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Things happened too fast, and no one managed to make any reaction.

Candle Jiuyin, the first candle dragon in the world, the ancestor of all candle dragons, and the totem worshipped by the Candle Dragon Clan, was a member of the alliance of human clans.

After the world was created, before the sun and the stars emerged, Candle Jiuyin was generated by nature with an essence fire in his mouth, illuminating the world.

Therefore, when Candle Jiuyin let the fire out of his mouth and burned the tens of offsprings of Kun Peng and Chaos monsters nearly to death, Ji Hao wasn’t surprised at all. Candle Jiuyin was an ancient, legendary being, and that pre-world essence fire in his mouth was tremulously powerful. In mere terms of temperature and destructive power, the pre-world essence fire in Candle Jiuyin’s mouth was even more terrifying than Ji Hao’s essence sun fire.

Back in the prehistorical era, Candle Jiuyin was definitely a dreadful being at the top of the food chain. Normally, he would spend a lot of time in sleep, but once he woke up, he would hunt all over the world; Chaos monsters, evil creatures, even ghosts were his foods.

Back in the ancient times, creatures like Kun Peng’s offsprings and these famous Chaos monsters were nothing but an appetizer of Candle Jiuyin. The fire breathed out by Candle Jiuyin almost burned their lives away, which was totally reasonable.

What shocked Ji Hao was the man standing on Candle Jiuyin’s head. With a simply crafted stone dagger, he hacked a half of Kun Peng’s head off.

Poor Kun Peng, his body was a million miles in radius now, floating in the air like an enormous dark cloud; he looked like both fish and bird, and only his head was over ten miles in radius.

The stone dagger thrown out by that man was only about a foot long, and was obviously carved out of an ordinary stone. The dagger was nowhere near a masterpiece, as it was covered in bumps and hollows and scratches. No one would bother to bend down and pick up a dagger like this even if it were lying on the street.

Nevertheless, in Ji Hao’s eye of Dao, this stone dagger looked completely different. It looked like a splendid golden-purple sun descending from the sky, with inexhaustible natural reward power surging out from it. A hundred miles around the dagger, all natural laws were cast away by the strong natural reward power, and all natural powers were suppressed by it.

Even Ji Hao’s red sun primordial spirit was suppressed by the strong natural reward power as well. At the moment, he couldn’t activate his power, not even a little bit. His one million inner spirit stars were dimmed down like cooling coals in stove ashes, lifeless and powerless.

His heart was still beating. Except for his physical strength, Ji Hao had lost all of his powers, temporarily.

That roughly crafted dagger with an indescribably strong power contained in it descended from the air and slantingly cut through Kun Peng’s body. Ji Hao saw clearly that Kun Peng didn’t even manage to dodge. He couldn’t even activate his defensive treasures before a half of his head was cut off like a piece of tofu.

Torrents of blood mixed with brain fell from the sky. Kun Peng’s shrill howls echoed to the clouds. Sharps sound waves spread out, raising fierce gusts of wind and dense clouds. The dark clouds in the sky were even shattered by Kun Peng’s thunder-like howls.

A half of his enormous head was cut off and fell down from the sky, leaving a seventy-thousand miles long, forty-thousand miles wide wound.

Kun Peng was enormous. Ji Hao stood a long distance away and twisted his neck as hard as he could, but he couldn’t see the ends of that tremendous wound. What a colossal wound! The entire sky was turned red by the blood kept spraying out from Kun Peng’s body, as if the sky were cut open.

Followed by an earth-shaking boom, Kun Peng’s half a head fell on the water surface. His spirit blood spread along with the turbid waves. Countless reckless water-kind creatures dashed over from all directions, crazily devouring Kun Peng’s blood, muscles and skin.

"Ah…Ah…Ah…I am dying!"

Kun Peng widely opened the remaining half of his mouth and screamed. Only one eye was left on his head now. He popped out that eye, looking at those water-kind creatures who had been fighting each other over his blood and flesh. In both anger and shame, he roared thunderously and incanted a spell.

Pop! Following his voice, the bodies of all water-kind creatures exploded in an area ten-million miles in radius,.

Kun Peng moved his eyeball with difficulty and looked at the man standing on Candle Jiuyin’s head. Glancing at the stone dagger which had cut off a half of his head, he screamed out loud again hysterically, "Shennong! You little kid…How can you ever hurt me?!"

As one of the first batch of living creatures in Pan Gu world, Kun Peng had always been proud.

He wasn’t as powerful as Candle Jiuyin, but he was only slightly weaker than Candle Jiuyin. In the past countless centuries, he had been cultivating himself severely in the North Sea; he believed that he had achieved a great progress, and by now, he was already a top-grade being in the world.

Shennong was a former human emperor indeed, but compared to Kun Peng, he was truly a little kid!

How many years had Shennong been cultivating himself for? But how many years had Kun Peng been doing that? Besides, this Shennong was only a clone, while Kun Peng was right here with his true body! The cultivation history of Kun Peng was a hundred times, even a thousand times longer than Shennong’s. However, a clone of Shennong injured Kun Peng severely and momentarily. Was this even real?

"This is injustice!" Kun Peng shouted. A half a head of his was cut off, without a doubt, his brain was damaged seriously. As a result, Kun Peng could barely think at this moment. He stared at Shennong for quite a long time and finally shouted out these three words.

"Injustice?" Standing on Candle Jiuyin’s head, Shennong responded with a strong voice, "How dare you mention ‘justice’ in front of me?"

Shennong raised his hand and let the dagger flew back into his hand, then pointed at Kun Peng and continued, "For your private ends, you raised the flood and hurt countless living creatures! Not only human beings, look, how many living creatures died because of you?!"

"Justice? If you want to talk about justice, who can give that to those poor creatures drowned in the flood?"

"Justice? If you ask me about justice, who can bring justice to those human beings who are still struggling and crying in the flood?"

"See, have you seen it? This is a vast water! How many dead bodies of human beings floated on the water? Have you seen those?"

"Can you hear it? All over the Midland, countless human beings are crying, are cursing in despair!"

"Have you felt it? The endless hatred in the world, the hatred that comes from countess human beings! Billions of human beings want you to die!" Shennong growled resonantly, "I gathered the faith power of all human beings; I cut you with this stone dagger that I dug herbs with back then. Under my dagger… is justice!"

‘Under my dagger is justice’!

Ji Hao almost applauded for this, but in the following moment, Shennong launched another fierce hack.

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