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The Pan Gu bell buzzed slightly, while the tens of enormous water dragons were crushed. Yuan Sheng suffered a counterforce that made his giant body take two steps backward. Yuan Sheng was getting more and more furious. Again, he roared thunderously towards the sky.

The light-blue watery light rotated around him. Yuan Sheng locked his fingers together and slapped on his chest. Next, two large lumps rose from both sides of his neck. Pop! Pop! Another two heads grew out from his neck.

"Wow!" Yuan Li exclaimed again. Two more heads?! This was unexpected!

Following behind the two heads were four large lumps on Yuan Sheng’s shoulders. Following another series of popping noise, Yuan Sheng had four new arms. Raising his six muscular arms with clenched fists, Yuan Sheng vibrated the entire water eye area.

Countless water-kind spirit creatures were frightened by the terribly strong power vibration released from Yuan Sheng’ body, and fled away at their highest speeds.

Snakes wriggled, fishes dashed, and turtles hurriedly pulled the water with their four short legs. Those shrimps, prawn, and lobsters fled the fastest, as they could easily cover tens of miles with one single bounce.

Despite the fact that these water-kind spirit creatures had been fleeing with considerably high speeds, an earthquake was started by Yuan Sheng within the area a thousand miles in radius. Strong water streams roared across, whirling countless water-kind creatures away, making them bump heavily against each other. Many of them had their heads broken, nearly dying.

"Three heads and six arms?" Ji Hao widely opened his eyes in surprise, looking at Yuan Sheng, who had still been trying to boost up his power. Witnessing Yuan Sheng’s shapeshifting and magical abilities, Ji Hao silently dropped his sword and unlocked his fingers. He was preparing to launch an attack, but now, he changed his mind, because he wanted to see what else Yuan Sheng could do.

Gasping loudly, Yuan Sheng lowered his arms and grabbed his golden belt. Six weapons appeared in his hands along with a series of metal clang: two long blades, two swords, and two metal whips. These six brightly shining golden weapons fiercely swished to Ji Hao and Yuan Li together.

Ji Hao pointed his finger up. The Pan Gu bell expanded to tens of meters wide, stirring up waves of ripple and striking on the six weapons.

With that giant body, Yuan Li’s physical strength had raised by over a hundred times. The six weapons violently hit on the bell, causing thunderous clangs. Within a blink of an eye, the bell had taken over ten-thousand heavy strikes. Dazzling fire sparkles were sent out from the vibrating bell, evaporating all the water within miles in radius.

Breathing again, Yuan Sheng took a large series of step backward. His six arms were vibrated intensely. Thick veins bulged from his fingers as his knuckles turned pale. The bell remained perfectly unmoved, while all six weapons of Yuan Sheng were all covered in cracks and breaches now. Those six weapons were not bad, yet they were destroyed already.

Looking down at his broken weapons, Yuan Sheng seemed to be quite embarrassed.

"This bloody bell…You!" Yuan Sheng dropped the six weapons. His palm skin had broken, with large streams of blood gushing out. He stared at the Pan Gu bell in shock. He looked closer, but still failed to find even a scratch on the bell.

Ji Hao laughed coldly while looking at Yuan Sheng, "Go on. If you have run out of weapons, you can hit it with your head! Perhaps, you can break my bell with your head. Then you can…kill me?"

Yuan Sheng spat loudly towards the ground and yelled at Ji Hao, "Do you think I’m stupid?"

Standing behind Ji Hao, Yuan Li answered that question for Ji Hao. "Yuan Sheng, I always think that you’re a breath away from stupid..You’re very stupid, super stupid!"

Speaking of this, Yuan Li squatted and laughed out loud, holding his belly with both his hands. He just couldn’t stop laughing, even lying directly on the ground and rolling. He squeezed tears out of his eye sockets while drumming the ground. No one knew what he had thought about that made him laugh so hard.

Yuan Sheng roared in rage. He stared at Ji Hao, bared his teeth for quite a while, then his six arms started moving simultaneously. He pulled off his fur, rubbed it into a large ball of fur, then thrust in his own mouth.

"Whoa…" Ji Hao shouted, expectantly looking at Yuan Sheng.

Yuan Sheng chewed his fur, then coughed out a puff of ground fur, along with a strong whirlwind. From that whirlwind, countless apes leaped out. These apes were of different sizes; some were as tiny as beans, while some were tens of meters tall. But they all looked exactly like Yuan Sheng. Countless apes screamed shrilly while marching to Ji Hao.

A series of muffled thuds was generated. These apes straightened their necks and bumped into the Pan Gu bell fearlessly.

Their heads were smashed, as brains splashed out, but the other apes kept rushing up, without showing a sign of fear. Thousands of apes cracked their heads against the bell, wave after wave. Soon, ape corpses were everywhere, flowing along water currents.

"Hehe, I’d like to know if this bloody bell is truly that strong!" Yuan Sheng proudly raised his head, pointed at Ji Hao, and laughed evilly.

Ji Hao snorted coldly, then slightly patted his own head. A warming red light shone from his head, from which, the great red sun rose, with a clear black edge. Inside the sun, a golden silhouette and a silver silhouette emerged gradually. Ji Hao gave a bright shout. Following his voice, streaks of golden flame roared out and coiled around those apes.

Puff! All apes were burned into ashes instantly.

No matter how magical this trick played by Yuan Sheng was, these apes were transformed from his fur. Being buried by the essence sun fire, how could they not become ashes?

Yuan Sheng was startled. In his eyes, this magic he cast was greatly powerful, and with this magic, he even started to feel that he was actually more powerful than his father, Wuzhi Qi. However, Ji Hao easily broke his magic. Yuan Sheng was shocked deeply. He took a few steps backward. hurriedly

But before he made the fourth step back, Ji Hao had already rushed up to Yuan Sheng, raised the Taiji divine sword with his right arm and growled, "Any more tricks? No? Then…go the hell, Yuan Sheng!"

Along with Ji Hao’s bright and resonant voice, the Taiji divine sword flashed across the sky. Puff! Puff! Puff! Yuan Sheng’s three heads were cut off by Ji Hao, sent high into the sky.

In a distance away, Yuan Li gave a long sigh. Looking at the three heads on the ground, he shook his head. Yuan Sheng was annoying, but he was Yuan Li’s brother after all. Seeing his brother being killed by Ji Hao just like this, Yuan Li felt a bit sad.

But all of a sudden, a raging growl came from Yuan Sheng’s belly. Three clear streams of mist puffed out from his broken necks, quickly forming three large buds.

Within a blink of an eye, the three lotus buds bloomed, and inside the three lotuses, three new heads grew out.

"Wanna kill me? How can it be so easy?" Yuan Sheng screamed at Ji Hao, then released a dazzling water thunder bomb.

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