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"Good, leave, just leave!"

Seeing Ji Hao leave, Yu Ancestor instantly sighed in relief. He conveniently stuck his long streamer in the ground, then rubbed his face with both hands.

Eyes sparkling dimly, Yu Ancestor hurriedly took out a jade talisman from his sleeve, opened his mouth, and sprayed a puff of sand on it. A beam of red light was released from the talisman while Yu Ancestor murmured to himself, "I shall leave this for Lord Gong Gong to decide! A man like him…I don’t think there are only nine water eyes."

Above the water cave, the swirl spun rapidly above the water eye. With the Pan Gu bell floating above his head, Ji Hao went up against the current. The higher he reached, the greater pressure he felt, and the faster the swirl spun, causing a louder clattering noise.

Fortunately, the Pan Gu bell provided with a stunning defensive power. Added with Ji Hao’s great strength, he easily came up. Unlike him, Yuan Li was almost disabled from breathing by the swirl; he nearly lost the control of his body and sank all the way back down.

Outside the water eye, in the cold jade building, Yuan Sheng sat in a large armchair with a struggling white water boa gripped in his left hand. Crack! He bit off the boa’s head, munching.

Munching for a few times, Yuan Sheng picked up a large wine pot and poured some wine into his mouth, then proudly laughed to the group of water-kind spirit creatures in the room, "Kids, be careful these days. When Lord Gong Gong achieves his great goal, my father will become a divine emperor in the heaven…The position of Huai Water God, even the God of all rivers in Midland, will be mine!"

Slapping his own chest loudly, Yuan Sheng popped out his eyes and yelled at those water-kind spirit creatures, "Then, you can have as much delicious food and wine as you want, and countless beautiful girls! Our life will be ten-thousand times greater than now!"

The group of heavily armored Water-kind spirit creatures all raised large wine pots, cheered and gulped.

These water-kind spirit creatures didn’t know how to cultivate crops, neither could they brew wine by themselves. Before the flood came, the alliance of human clans was strong. These water-kind spirit creatures dared not to loot human clans under the watch of the alliance. Therefore, they had never tasted those great wines made by the humankind.

But Gong Gong raised the flood and destroyed countless human clans, breaking countless human cities. Incalculable amounts of wine and liquor were plundered by the water-kind. Gulping these tasty wines and liquors that they could never try before, the brains of these water-kind spirit creatures were almost burned by alcohol. Soon, they began dancing and singing crazily in the building, making loud noises.

Yuan Sheng laughed out loud, slapping his lap loudly while chewing the body of that water boa which was still struggling in his hand. Taking a large bite of the boa, he roared resonantly towards the sky. This happy and free life was the life that truly belonged to him, Yuan Sheng!

"Abba has so many kids, and now, I’m the oldest one…Hehe, when Abba becomes a divine emperor, everything he leaves behind should be mine! Those little ones Abba liked, such as Yuan Li, I have to find a way to kill all of them!"

Yuan Sheng’s mother was a devil ape, a pure beast with a brutish nature. Therefore, Yuan Sheng was also a creature of violence. Every thought of his was based on the law of the jungle. As for things like brotherly affection…he had no clue!

Ji Hao tore apart the swirl and rushed out of the water eye with Yuan Li.

A group of water-kind warriors guarded by the gate of the cold jade building in ordered lines. Seeing Ji Hao and Yuan Li suddenly pop out, two large lobsters threw away their whale bone spears in panic and screamed out loud, "Yuan Li! Ah! Human! Ah! They’re alive!"

These four to five feet tall water-kind warriors were weak, who lived at the bottom of the water-kind society. Some of them were even weaker than ordinary human beings. They had as much intelligence as a three years old human child did; they spoke the human language, but only a few simple words.

Yuan Sheng heard their screams. A tsunami-like overwhelming spirit power spread out from the building, generating two strong water currents that transformed into two giant fits, striking at Ji Hao and Yuan Li.

Compared with the last water-fist attack he launched at Yuan L, these two fists were stronger and harder; the water in the fists had almost become deep-blue ice, releasing a sharp cold power.

Last time, Yuan Li was defeated by Yuan Sheng with a single move, thinking of which, he cast a growl and attempted to rush up.

Ji Hao grabbed Yuan Li’s neck, conveniently threw him backward, and said, "I, your senior brother, am here. You can just watch. Stay vigilant! If any stupid water-kind things dare to come up, smash them all!"

The Pan Gu bell released waves of misty glow. The two fists thudded on the Pan Gu bell, yet the bell didn’t even ring, before the two fists were shattered. Strong undercurrents swished around the bell, whirling up those water-kind guards by the gate of the cold jade building, then threw them on the tall fence wall of the building. It broke their heads and made them moan on the ground without being able to struggle back up.

"Yuan Li, if you see large and healthy turtles, get a few for me alive. My Amma said that old turtles can make the best Guiling jelly. We lived in Southern Wasteland before, so where could I ever find a turtle in Southern Wasteland?"

While Ji Hao was grinningly making a joke, for an unknown reason, Yuan Li suddenly howled shrilly out and fell to the ground, rolling in pain. Even his dragon staff was thrown away.

Yuan Sheng’s raging growls came from the building, followed by a rumbling boom. Afterward, a torrent roared out from the gate of the building. Wearing a golden and shining armor, wielding a splendidly glowing large cudgel, he marched out with huge steps and released a fierce spirit creature power.

"Yuan Li, why don’t you just listen to me and die? Eh? Don’t you even listen to your big brother’s words now? Your big brother told you to die, so how dare you not? You disrespected your big brother, you are un-fraternal! Un-fraternal people should die! So die!"

Yuan Sheng roared like thunder. Ji Hao was stunned by his words.

What he said was so ridiculous, yet Ji Hao could not disprove that! Yuan Sheng was Yuan Li’s big brother. Therefore, according to the ‘filial piety and fraternal duty’ thing believed by intelligent creatures living in this era, Yuan Li should do whatever Yuan Sheng said. Yuan Sheng told Yuan Li to die, so Yuan Li should probably kill himself. But Yuan Li wasn’t willing to die, which made him an un-fraternal one, and because he was un-fraternal, Yuan Sheng should just kill Yuan Li! How reasonable!

Yuan Li screamed furiously. He picked up the dragon staff and leaped up, attempting to punch Yuan Sheng right in the face.

But Ji Hao did that ahead of him. He dashed to Yuan Sheng with a sliding step, then threw a heavy punch to Yuan Sheng’s face.

Yuan Sheng laughed wildly out. A water lotus flew out of his mouth, airily sending Ji Hao’s fist away.

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