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The swirl rooted in the water eye was suddenly broken, while a nine-meter-long Yu abruptly dashed out. Before the Yu opened its wide mouth, large streams of purple-red sand drifted out from its mouth corners.

Raising its head, the Yu looked at those strong blue waves and shouted out loud, "Wuzhi Qi, you’re too late. I’ve already sent a message to Lord Gong Gong. If you could be slightly faster, you would have been able to save your son!"

Yu Ancestor’s dry voice came from that Yu’s large mouth, "Eh, this kid with a large bell on its head killed your son…Marquis Yao Ji Hao, a little human kid. Can you kill him? Do you need my help?"

Ji Hao stood still and made no move, while Yuan Li gripped his dragon staff with both hands, looking up with a strangely serious face. If one gave a closer look at Yuan Li, one would find that his eyes were filled with nervousness and fear. Apparently, Wuzhi Qi was a great figure in his heart.

Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast glanced at each other. "Are you Wuzhi Qi? Do you remember us? We’re your old friends. Back in Tongrong Mountain, we explored the dark cave together, and I found a heart-purifying fruit in there." Dragon-slam began talking slowly.

A cold beam of light suddenly flashed down, then Wuzhi Qi leaped out from it. He was thirty-meters tall, with his nearly three-meters-long silver fur fluttering in the water, that made him look like a large flag. He was completely naked, not even wearing an underwear. Floating above the heads of Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast, he stared at them with a fierce pair of eyes.

"What bullsh*t old friends? Old friends, old friends, old friends are dead friends!" Wuzhi Qi threw a threatening glance at Dragon-slam and yelled, "You’re alive, what kind of old friend are you? As for that heart-purifying fruit!"

The fierceness in Wuzhi Qi’s eyes grew stronger and stronger as he glowered at Dragon-slam and roared, "That was mine! You bloody thief! You took my treasure, and now you’re bragging about it! Haha, I’ve forgotten what happened in Tongrong Mountain, yet you made me remember everything! Taste my cudgel!"

Wuzhi Qi clenched his fingers towards the water eye and started a rumbling noise, that sounded like the collapse of the sky. A deep-blue light shone from the water-eye, then a torrent of after-world essence water power was released from it, being grasped in Wuzhi Qi’s hand.

Slightly twisting his wrist, Wuzhi Qi made the water eye quake slightly, then a blue ice cudgel appeared in his hands. He gripped the cudgel with both hands and gave a thunderous roar, smashing straight down towards Dragon-slam’s head.

Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast cursed out together and raised their sword and blade.

Ji Hao clapped his hands and laughed out loud, "Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast, you’re gonna suffer! Haha!"

As he said, Wuzhi Qi’s cudgel smashed down and clanged against Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast’s sword and blade, generating a loud bang. Then the sword and the blade were sent flying away together. The palms of Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast were blasted, with blood spraying out. Mounted on their dragon and tiger, they hurriedly drew back.

Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast were indeed powerful, but they were good at all kinds of magics. Close combat against Wuzhi Qi? That would be like hitting a rock with an egg. How could they ever rival Wuzhi Qi?

"Wuzhi Qi, your son, Yuan Sheng, he was one of us! We had the same Shifu" shouted Tiger-blast, "We’re family!"

"Who is your family? Yuan Sheng, that silly kid, wasn’t being my son enough for him? Why did he get a Shifu? Didn’t he want to be my son anymore?" Wuzhi Qi wasn’t prepared to listen at all. He popped out his eyes in anger and yelled at Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast, "How dare you take my son away from me?! Die!"

Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast glanced at each other again. Seeing Wuzhi Qi already raise that giant cudgel, they squeezed their eyes at each other, then glanced back at Ji Hao, who seemed to attack again. After that, they silently dashed away. Their purple hassocks released two purple whirlwinds which wrapped them up. When a refreshing aroma spread in the water, they had already disappeared without a trace.

"Good brothers, you might not take revenge for Yuan Sheng, but at least, you should collect his body, shouldn’t you?" said Ji Hao. Afterward, without even taking a glance at Wuzhi Qi, he turned around, grabbed Yuan Li, and laughed, "Yuan Li, say hi to your father, then let’s go!"

Yuan Li was tremblingly slightly. Before he could say a word, Wuzhi Qi already fixed his eyes on Ji Hao. His eyes dazzled. Slowly, he wielded that giant ice cudgel, with his long fur glowing with a strong watery light.

A wild spirit creature power could be sensed from everywhere. Hundreds of large swirls appeared in the water, clashing against each other and causing thunder-like noises.

"Ji Hao, did you kill Yuan Sheng?" said Wuzhi Qi abruptly and coldly.

"Wuzhi Qi, don’t let them go! Not only did this little human kid kill Yuan Sheng, he has also seen the things inside the water-eye. Hehe, kill him, before he delivered the message to the human emperor!"

Over ten-thousand Yu came out from the water eye one after another. Within a blink of an eye, Ji Hao and Wuzhi Qi were surrounded by Yu. At last, Yu Ancestor mounted on a large Yu and slowly rose from the water eye.

"Wuzhi Qi, be careful! This kid is not so powerful, yet those treasures of his are. Even I was injured by him!" Yu Ancestor narrowed his eyes and said grinningly, "If you can kill him, I want that bell only, and you can have everything else!"

Wuzhi Qi glanced at Yu Ancestor, then looked at Ji Hao. Silently, he rushed to Ji Hao, leaving shreds of afterimages in the water.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. The Pan Gu bell released strong streams of Chaos power that stirred up the dust and sand on the bottom of the river, making the water turbid. Wielding his Taiji divine sword, he rushed up to Wuzhi Qi as well. When Wuzhi Qi swung his cudgel down, Ji Hao rose the sword horizontally, gently pushing against the cudgel with the flat side of the sword.

Dong! Wuzhi Qi and Ji Hao quivered simultaneously.

"How strong you are!" Wuzhi Qi exclaimed, "Little human kid, we cannot let you live!"

The large cudgel created a deep-blue swirl that wrapped Ji Hao up. Meanwhile, Wuzhi Qi shouted out loud and madly bashed the swirl, stirring up clouds of sand. Neither Yu Ancestor nor Yuan Li could see what exactly happened over there.

Ji Hao controlled the Pan Gu bell, releasing streams of Chaos power that swept across the entire area. No one could ever see through these strong Chaos power streams, not even by using a spirit power.

"Why did you kill my son?" Wuzhi Qi roared deeply, then lowered his voice and asked in anger.

"I killed one, but I’ll save a hundred. What do you think?" responded Ji Hao straightforwardly, "Besides, your son has followed Priest Hua and Priest Mu. He was their disciple…Aren’t you afraid that he might drag you into a trouble and get you killed?"

"Those two…Their reputation is never good. Back in the prehistorical era, countless people died because of them!" said Wuzhi Qi with a twitching dark face, "Kill one, save a hundred. Good, you can kill more!"

They glanced at each other quickly. All of a sudden, Ji Hao burst with a loud scream, then opened his mouth and let out a sharp stream of blood. After that, he turned around and rushed straightaway without saying a word.

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