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"Kun Peng…You again!" Ji Hao raised his sword and roared, then threw a few magic pills into his mouth to replenish his consumed energy.

Just now, Ji Hao had a short fight against Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast, which almost consumed up all his energy. Facing Kun Peng and his offsprings, he dared not to be careless. Taking the few magic pills made by Priest Dachi himself, he sensed a warmth flowing to every corner of his body, bringing him back to his peak state, and actually an even better one.

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao, you have to die today!" Kun Peng covered the sky with his enormous body as he stared at Ji Hao and roared. A cold light shone in the sky, his pair of eyes illuminating the entire area like two small suns.

"I cannot let you tell anyone about the things in the water eye!" Kun Peng screamed shrilly, then yelled at his offsprings and the tens of Chaos monsters, "What’re you waiting for? Go! Smash this human kid!"

Pausing slightly, he laughed viciously and continued, "Save his heart for me. I like the warm hearts of human heroes the most."

Tens of Chaos monsters roared out together, especially the few who once fought Ji Hao under Feather Mountain; they looked almost happy when pouncing on Ji Hao. Tens of Kun Peng birds screamed shrilly, then their bodies shrank quickly and transformed into men with grim faces. They were wearing all kinds of armors and holding all kinds of weapons, unhurriedly approaching Ji Hao behind those Chaos monsters.

Ji Hao snorted coldly and sent up the Pan Gu bell, which released Chaos power and covered the entire golden bridge.

A puffing noise could then be heard. While those Chaos monsters were still in over ten miles away from the golden bridge, Feng Xing had already pulled open his longbow and released a storm of arrows.

A heavy rain had been falling, as hundreds of differently sized water streams poured down from the sky. The moment Feng Xing released his arrows, those water streams blasted all of a sudden and turned into millions of thumb-sized water drops, darting everywhere. All the raindrops exploded into a dense watery mist, spreading in the air.

Soon, the dense watery mist suffused the air. Feng Xing’s arrows flew through the air, causing eye-piercing swishing noises, but no one could see those arrows. In the following moment, thunderous howls were generated along with a strong scent of blood, drifting out from the mist.

The arrows Feng Xing used were the specially made ‘Wolf tooth’ arrows produced by Ji Hao. Those arrows were a nightmare, added with Feng Xing’s longbow, which was the greatest treasure of Ten Sun Country, the bow of the ancient divine god, Yi. With this longbow, Yu killed countless powerful evil spirit creatures. Arrows darted down like a metal rain, instantly causing severe damage to those Chaos monsters.

Ms. Green Toad was ahead of the others, and she suffered the most. Tens of arrows penetrated her body in a row, and every arrow left a fist-sized hole on her body, letting blood gushing out. Even worse, one of those arrows punctured her throat, opening up a giant hole on her neck.

"He…Help!" Ms. Green Toad asked the other few Chaos monsters behind her for help with a hoarse, weak voice.

The other Chaos monsters also had holes on their bodies. At the time, they were all staring at Feng Xing’s bow in shock. Their fading memories suddenly came back. Feng Xing’s bow reminded them of that powerful, famous ancient god, the one who traveled across the world and hunted powerful evil Chaos monsters and spirit creatures.

"That is…Yi’s bow!" Tusk Sandfly King tremblingly screamed out, "That is the bow Yi used…"

Back in the ancient times, countless strong spirit creatures and Chaos monsters went on a rampage once, causing unbearable damages to the humankind. The ancient god Yi traveled across the world with his bow and killed incalculable Chaos monsters and evil spirit creatures. Yi’s bow was stained by the blood and tears of countless Chaos monsters. To Tusk Sandfly King and all the other surviving Chaos monsters in Pan Gu world, the fame of Yi was more than enough to make them terror-stricken.

"Un-huh!" Feng Xing pulled his bow open, which frightened tens of Chaos monsters and stopped them from approaching. However, Kun Pen’s tens of offsprings roared hoarsely and kept pouncing on Ji Hao and the others.

Yu Mu snorted deeply. As he patted on his round chubby belly and made his fat shake intensely, the Disease God Streamer slowly rose from his head, releasing dense gray mist.

Buzz! Waves of locusts surged out from the streamer, darting to Kun Peng’s offsprings, as if a hundred-million hornets’ nests were stirred up simultaneously.

Kun Peng floated in the sky. Seeing the Disease God streamer, he widely opened his giant pair of eyes and howled shrilly, "That’s the Disease God streamer! The evilest thing in the world…Kids, retreat!"

Once he said the word ‘retreat’, the world was suddenly darkened.

All lights dimmed suddenly, and even the golden emitted from the golden bridge disappeared at this moment; no one could see anything anymore, not even Ji Hao with his erect eye.

A terrifying, prehistorical sense of power came from the sky as an ancient being showed up. No one could see it, but everyone could feel it.

In the next moment, the light came back. Within a million miles radius, the world was illuminated by a strange glow, which was clear and bright, able to even shine directly into people’ souls. This magical light allowed Ji Hao and his friends to see every tiny water drop in the air, every grain of dust, and every slight impurity in their own souls.

A tens of thousands of miles long dragon head slowly reached out from a dark hole in the air. On the middle of the skinny, wrinkled dragon head, an enormous candle was burning with a dim light. The candle was burning to the end. The old candle dragon slowly opened his eyes, sighed deeply, and said, "Eh, so noisy, always so noisy…Can’t you just let me have a good sleep? I’ve only slept for eight-thousand years, but now you woke me up again…You kids, you just don’t care about the olds. You should be punished!"

"Candle Jiuyin!" Kun Peng looked at that old candle dragon and screamed, "You should stay asleep…Why did you wake up?"

"To kill!" Candle Jiuyin responded straightforwardly, then slowly opened his mouth. Streams of flame were released from a dazzling essence fire in his mouth, and descended from the sky along with a strange swooshing noise. Then, it softly and nimbly coiled on the bodies of those Chaos monsters and Kun Peng’s offsprings like living beings.

Shrill howls came from those Chaos monsters and Kun Peng’s offsprings. Instantaneously, these thin flame streams set their bodies ablaze and burned them into giant torches, darting all over the sky.

Kun Peng roared in rage. He curled up his body and dashed to Candle Jiuyin, seeming about to put up a desperate fight against that old candle dragon. But Kun Peng didn’t notice a six-foot-tall man standing on Candle Jiuyin’s head. Seeing Kun Peng rush up, that man conveniently threw out a stone dagger.

That cyan-colored, mottled, and simply crafted stone dagger hacked on Kun Peng’s head heavily, generating a puffing noise. Blood splashed everywhere as a half of Kun Peng’s head was chopped off.

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