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Ji Hao looked at Yu Ancestor with flaming eyes.

Not to mention the plan of the Gong Gong Family, Yu Ancestor’s great gift allowed him to switch positions with any of his offsprings. Even if himself was deep in the north ice sea, as long as he had one offspring in Southern Wasteland, under Zhu Rong Mountain, he could immediately send himself to Southern Wasteland and throw that offspring into the north ice sea. This was Yu Ancestor’s own life-saving power, but today, it became the greatest reliance of the Gong Gong Family for their great plan.

Yu Ancestors raised twenty-seven strong Yu with his spirit blood and put them on the bodies of the clones of Gong Gongs. By doing this, he gradually shared his power with those Gong Gongs, because there were always mysterious connections between clones and the real bodies.

One had to mention that the Yu Ancestor was best at grasping those kinds of mysterious connections. After all, he could harm a living being by simply attacking its shadow!

His poisonous sand didn’t need to touch the bodies of his targets. Merely by touching the shadows or a trace of the power of his targets, the sand could cause direct harm to the targets. This was the reason why the power of the twenty-seven Yu could be absorbed by those Gong Gongs through that mysterious connection between their clones and their real bodies, and allow those Gong Gongs to learn to switch positions with their clones.

By casting the position-switching magic and sacrificing their clones, those old Gong Gongs, who were lost in the deep Chaos and could no longer find their home, would be able to return to Pan Gu world. How strong were those old Gong Gongs? At least, Supreme Magi could never rival them.

At that point in time, the Gong Gong Family would suddenly have twenty-seven more members who were as powerful as, or even more powerful than Supreme Magi. As for what would happen after that, there was no need to guess. Neither the humankind nor the non-humankind would be able to defeat the Gong Gong Family. Even if the humankind and the non-humankind decided to join hands, they would still be suppressed by the Gong Gong Family until the end of the day!

Ji Hao looked at Yu Ancestor right in the eyes and said, "Good plan! What a great plan! Hehe, Yu Ancestor, if you’re willing to…"

Yu Ancestor waved his hands, interrupted Ji Hao, and said in a heavy tone, "Don’t even think about it. I will never throw myself into the lap of the human emperor."

Breathing deeply, Yu Ancestor continued, "Gong Gong has my life pinched in his hands. Otherwise, Ji Hao boy, why do you think the Gong Gong Family would put me in charge of such an important thing?"

Narrowing his eyes, Yu Ancestor remained silent for a while, then carried on, "Why don’t I just tell you the truth? Once those old Gong Gongs return to Pan Gu world, no one in the world can ever defeat them. Ji Hao boy, you’re talented. If you give me that bell of yours, I might say some good words for you to Gong Gong. In the future, you can probably get a good position in the Gong Gong Family."

Ji Hao smilingly shook his head. Follow Gong Gong?

How could that ever happen? Not to mention how much Ji Hao cared about the humankind, and how deep the hatred between the Gong Gong Family and himself was, if Ji Hao ever dared to betray the humankind and follow Gong Gong’s lead, without a doubt, Yu Yu would set up his sword formation himself and hack him into a thousand pieces as a disappointing disciple of his.

Seeing Ji Hao’s unswerving look, Yu Ancestor shook his head and continued his storytelling.

Ji Hao guessed right. Not only did the Gong Gongs fake their own deaths and go to the Chaos, in fact, human emperors and all the other legendary powerful human beings had gone into the boundless Chaos to search for a way to defeat the non-humankind for good, after they reached a certain level of their cultivation.

Just like Suiren, who had talked to Ji Hao a while ago, these powerful beings all left clones in Pan Gu world with two purposes, protecting the humankind and saving a small part of their souls in case they died in the Chaos. They split their souls, created clones with a part of their souls and powers, and left their clones in Pan Gu world.

However, those old Gong Gongs were the most selfish ones among all, as the clones they left in Pan Gu world only had one percent of their powers at most, while they left for the Chaos with over ninety-nine percent of themselves!

In the eyes of those old Gong Gong, taking their powers with them would be much safer. As for the lives of their offsprings, how much did that matter? They were immortal gods after all. It was already enough as they were forced to go into the Chaos by the humankind. How could they leave too much of their powers in this world to protect the humankind?

Unlike them, those legendary human beings valued the well-being of the humankind the most. Therefore, Emperor Fuxi, Emperor Suiren, Emperor Shennong, and Emperor Xuanyuan, as the most famous human emperors, all left at least forty percent of their powers in Pan Gu world with their clones.

"Therefore, first, I don’t have the time to raise more strong Yu like these. Secondly, even if I go over to the human emperor and get those old human emperors back from the Chaos…I don’t think those old human emperors would be able to defeat those old Gong Gongs." said Yu Ancestor while looking at Ji Hao honestly, "Not to mention the fact that my life is seriously pinched in Gong Gong’s hands. With a single thought of his, he might not be able to kill me directly, but at least I will be half-dead."

"I don’t know who told you about this water eye, which made you come all the way down here to see what’s in here." Yu Ancestor’s face twitched slightly, then he continued seriously, "Before you, the other few who came down here were turned into ashes by me…Only you, Marquis Yao Ji Hao, I can’t kill you, but you can’t kill me either."

As he coughed, Yu Ancestor looked at Ji Hao and said, "You know the secret now, but what can you do? You can’t stop those old Gong Gongs from returning, just like you can’t stop the twelve water worlds from merging with Pan Gu world."

Ji Hao frowned and showed a serious look while staying silent.

Yu Ancestor looked at Ji Hao’s serious face and chuckled with a hissing voice, "Those non-humankind beings, many of them hate each other. That kid called Dishi Cha, back then, he came to Gong Gong and sought for cooperation. That was…"

Letting out a long breath, Yu Ancestor continued, "A large consumption is required to bring those old Gong Gongs back. I can never do it alone. But in order to grasp the greatest power of the non-humankind world, that Dishi Cha chose to work with us…Hehe, finding twelve new worlds and letting the water drown the entire Pan Gu world, that was all Gong Gong’s idea!"

"Bodies will belong to the non-humankind, and souls will belong to the Gong Gong Family!" Yu Ancestors grinned happily, narrowed his eyes into curved lines, and continued, "Those non-humankind beings thought their plan had worked, but our plan has not failed. Hehe, everyone is calculating sneakily. Let’s see who will win and who will lose!"

Shaking his head and sighing for a while, Yu Ancestor grinned and said to Ji Hao, "Join us, give me that bell of yours. Then, I will say something nice about you to Lord Gong Gong! Judging by the current situation, we will win. Those non-humankind beings have planned for so many years, but eventually, we get to be the bigger winners!"

Looking at Yu Ancestor’s cunning face, then glancing at the three dragon coffins, Ji Hao remained silent for a while. Then, he took Yuan Li and darted up towards the entrance of this water cave.

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