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Ji Hao launched a simple punch, without activating his other powers. However, he was now much stronger than peak-level Divine Magi, that even a towering mountain could be flattened by a punch of his.

Ji Hao expected Yuan Sheng to launch a direct counter attack with that large shining cudgel in his hands, because that was what all spirit creatures might do. Nevertheless, Yuan Li released a water lotus from his mouthing and easily sent Ji Hao’s fist away. The water around Ji Hao’s fist vibrated intensely, then followed by a thunderous buzzing noise, a giant fist-shaped ripple roared out from Ji Hao’s fist and struck the middle of the gate of Yuan Sheng’s cold jade building directly.

"Damn it!" Yuan Sheng shouted. Following his voice, a massive crowd of water-kind spirit creatures rushed out of the gave, being hit by Ji Hao’s heavy punch.

A muffled boom was generated, then strong waves of ripples spread out. Over a hundred well-cultivated large water-kind spirit creatures were crushed by this destructive strike. Their blood mixed with the water and spurted to far away. The luxurious gate, which was made from cold jade and coral, was shattered. The fist-ripple struck into the gate and created a two-miles-long ditch on the ground.

From the building, streams of water rapidly flew out, transforming into countless swirls that stopped the fist-ripple and wrapped it up. The fist-ripple and these swirls clashed against each other for three intense breaths, then finally were worn out.

"How dare you kill my people?!" Yuan Sheng yelled at Ji Hao.

"Were those people?" Ji Hao smirked and looked at Yuan Sheng. He abruptly gripped Yuan Sheng’s golden shiny cudgel and attempted to carry Yuan Sheng up.

Yuan Sheng was Wuzhi Qi’s son, and was indeed talented. Once Ji Hao put forth his strength through his fingers, Yuan Sheng nimbly loosened his hands and let Ji Hao take the cudgel. Next, his body shrunk and curled up, bumping straight into Ji Hao’s stomach. Along with a shrill swishing noise, his elbows violently smashed into Ji Hao’s chest and ribs.

"Monkeys are all martial masters indeed, especially with cudgels and sticks!" Ji Hao smiled and looked at Yuan Sheng, who had shrunk to less than six-feet tall. The Taiji cloak glowed with a clear light to protect Ji Hao. Facing that magical light, no matter how hard Yuan Sheng tried, he failed to touch even a hair of Ji Hao.

On the contrary, his violent attacks were all neutralized by the cloak, or simply given back to himself. After launched a mad series of attack, Yuan Sheng suddenly burst with a howl, then dashed hundreds of meters away, bared his teeth and swung his arms. Visibly, his arms had swollen pretty badly.

"Relying on treasures, you’re not a man! If you’re a real man, fight me face to face!" Yuan Sheng raised his head and yelled towards the sky. All of a sudden, the agitated power vibration that came from his body faded, and then a magical change happened.

Earlier, the power vibration released from Yuan Sheng’s body was strong and intense, just like the rolling dark smoke coming from an erupting volcano, ferocious and uncontrollable. But as he gave a long and resounding roar, that power vibration suddenly calmed down and turned pure and stable, like a transparent, blue crystal.

A soft, light-blue layer of watery light surrounded Yuan Sheng. He didn’t seem like a spirit creature anymore. Instead, he now looked elegant, dignified, decent, and serious. At the moment, Yuan Sheng looked nothing like a spirit water ape, and was more like the real Water God descending from the ancient heaven.

With the pure and positive sense of power spreading from his body at this very moment, Yuan Sheng was more of a god than the current Gong Gong.

"Wow!" Yuan Li was astonished. Carrying his dragon staff, he stared at Yuan Sheng without knowing what had actually happened to him.

"Interesting." Ji Hao thought of the water lotus that came from Yuan Sheng’s mouth just now. Which kind of secret magic did he cultivate himself with which allowed him to turn his wild and violent power into such a pure and clean one, and that too so suddenly yet smoothly?

Yuan Sheng snorted scornfully. Next, his body began expanding. Soon, he was again over ten meters tall. Covered in furs, his face glowed with a pearl-like luster, while his pair of eyes were shining brightly like two giant blue sapphires.

"Yuan Li, you know nothing!" Yuan Sheng sneered, pointed at Yuan Li, and yelled, "How old are you? Have you seen the world yet? You don’t even know how big the world is! How can you understand all the miracles in this world? You little thing!"

Proudly raising his head, Yuan Sheng gave Ji Hao a cold grin, and said, "This is called ‘secret dragon-slam art’, created especially for our water-kind creatures. By mastering this secret art, even a tiny shrimp can easily defeat dragons, those idiots who call themselves the royals of the water-kind."

Throwing a sideway glance at Ji Hao, Yuan Sheng waved his hand. Following his move, the golden cudgel quaked intensely.

"Hehe," Ji Hao chuckled, shaking his head as he said to Yuan Sheng, "You’re not getting your stick back until you tell me where you learned this ‘secret art’."

The golden cudgel sparkled with a multicolored light as countless tiny spell symbols emerged on it. Along with a deep buzzing noise, a faintly visible dragon silhouette appeared inside the cudgel. Every time the cudgel quaked, strong electric bolts would be sent to Ji Hao’s fingers by this dragon silhouette.

"Then let’s see if you have the ability to keep it!" said Yuan Sheng through his gritted, bared teeth, "This is a nature-crafted holy weapon, a raw piece. My Master Shifu remolded it with the best eight types of metals in the world, and also sealed a dragon soul in it as its spirit. This is my spirit weapon now, how can you hold it so easily?"

Ji Hao smilingly, slowly glanced at Yuan Sheng, then opened his mouth and let out the Taiji divine sword. He gripped the sword hilt with his right hand, holding the cudgel in his left hand. He raised the sword high and swung neatly down. By using the move of sky-opening, the Taiji divine sword easily cut into the weakest spot of the cudgel.

Crack! The cudgel was cut into two.

Yuan Sheng popped his eyes widely up, staring at the broken spirit weapon of his. Suddenly, a stream of blood spurted out from his mouth, reaching nearly a hundred meters away.

"You, you, how dare you destroy my precious spirit weapon?! That was a gift from my Master Shifu!" Yuan Sheng’s face twitched as he screamed in fury, "Damn you! Damn you! You should die! You should die a thousand times!"

Ji Hao conveniently threw the broken cudgel away, held the Taiji divine sword with both hands and said with a cold and strong voice, "Cut the crap, let’s begin! Secret dragon-slam art? Sounds like a good one! Let’s me see what can you do with this ‘secret art’."

Yuan Sheng took a deep breath. Raising his head, he roared resonantly, then his body began expanding again. Speedily, he became a three-hundred-meters-tall giant ape.

"Errr…" Yuan Sheng drummed his chest with both fists, maybe because he was so enraged, or he just simply wanted to show off his strength. After the roar, he raised both his arms, and following his move, tens of lifelike water dragons roared out, pouncing on Ji Hao from all directions. Even the scales of those water dragons were clearly visible.

Ji Hao chuckled again. He wasn’t really planning to fight with his own power. Instead, he activated the Pan Gu bell and let the bell release strong Chaos power streams that shielded his entire body. Afterward, he did nothing else but watch those water dragons coming rampantly at him.

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