, before the life-and-death game in Pan Xi world, she forcibly married Taisi to quite a number of girls. After that, she got some strange pills from Wulong Yao, and with those, she made all of Taisi’s wives pregnant.

By now, Taisi had over a hundred sons and hundreds of daughters…Taisi was a muddleheaded boy who didn’t even name his own children. Ji Xia and Qing Fu named all of Taisi’s children, and Taisi didn’t know those names!

Taisi, this boy with a terrifying power and an awfully simple mind, had made a great sacrifice for the future of his family. Shaosi treated him like a lemon, as she had been trying as hard as possible to squeeze all of his juice out. Taisi felt miserable, but he was defenseless…As for Ji Hao, Feng Xing, Yu Mu, and Man Man, as his ‘good brothers and sister’, they all showed sympathy for him, yet none of them would ever help him with this!

Yuan Li sneakily asked Feng Xing about Taisi’s ‘story’. When he knew what had happened to Taisi, he started gazing at Taisi with true admiration. From his young ape face, one could even find ‘admiration’ on every fine hair.

The golden bridge was swift as a bolt of lightning. Within a twinkling of an eye, it flashed to the defensive magic screen of Pu Ban City. Ji Hao took out his identity tablet and created a path on the magic screen, then flew in.

Outside the city, the world was occupied by the flood and the endless heavy rain. The dense watery mist suffused the whole world. Standing out there, one would feel like soaking in water, and breathing felt like that someone was pouring a large bowl of water into one’s lungs.

Having traveled out of the city for so many days, Ji Hao felt that both his soul and his body were going moldy. Once he entered the city, he felt so snug, as the Pan Jia sun was shining brightly and warmed his body.

The Pan Jia sun was inside Ji Hao’s body for a rather long period of time. Therefore, an indescribably tight connection existed between him and the sun. Once Ji Hao entered the city, the Pan Jia sun trembled slightly. Then, an obviously bright stream of light descended and landed accurately on Ji Hao’s body.

Countless golden light spots surrounded Ji Hao, hovering quickly around him like naughty puppies and kitties. Ji Hao sent out his spirit power through the sunlight and drilled straight into the Pan Jia sun.

Memories surged through his head like tidewater. During these days when Ji Hao was absent, everything that happened in everywhere showered under the light of the Pan Jia sun was memorized by the sun. And now, the sun gave its memories to Ji Hao.

Ji Hao saw many things, mostly good. Facing the flood, all human clans had combined their powers, and mobilized all forces to clean the water channels and suppress the water-kind armies. Tens of water channels around Pu Ban City were already dredged. In many areas, the flood had already started fading, and some flat grounds were even exposed.

However, bad things had happened too. Calculation, splintering, scrambling for powers and profits... Many people still had their eyes covetously fixed on the throne. At the moment, these people were ganging up, attempting to unify all their powers and give Emperor Shun and Si Wen Ming a heavy strike, after the flood was overcome. Some people even had their eyes on the credit of the flood-control mission. They were planning to destroy Si Wen Ming with all their powers right before Si Wen Ming accomplish the flood-control mission. In this way, they could take all the credit and great reputation, which should belong to Si Wen Ming, then ascend directly up to the throne.

Nevertheless, these people never thought that Ji Hao would have such an unreasonable ability, which allowed him to know everything that happened in this city.

The Pan Jia sun was shining above Pu Ban City, and the entire city was showering under its light. The sunlight was Ji Hao’s ears and eyes. Wherever the sunlight reached, Ji Hao saw, heard, and memorized every scheme or dirty plan.

"Stupid things." cursed Ji Hao with a low voice, "I can’t spoil the flood-control mission, and the strengths of your clans are still needed. Therefore, I will let you live… for now."

For the overall situation, Ji Hao would temporarily do nothing to these people. Some other things were such that even the Pan Jia sun didn’t manage to see clearly, and neither could Ji Hao. But apparently, something that was not right happened here in Pu Ban City. Instinctively, Ji Hao had a strange feeling.

"Man Man, Shaosi, you go rest in our own place. I will go meet Emperor Shun to see what he wants us to do." Ji Hao said to Man Man and Shaosi. He warned them to mind anything that seemed to not be right. Also, he told all team members to stay together, and to never split. After that, he walked to the Town Hall alone.

Under the effect of the magic, another batch of crops was ripe on the terraced fields in Pu Ban City. Human beings were happily harvesting. From time to time, leaves and wheat straws drifted down, while a refreshing aroma of ripe crops spread in the air.

Standing by the gate of the Town Hall, Ji Hao raised his head and looked at those hard-working human beings, then smiled.

While he was smiling, an old man walked over with big steps, with tens of elite warriors. The old man looked amiable, but he had an especially disdainful manner, squinting at everyone.

Casting a sideway glance at Ji Hao, the old man said coldly, "Kid, why are you laughing? Why don’t you go help harvesting? This is the Town Hall. Who said that you can stand in here? Where are your parents? Why are you still here? Piss off!"

Ji Hao paused. How could this old man talk like that?

But suddenly, Ji Hao sensed an intense vibration from his red sun primordial spirit, while he sensed a familiar power from the old man. It was same as the power he sensed back then from Xia Zun and Yu Zun, the two sky devils killed by Yu Yu.

This old man was possessed by a sky devil. His soul was eaten, and his body was controlled.

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