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Sands and dust rose from the water eye, which made the water extremely turbid.

Among those drifting sands and dust, a tiny Yu floated in the water, fixing its narrowed eyes on Ji Hao and the others. That Yu was a thousand times tinier than a grain of sand. Yu Ancestor’s dry voice had been coming out from this tiny Yu’s mouthpart.

"Good for you, you b*stards have all found your backers. Dragon-slam Priest and Tiger-Blast Priest, I had heard about them back then. Good, very good."

"Fight, just fight, fight till death. Your backers are way too strong. I can never bear offend them. Unless those old Gong Gongs successfully return to Pan Gu world, the Gong Gong Family can’t bear to offend them either. Fight, fight to death. Two or three of you should die right on the spot, that’ll make a great show!"

Dragon-slam Priest was mounted on the black dragon, holding a white sword, while Tiger-blast Priest was mounted on a white tiger, holding a black blade. A purple hassock floated above each of their heads, releasing a purple light and transforming into swiftly spinning swirls, shielding their entire bodies. Slight traces of black and white natural reward power had been sparkling in the purple swirl; obviously, these two had relieved the miseries of many living beings in this world.

"Brother, be careful. His sword was strangely sharp!" Dragon-slam cautiously glanced at the Taiji divine sword, then took out a faintly glowing linden leaf from his sleeve and flicked slightly. The leaf immediately transformed into a magic talisman, then landed on Dragon-slam’s sword very carefully.

Hearing Dragon-slam, Tiger-blast did the same thing. He took out a linden leaf from his sleeve, turned it into a magic talisman and placed it on his long blade.

Instantly, the white sword and black blade were both added with a beautiful multicolored glow. Ji Hao found the sword and the blade were similar to the multicolored branch that belonged to Priest Mu. Thinking of Priest Mu’s multicolored branch, Ji Hao’s face darkened.

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao, you sneakily attacked my brother and destroyed his dragon-slam chain. My brother made that chain himself with great efforts when he made the first achievement of his cultivation! It was an after-world spirit treasure!" Tiger-blast glared at Ji Hao and yelled, "For that chain, my brother killed three-hundred evil dragons, who had harmed innocent creatures in the world!"

While gasping, Tiger-blast continued with a cold voice, "My brother put all natural reward power he attained into the dragon-slam chain, then finally made himself a nice spirit weapon. But you, you destroyed it!"

Dragon-slam sighed slightly and said slowly, "It’s alright, that is the chain’s fate…But Marquis Yao Ji Hao, you wounded me and broke my cultivation. You have to pay for that!"

"Pay for that"

Ji Hao watched them continue that ridiculous conversation, assuming him for attacking sneakily. Abruptly, Ji Hao gave a cold laugh and said, "Pay for that? Then why are you still talking like little girls? Kill!"

As he growled, Ji Hao dashed to Dragon-slam with the Big Dipper step, leaving shreds of afterimages behind. The Taiji divine sword lunged straight to his chest, starting a sharp beam of sword light. He used Yu Yu’s sword art in this attack, without the four moves he learned from the mysterious man.

"Good!" Dragon-slam also growled out. The white sword of his drew a bright arc in the water, coming straight at the Taiji divine sword.

Buzz! Following a muffled noise, two swords clanged against together. But no loud and resounding metal clang was generated. Instead, Ji Hao felt like his sword had hacked on a soft yet strong balloon, and failed to break anything.

Dragon-slam’s white sword sparkled with a dim multicolored light. As Ji Hao paused briefly in shock, he swung his sword and lunged towards Ji Hao’s heart, creating a dazzling beam of light. Dragon-slam moved swiftly and smoothly; every move of his was completely relentless.

In the meanwhile, mounted on the white tiger, Tiger-blast pounced on Ji Hao as well. A stream of metal power was released from his mouth, which transformed into thousands of sharp weapons, swishing to Ji Hao. Tiger-blast hid in the white and misty metal power streams as he swung his black blade down towards Ji Hao’s head, leaving a black, water-fall-like stream of light in the water.

Almost simultaneously, the white sword and the black blade struck on the Chaos power streams released from the Pan Gu bell. Ji Hao exclaimed out — The Chaos power stream layer released by the bell had always been invincible. But now, both the sword and the blade managed to cut a foot and six inches into it!

The sword tip and the blade edge were both glowing with a multicolored light. The light was faint yet powerful; it split the Chaos power streams and forcibly pierced in for a foot and six inches deep, causing a creaky ear-piercing noise.

The Chaos power layer around Ji Hao was only around three-feet-thick. With the unreasonably strong defensive power of the Pan Gu bell, Ji Hao had fought quite a few top-grade powerful beings so far, yet none of them managed to break the Chaos power layer, not even by a single inch. Nevertheless, at this very moment, the Chaos power layer was broken by Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast, and Ji Hao was startled.

However, Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast also had their faces twitching. Obviously, they were shocked as well. "What a powerful treasure…Even our Shifu’s linden spirit talismans failed to break this bell!" exclaimed Tiger-blast with a hoarse voice. Greediness emerged on both of their faces. They raised their heads and glanced at Ji Hao together, then suddenly boosted their powers up.

Over a hundred dragon silhouettes flew out from the white sword, hovering around it; meanwhile, tiger roars came from the black blade. The glow of the sword and the blade instantly grew brighter. Following their roars, the sword and the blade drilled into the Chaos stream layer inch by inch, reaching Ji Hao’s body.

"Priest Mu’s linden spirit talismans? No wonder!" With a darkened face, Ji Hao looked at the sword and blade approaching inch by inch. He took a deep breath, then his red sun primordial spirit abruptly shone with a dazzling light. He roared like a beast, put forth all of his strength, and punched on the Pan Gu bell.

In an instant, all of his power was drained by the bell. His body was empty now, like a building visited by a thousand thieves. The red sun primordial spirit dimmed down instantly, and the red sun almost turned black.

The bell buzzed strongly. Waves of vibration instantly covered the area with a radius of thirty meters.

Within this small area, the world collapsed; all natural powers had disappeared, and the Chaos had been replayed.

Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast screamed together. Their sword and blade quaked, buzzing shrilly; those linden spirit talismans on the sword and the blade dazzled with a multicolored light, barely fighting against the overwhelming torrents of Chaos power coming from every direction. But visibly, the two linden spirit talismans were dimming down.

The purple light released from the two purple hassock was crushed, section by section. These two hassocks were also powerful spirit treasures, and they lasted for three breaths without breaking under those Chaos torrents. Nevertheless, the time span of three breaths was the limitation of these two hassocks already. Ji Hao even heard the two hassocks cracking.

The faces of Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast twisted immediately. They shouted, then drew back hurriedly, also remembering to drag their mounts back together.

They fled at lightning speed, and were protected by the two linden spirit talismans. But still, their clothes were all shattered by the buzz of the Pan Gu bell. The black dragon and the white tiger lost all their scales and fur as well.

Before Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast could check their own bodies, Ji Hao suddenly leaped up and dashed to Yuan Sheng with his sword raised high. Swiftly and heavily, he swung that sword with all his strength.

Yuan Sheng hadn’t been casting any defensive magic at the moment. He could do nothing but howl heartbreakingly, before he was cut into two by Ji Hao, once again.

The Chaos torrents created by the Pan Gu had not yet faded. The misty and turbid Chaos power whirled over, and Yuan Sheng had no time to do anything to save his own life, before he was shredded into nothingness.

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