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When Ji Hao vomited blood and turned around, Wuzhi Qi reached out his long arm and brushed against the Taiji divine sword’s sharp edge. Without making even the slightest noise, the sword easily cut open Wuzhi Qi’s arm, almost splitting that arm into two. This looked like a total accident. Wuzhi Qi paused briefly, then burst into a thunder-like series of howl, while covering his arm with his other hand and leaping backward as fast as he could.

Reaching out his arm to the sword was something Wuzhi Qi did on purpose indeed, and acted like it was an accident. But the series of howl that rose later on, they were real, not fake at all.

It was painful, truly, heartbreakingly painful. That pain even made Wuzhi Qi want to kill Yu Ancestor. Why on earth didn’t he tell Wuzhi Qi that the sword of Ji Hao was actually so sharp? Wuzhi Qi had a well-cultivated, stunningly strong body, and instead of being attacked, he reached out his arm to the sword himself. But still, he almost had his entire arm cut off!

He had already been carefully controlling his move, but he never thought that Ji Hao’s sword could be so sharp. He did no more than slightly touching the sword tip, but before he felt anything, his arm was cut open, and his blood spurted out like a fountain.

Yu Ancestor was well-prepared to join the fight already. Once Ji Hao was suppressed by Wuzhi Qi, he would immediately launch a lethal attack on Ji Hao with all of his power. But now, seeing Wuzhi Qi’s arm was wounded so badly and Wuzhi Qi drew back while howling in pain, Yu Ancestor instantly turned around and sank back down into the water eye with his offspring.

Yu Clan was clearly aware of a fact that although his powers were indeed magical and effective, in terms of physical strength, he was far weaker than Wuzhi Qi. However, even Wuzhi Qi was injured seriously by Ji Hao with a single sword hack. Despite his ‘transplant’ power, Yu Ancestor dared not to look for trouble again.

Ji Hao easily dashed away with Yuan Li. Flashing across the water for a few times, they rushed out of the water and swiftly flew north. A couple of breath slater, Ji Hao came to the defensive formation set up by Man Man, Shaosi and the others by the river, and shouted, "Come out, follow me back to Pu Ban City. I have to meet Emperor Shun for something important!"

Man Man, Shaosi and the others flashed out from the magic formation. Ji Hao quickly said a few words to them, then activated the golden bridge and transformed into a faint-golden light, dazzling southward.

While flying south, Ji Hao took out the tablet gave by Suiren and activated it, hurriedly telling him about what he had seen and heard in the watery eye by using his spirit power.

Soon, a few raging voices came out from the tablet. "Wild ambition! How evil are they! This is outrageous! Gong Gong Family is never on our side!"

"Back then, we should have destroyed the Gong Gong Family like I said! Yet, you old folks just wouldn’t!" An even more furious voice rose with a strong intent of killing.

"A young boy is listening. How old are you, why are you still wrangling like this? Don’t bring shame on yourselves for no reason…Back then, we knew that Gong Gong Family people had the evilness rooted deep in their bloodline, and we knew they were never good. But for unifying the water-kind and the humankind, we could not destroy them. At that time, our humankind could never bear the stress." said a mild and strong voice.

Sighing slightly, this voice continued, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao? Well done. I never thought that the Gong Gong Family would have such a big plan. You should go to Pu Ban City as soon as you can. Listen to Emperor Shun’s orders."

The glow emitted by the tablet dimmed down gradually. After that, no more sound was released by it.

Ji Hao shook his head in confusion. What had these former human emperors been doing?

The Gong Gong Family had such a great plan. Once this plan worked and the twenty-seven old Gong Gongs returned to Pan Gu world, added with this rampant flood, the humankind would be facing a true disaster. At this moment, these powerful, legendary former human emperors should sweep across all water eyes together, and destroy them and those clones, shouldn’t they? But, why didn’t they sound as worried as Ji Hao thought? Did they have some other plan already?

Man Man heard what Ji Hao said to Suiren and the other former human emperors through the tablet. Her eyes had already strained with anger. Abruptly, she clapped her hands and yelled, "I never liked those things from the north! Every time, my Abba would say that Gong Gong has been wanting to take our place as the Great Libation."

Wielding her fist, Man Man shouted even louder, "If we knew they were so bad, we should have killed every last one of them!"

Shaosi patted on Man Man’s head and said gently, "Before these things happened, the Gong Gong Family is as powerful as your family in the society of the humankind. A conflict between the fire and the water would cause bad influences. So, the humankind would never let that happen."

Ji Hao had been controlling the golden bridge to fly south at the highest speed. Hearing Man Man and Shaosi, he smiled, but didn’t say anything.

A short while later, Ji Hao abruptly turned around and asked Taisi, "Taisi, your Nailhead Seven Arrow Book, if you killed someone with it, can you take the counterforce? I mean, if someone had a gift that allows him to send a half of the attack he suffered back to whoever attacked him, would the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book harm you if you were killing this man with it?"

Taisi knitted his eyebrows, pondered for quite a long while, then slowly shook his head and responded, "If we were under the same ‘time’, this kind of gift would be very hard to deal with. I’m afraid that if I cursed him to death, I would be killed by the counterforce as well."

But then, Taiji gave a hazy and evil smile, and continued through gritted teeth, "However, even though I am talking to you face to face right now, I am not under the same ‘time’ with you. I am in the past, or in the future, but I will never be in the ‘present’, as you all are. Therefore…he can never hurt me!"

Ji Hao seriously nodded, then carefully took out a purple-red grain of sand from his sleeve. That was Yu Ancestor’s poisonous sand.

"You try with this first. Give a try with gentle magic spells. If his power truly cannot hurt you, you switch to lethal magic curses…"

Before Ji Hao finished talking, and once Taisi took over the sand, an enormous pair of wings descended from the dense dark clouds in the sky. Next, tens of pairs of similar wings came down from the sky and started a fierce hurricane, bumping into the golden bridge.

Ji Hao raised his head and saw Kun Peng in the air, surrounded by tens of his offsprings, who were slightly smaller than him. Tens of Kun Peng birds flapped their wings, as sharp, violent gales roared over from all directions. Strong streams of spirit creature power condensed into nearly tangible dark gales, which even vibrated the sky. The golden bridge started shaking slightly.

Crack! The space ten-thousand-mile-radius around the golden bridge was forcibly crushed by Kun Peng and his offsprings.

Kun Peng’s hoarse yet high-pitched voice came from a distance away, "Ji Hao, why did you go to the water eye in Huai Water? Who told you about it? You will die in here today, without a doubt!"

Following Kun Peng’s screams, the group of Chaos monsters, who attacked Si Xi under Feather Mountain, showed up one after another. Around them, tens of more enormous Chaos monsters showed up as well.

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