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Back in the heaven, in the ancient Black Emperor’s divine palace...

With a grim face, Gong Gong stood under the dark jade bucket as he released ten streams of dark smoke from his ten fingers, and wove into a tiny hand. With that, he carefully took out a handful of glistening water from the bucket.

The dark water divine bucket was a precious treasure in the heaven. It controlled all of the water in the world, and could slowly extract world essence water from all rivers, streams, and lakes in the world. It had an inexhaustible power of creation, and could nourish all living beings.

Back in the ancient time, the war between the ancient heaven and the non-humankind lasted for a very long period of time. The Black Emperor controlled the dark water divine bucket and sprayed the world essence water on the bodies of all wounded divine warriors. Wherever the world essence water reached, even those dying divine warriors were immediately brought back to their peak states, and went right back to the battlefields, full of energy and vitality.

This divine bucket made the divine army time times more powerful at least, and caused the non-humankind extremely severe, extra damages. If the extraction efficiency of this divine bucket was not limited, and if those ancient divine gods didn’t waste too much of the world essence water on brewing liquor and concocting magic medicines during peaceful days, so that the Black Emperor still had enough world essence water left when the non-humankind invaded, the ancient heaven would never have fallen.

After the heaven fell, the dark water divine bucket was hidden in Black Emperor’s palace. For countless years, it had been continuously extracting the essence of the water of Pan Gu world. However, before the flood, only about a three-feet-thick layer of world essence water was accumulated in it.

Later on, Gong Gong raised the crazy flood. The strong water powers from twelve water worlds started surging into Pan Gu world without an end, and all of a sudden, the water power in Pan Gu world became especially rich. Since then, the divine bucket began speedily extracting essence water power, and accumulated a tens of meters thick layer of world essence water in it.

This precious world essence water was prepared by Gong Gong for himself to use, after he became the Central Divine Emperor. He was planning to turn himself into an immortal being with the world essence water, the first truly immortal being in Pan Gu world.

Even though Yu Ancestor had been trying his best to earn Gong Gong’s trust, and indeed, the twenty-seven old Gong Gongs were related to the future of the entire Gong Gong Family, Gong Gong was extremely careful and reluctant when taking out the world essence water. Taking every drop of the world essence water out from the jade bucket hurt as much as draining his own marrow, bringing him an unbearable heartache that made his face twist.

Yu Ancestor sat in front of Gong Gong with crossed legs. Drops of glistening world essence water dripped down on his scalp and quickly seeped into his body, like fresh water dripping onto a desert.

Yu Ancestor’s wrinkled, scrawny face quickly turned tender and pink. That layer of transparent, ugly scales on his face faded gradually. Meanwhile, a light aroma was released from his body. Both his body and soul were changing thoroughly.

As one of the first generation of living creatures in the world, Yu Ancestor was definitely not an ordinary being. However, compared with the other ancient creatures, such as Kun Peng, Xiang Liu and Wuzhi Qi, Yu Ancestor was still much weaker. After all, he was an insect, and among all ancient creatures, insects had the poorest gifts. Therefore, Yu Ancestor indeed had some unpredictable powers, but whether in terms of cultivation, battle efficiency or position in the Gong Gong Family, he was far less powerful than Kun Peng, Wuzhi Qi, and Xiang Liu.

Nevertheless, as the world essence water dripped into his body drop by drop, Yu Ancestor’s innate powers were improving. If one compared Yu Ancestor to a pine, nourished by the world essence water, he had now been remolding, and even his nature was changing. This meant that he was turning into a powerful spirit tree from an ordinary pine tree.

Followed by a strange noise, a crack appeared on Yu Ancestor’s forehead between his eyebrows. Wuzhi Qu curiously leaped to him and scratched on that crack. Puff! The skin of Yu Ancestor was pulled off entirely by Wuzhi Qi.

A layer of thin transparent scale fell off from that scrawny old skin of Yu Ancestor like snowflakes. Yu Ancestor’s new skin was as tender and white as the skin of a baby, without even a sign of scales. In addition to that, his face turned young and handsome, and even looked like a prince.

Enduring a serious heartache, Gong Gong took out another handful of world essence water and dripped on Yu Ancestor’s head, drop by drop.

As the world essence water merged with his body, the aroma that came from Yu Ancestor grew stronger and stronger. Soon, another layer of skin fell off from his body, and this time, his new skin had a beautiful pearl-like luster. His skin and muscles turned transparent like crystal. Hazily, one could even see his purple-red internal organs and bones.

"Thoroughly remold, a second life…My power will soar." Yu Ancestor murmured, "Dear Lord, only my skin and flesh are changed, but my bones and internal organs…It’s not enough."

With a badly twisted face, Gong Gong continuously dripping world essence water on Yu Ancestor’s head.

The world essence water accumulated in the dark water divine bucket was tens of meters deep, and Gong Gong had only been using a slight amount on Yu Ancestor. Still, it was truly hurting!

The color of Yu Ancestor’s bones and internal organs was changing speedily, turning white and transparent along with his meridians and brain. Five layers of old skins fell off from his body in a row.

A clean sense of power spread out from Yu Ancestor’s body, while a white mist rose from his head and transformed into a sparkling sphere of water that floated above his head. Within the hundreds of meters radius water, a strange creature huddled in a deep sleep. That creature looked like a Qi Lin, yet only had three feet.

Before, Yu Ancestor’s primordial spirit looked exactly like his physical body, like an ugly frog. But nourished, purified and improved by the world essence water, his primordial spirit looked different now.

Except for the feature of three legs, who could ever imagine that this Qi-Lin-like creature with a strong, mysterious sense of power releasing from it, was actually Yu Ancestor?

The sense of power that came from Yu Ancestor was entirely different now. His body was now suffused by a beautiful white light. He opened his mouth and breathed out, spraying a wave of sand. That sand was all ice-crystals, which glowed with a cold, fascinating light, and seemed to be beautiful and not evil at all.

Buzz! A strange sense of power abruptly came from above Yu Ancestor’s head, following which, an extremely strong and evil power descended, took a few circles around the divine palace, then fiercely landed on the few old skins that fell off from Yu Ancestor’s body.

Puff! The few old skins were immediately turned into gray dust and dissipated in the air.

"A Distance magic curse!" Gong Gong quivered slightly and shouted in shock, "Who can break the defense of the heaven and earth great formation and curse you? And, and…"

Yu Ancestor’s face turned deathly pale. The power he sensed just now was indescribably evil and dark. He somehow felt that if he were hit by that power, he would have been turned into ashes as well, just like his old skins.

Fortunately, the world essence water improved his powers and remolded his body, which made him an entirely different creature! Otherwise, he would have been killed already.

On the vast water, Taisi narrowed his eyes and said a bit hesitatingly, "I think he died…Hmm, he should be dead."

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