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Followed a loud series of metal clangs, the golden chain hovering around Dragon-slam Priest flew to Ji Hao and started a golden swirl. Spell symbols on the chain glowed with a dazzling light. The chain spun swiftly and dragged over rapid currents from the water eye, while emitting a bright golden light that illuminated the whole area.


Ji Hao didn’t restrain his power for this strike at all. Instead, he boosted up his power as much as possible; even the cultivation method with nine turns was fully activated.

In his red sun primordial spirit, between the golden silhouette and the silver silhouette, the silhouette of a long sword shone suddenly and grew brighter and brighter, releasing a dreadful sword intent.

When Ji Hao raised the Taiji divine sword, the sword silhouette in the red sun flashed out and merged with the Taiji divine sword. The radiating sword instantly dimmed down. The eye-piercing sword light was restrained, yet the sword intent released from the sword was a hundred times stronger than before.

The Pan Gu bell buzzed deeply, releasing raging-dragon-like strong streams of Chaos power, hovering around Ji Hao’s body. The Taiji cloak was activated by Ji Hao, which sent out beams of clear light that transformed into a giant lotus and wrapped Ji Hao in it.

Ji Hao opened his erect eye; all three eyes of his shone brightly, locking with Dragon-slam Priest.

Along with a muffled swooshing noise, the golden chain flew to Ji Hao and clanged against the Taiji divine sword. In the eyes of Yuan Sheng and Dragon-slam, the golden chain had perfectly merged with the golden swirl, impeccable and flawless, as natural as the sun, the moon and the rivers in the world. It seemed like it could attack and defend, both in a perfect way.

However, in Ji Hao’s eyes, that golden swirl was full of weaknesses, and so were those spell symbol groups on the golden chain.

With the combined move, Ji Hao put forth all of his power and launch a full-strike. A wave of popping noise was generated, as the golden swirl collapsed quickly. As easily as cutting a piece of tofu with a sharp knife, the Taiji divine sword cut the coiling golden chain into pieces.

The sword flashed across the water and reached to Dragon-slam’s head. The indescribably strong sword intent even suffocated Dragon-slam. A faint layer of golden light around Dragon-slam was dispelled by the sword intent. His hair bun was torn apart, and so were the three ancient jade hairpins stuck in the bun. A long and deep slash was left on Dragon-slam’s scalp, with large streams of warm blood, which was sparkling with a faint-golden light, gushing out from it.

"Ah!" Dragon-slam’s face was covered in blood. He shouted hoarsely and incanted a spell. A hassock rose from his nearly split skull, coiled in a purple mist. A dense cloud of purple mist was released by the hassock that wrapped up Dragon-slam and the black dragon under his feet.

The purple mist spun, and instantly brought Dragon-slam and the black dragon over ten miles away.

Puff! They had run away indeed, but still, this full-strike launched by Ji Hao with all his strength and power managed to harm Dragon-slam severely through the distance.

The wound started from between Dragon-slam’s eyebrows and ended in his crotch, around an inch deep. Dragon-slam was almost torn into two. Blood spurted out from his body. Gradually, the coarse long shirt worn by him fell off, exposing his skinny, yet glowing body.

"A nice sword, a nice sword spell! Destructive, unstoppable…This…Is this Yu Yu’s sword art? Indeed, powerful, merciless, the best in the world!" Dragon-slam grinned in a twisted way, and even his eyes turned blood-red. "I, Dragon-slam, started my cultivation in the era of the first divine emperor. But you, a little kid who hasn’t lived even your first century, wounded me!"

"Who’s a little kid?" Ji Hao held the Taiji divine sword with his right hand and put his left hand on the sword edge, flicking the sword edge gently with his fingers and letting it tinkle brightly.

He focused on the sword. The sword intent reached every corner of his body and made his hair stand straight up, clanging each other and making slight yet sharp voices.

Even Ji Hao’s voice turned sharp and ear-piercing. Every word his said sounded like a swishing sword, that brought Dragon-slam an ear-piercing pain.

"Who’s a little kid?" shouted Ji Hao once again, "You a disciple of Priest Hua, or maybe Priest Mu, while I am Yu Yu’s disciple. Speaking of seniority, we’re just the same!"

"We are both cultivators from the same generation. Who’s a little kid?"

"You started your cultivation back in the era of the first divine emperor, so what? A pig inspired by the power of the great Dao when the world was created would still be a pig! And a man, even if he hasn’t lived through his first century yet, he could surely be a much greater cultivator than a pig!"

Hearing Ji Hao, Dragon-slam’s face blushed in anger, yet he couldn’t find a word to contradict Ji Hao.

He was Priest Hua’s disciple, and had lived for countless centuries. However, he was nearly killed by Ji Hao with a single sword attack today, and his best magic treasure, the ‘dragon-slam chain’, was cut into pieces…Normally, he was good at talking, but right now, he couldn’t find any excuse to disprove what Ji Hao said.

Yuan Li gripped the dragon staff with both hands. "Brother Ji Hao is the best!" Seeing Ji Hao nearly hack Dragon-slam directly to death, Yuan Li raised his staff and shouted excitedly.

Yuan Sheng’s extra two heads and four arms had disappeared, as he carefully drew back for quite a long distance. He clearly knew that even with all his powers, strength and abilities, he could never survive three strikes from Dragon-slam. Nevertheless, Dragon-slam, such a powerful, mysterious man, was wounded severely by Ji Hao with a single sword move…In the lingering fear, Yuan Sheng threw an angry and vicious glance at Yuan Li — Where did this little monkey find such a strong backer?

"My friend, you’re truly impressive!" A long shout came from the half-collapsed building. Following a deep tiger roar, a white giant dragon flew swiftly towards Ji Hao. The dragon had a pair of wings on its back and a horn on its forehead.

Standing on the tiger’s back was a muscular Priest, wearing coarse clothes, with long, loosened hair. He was around three-meters-tall, with broad shoulders and long, strong arms. Worn on his head was a golden head hoop; carried on his back, was a long blade, releasing a faint intent of killing.

The white tiger landed beside the black dragon after a few rises and falls, then provokingly roared towards the dragon.

The dragon turned around gloomily and gave a few deep and sulky roars to the tiger. Then the dragon and the tiger turned around together, staring at Ji Hao with a strongly malicious look. Their facial expressions were rather humanlike.

"I am Tiger-blast. Nice to meet you, Marquis Yao Ji Hao." This priest coldly glanced at Ji Hao, then said coldly, "Ji Hao, we’re all cultivators. No matter what, we’re still friends. You sneakily launched a lethal attack and injured my brother so badly, you need to explain!"

"Sneakily?" Ji Hao looked at Tiger-blast in confusion, "I was…"

"You sneakily attacked my brother with such an evil magic. I saw it with my own eyes!" Tiger-blast swung his arm back, gripped the hilt of his long blade, then slowly pulled out a purely dark, luster-less blade.

"If you can’t explain that to us, I will explain it to you!"

Following Tiger-Blast’s move, Dragon-slam snorted coldly, then slowly pulled out a long silver sword from his sleeve.

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