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"Ji Hao! How dare you?"

Yuan Sheng didn’t survive. He was slaughtered by Ji Hao so suddenly that even his soul was crushed with the Pan Gu bell. Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast were shocked and infuriated; they almost exploded in anger. Together, they marched towards Ji Hao with their long hair fluttering in the sky.

To be honest, Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast didn’t care about Yuan Sheng’s life so much. Specifically, Yuan Sheng was nothing more than a not so important chess piece of Priest Hua. He might or might not be useful in the future, and that would be depending on Yuan Sheng’s luck.

Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast were Priest Mu’s disciples. They had followed Priest Mu for centuries, and were trusted by Priest Mu. As a new disciple who luckily joined the sect, Yuan Sheng could never compare with them! Yuan Sheng was worthless, but this didn’t mean that they could bear watching Ji Hao kill Yuan Sheng just like that!

In other times, other places, not to mention Yuan Sheng, even if Ji Hao slaughtered a thousand chess pieces like Yuan Sheng, Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast might query Ji Hao for that if they were in a good mood. But if they weren’t in a good mood, what did the lives of those worthless things matter?

However, Ji Hao killed Yuan Sheng right before their faces, and this, was a different thing.

Ji Hao knew who Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast were. He knew where they came from and who their Shifu was. But still, he killed their ‘little brother’ right before their faces. Ji Hao was disgracing Priest Mu himself. By killing Yuan Sheng right in front of Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast, Ji Hao had almost thrown a heavy slap on the faces of Priest Mu and all his disciples!

Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast were totally enraged. They roared deeply while rushing at Ji Hao. The golden bangles on Dragon-slam’s wrists and ankles glowed with a multicolored light, swiftly coiling towards Ji Hao along with rumbling thunders. The hair hoop on Tiger-blast’s head rose, letting out resonant tiger roars and stirring up strong waves of ripples as it struck at Ji Hao.

Dragon-slam’s golden bangles bumped heavily on the Pan Gu bell. No matter how hard those bangles struck, the bell remained motionless. These bangles had a strong sealing power, but it would work only when these bangles touched the target. At the moment, these bangles could not even touch Ji Hao’s body, and surely, they could do no harm to him at all.

Resounding tiger roars had been coming out from Tiger-blast’s hair hoop. Fierce sound waves suddenly attacked Ji Hao. Hearing the roar, Ji Hao felt like tens of sharp awl had pierced into this head, bringing him a sharp pain, as if his brain was boiled.

What a powerful weapon! Fortunately, Ji Hao had a strong primordial spirit. The sun power and the extremely negative power were taking turns, ceaselessly nourishing his red sun primordial spirit. Compared to the primordial spirits of ordinary cultivators, Ji Hao’s primordials spirit was a thousand times stronger. Although Ji Hao suffered a great pain delivered by the series of tiger roar, no actual harm was done to him. After all, this was the first time for Ji Hao to take a sound attack.

Pressing his hand on the Pan Gu bell, Ji Hao shouted a word, ‘Ji’. Following his voice, the bell glowed with a warm light, then the overwhelming sound waves coming from the outside instantly turned softer. The sound waves bumped on the bell and caused muffled thuds, being neutralized by the bell. Additionally, bell rings were generated, striking back to Tiger-blast’ hair hoop through those sound waves.

The Pan Gu bell rang for three times before seven to eight cracks appeared on the golden hair hoop.

A stream of blood was squeezed out of Tiger-blast’s mouth, spurting to tens of meters away. This golden hair hoop was also an after-world spirit treasure made by himself with solid efforts. For this hair hoop, he had to sweep across countless earth meridians in Western Wasteland to collect rare natural materials.

The hair hoop was cracked by the Pan Gu bell now. Those cracks seemed to be tiny, yet it would require at least tens of years of severe work for Tiger-blast to fix it, not to mention how much precious natural materials that would cost.

"Ji…Ji Hao!" Tiger-blast tremblingly pointed at Ji Hao. His eyes had even turned green in anger.

"How dare you kill our brother?" Seeing his golden bangles were completely ineffective, Dragon-slam could only point at Ji Hao and shout hysterically.

Ji Hao smiled and didn’t respond. That was no one important but Yuan Sheng. He killed Yuan Sheng because he wanted to, what was the big deal? Unless Priest Hua or Priest Mu came to take revenge for Yuan Sheng themselves, even if ten more priests like Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast showed up, Ji Hao wouldn’t feel any dread. No one could hurt him, as long as the Pan Gu bell was not broken.

Besides, days ago, he even killed the eight priests of the ‘eight-wind formation’ under Priest Hua’s command, so killing Yuan Sheng was not even worth mentioning.

From high up, rapid water-clattering noises could suddenly be heard. A terrifying spirit creature power descended, putting a tremendous pressure on the Pan Gu bell, which made the bell buzz loud. Along with an even louder buzz, the sand ground treading under Ji Hao’s feet was pressed down, sinking for nearly three-hundred-meter deep.

"Who is this? How dare you!" growled Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast together.

A hazy golden light shone from their heads simultaneously and transformed into a golden cloud, shielding them against the spirit creature power.

Ji Hao saw that on each golden cloud, three golden lotuses bloomed, and in each golden lotus, a dim human-shaped silhouette sat with crossed legs. What surprised Ji Hao was that those silhouettes were a bit strange. Some of them had three heads and six arms, some had four heads and eight arms…On the middle lotus on Dragon-slam’s golden cloud, that hazy silhouette only had one head, but with eighteen arms!

These silhouettes were different from all shapes of primordial spirits that could be generated by what Ji Hao learned from Yu Yu, Priest Qing Wei and Priest Dachi. Ji Hao nodded silently. It seemed that Priest Hua and Priest Mu had indeed created a new way of cultivation.

Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast were startled by the great spirit creature power. Instinctively, they released their primordial spirits, facing the potential enemy with their strongest powers. However, once they let out their golden clouds, they turned to Ji Hao together.

They saw Ji Hao staring at their primordial spirits with three popped out eyes…The faces of Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast twitched, then they each gave a resonant shout and released cyan-colored streams of mist from their bodies. Splendid glows were emitted from their primordial spirits, and soon, those strange silhouettes turned normal, becoming priests with one type of shirt, looking exactly like Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast.

Not only that, the golden light that shone from their heads turned into the color of cyan, while the golden clouds became multicolored glowing clouds, as if the golden clouds and those strange silhouettes had never existed.

"Hehe, trying to hide something?" Ji Hao smiled. He crossed his arms over his chest, looking at Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast coldly.

"Who killed my son?!" Wuzhi Qi’s shrill voice came from above. Blue waves of water pressed down, making Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast’s multicolored clouds shake slightly; even their primordial spirits were covered in ripples.

Hearing Wuzhi Qi, Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast went wild with joy.

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