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"Ahyaya, I’m so scared!"

Ji Hao had already lifted another coffin lid, and was going to throw the lid on the altar. Hearing Yu Ancestor, he realized something. Pausing with an evil smile, he walked to Yu Ancestor step by step.

"Do you think I grew up as a scared little boy? How do you think I became Marquis Yao? I earned this title by chopping countless enemies with my own hands on true battles!"

Yu Ancestor stood back up from the ground and drew back step by step to keep a distance from Ji Hao. Seeing Ji Hao approach step by step, Yu Ancestor gritted his teeth, laughed coldly and said, "You’re not a scared little boy, and you earned your title with military credits. So what?"

Pointing his finger up, he bared his teeth and continued, "When all Gong Gong return to Pan Gu world, human beings and non-human beings, you will all bow to be slaves, or…die! The future world will belong to our water kind!"

Ji Hao raised his hand, took the Pan Gu bell down from above his head, and shrank it to around six-feet-tall. He held it with both his hands, seeming to smash Yu Ancestor with it.

Yu Ancestor screamed in fear. All of a sudden, he disappeared, and the one who took his place was a confused Yu. That poor Yu stood in front of Ji Hao and had his head thudded heavily by Ji Hao with the Pan Gu bell, then fainted.

Yu Ancestor walked out from a hole on the rock wall and said to Ji Hao with a frigid tone through his gritted teeth, "Ji Hao, little human kid, don’t think that you’re invincible because you have a good treasure. Don’t force me to fight you with my true power. Otherwise, even if I have to waste fifty-thousand years of my severe cultivation, I will drag you down to hell!"

Ji Hao remained silent for a while, then kicked that fainted Yu away.

"These clones of Gong Gong are important, aren’t they? If I bring them away, you will have a trouble, won’t you?" Smilingly looking at Yu Ancestor, Ji Hao said, "Come over here and tell me what you know. If I am satisfied with your answers, I may not do it."

Yu Ancestor blinked his eyes, staring at Ji Hao suspiciously.

Ji Hao turned around, pointed at the three dragon coffins, and continued coldly, "Or, should I destroy these now?"

The Taiji divine sword gave a sharp buzzing noise while automatically flying out from Ji Hao’s body, hovering around him. Gradually, the sword merged with the water and covered Ji Hao’s body in the shape of a cold light. The strong sword intent made Yu Ancestor knit his eyebrows, and involuntarily take a series of steps back.

Facing such a strong sword intent, Yu Ancestor’s face twitched intensely. The sword intent of the Taiji divine sword seemed to even shred the world. Under this sword intent, even Yu Ancestor felt that he was nothing but a little ant, and he could be crushed by the sword at any time.

It was merely the sword intent, yet it was already so dreadful. What if Ji Hao truly hacked down with that sword…

Gnashing his teeth, Yu Ancestor glanced at those three coffins, pondered for a while, then said coldly, "What if I tell you the truth but you still insist on destroying these clones? If these clones are destroyed, my ‘Yu’ Family would be facing a destructive danger."

"You can bet on my moral quality," said Ji Hao coldly while staring at Yu Ancestor.

Remained silent for another while, Yu Ancestor responded with a dry voice, "Moral Quality? That is a term of human beings. You’re so powerful, are you even a human being? Not to mention any ‘moral quality’. However, I can tell you that if you truly destroy these clones, I will risk everything I have. I will march out with all my offsprings and kill every human being I see…Imagine that."

Ji Hao’s face dropped instantly.

Human beings were already struggling. With Yu Ancestor’s great gifts, if he really marched out with all his offsprings, the humankind would suffer even greater damage. Yu Ancestor was different from Xiang Liu, Wuzhi Qi, Kun Peng and the others, who had only been watching the show so far, instead of getting truly involved in. If Yu Ancestor seriously decided to start a massacre in the human world, he would bring an immeasurable damage to the humankind.

Should Ji Hao risk the entire humankind for three clones?

He also pondered for a while, then responded with a deep voice, "Alright, give me some valuable information, then I will not touch them! But, I will certainly report this to Emperor Shun. As for what action Emperor Shun will take, that will have nothing to do with me."

Obviously, Yu Ancestor sighed in relief on hearing Ji Hao. He knew that his threat had worked. Glancing at Ji Hao with a complicated look, Yu Ancestor silently considered himself lucky. Fortunately, Ji Hao wasn’t that kind of a silly young human being, because he could still talk some sense into Ji Hao’s head. If the one who came down here were a brainless young human being, he or she might directly destroy these clones without asking a question. And if that happened, Yu Ancestor would have no choice but to march out with his offsprings, fighting with his precious life.

Yu Ancestor quickly organized his language, then started talking. Hearing him, the faces of Ji Hao and Yuan Li twisted more and more badly.

Actually, this wasn’t complicated at all. Ever since the non-humankind invaded Pan Gu world, the Gong Gong Family had been lying to the public. Unlike what they told the others, Gong Gongs didn’t die after they abdicated the throne. They were gods, how could they die of old age so easily? In fact, because of the order given by the last human emperor, they had to leave Pan Gu world for the vast Chaos, to search for a way to strengthen the humankind and defeat the non-humankind for good.

The Chaos was boundless and dangerous. Tens of Gong Gongs went into the Chaos one after another in the past countless years, and according to the feedback delivered by their clones left in Pan Gu world, many of them had fallen.

Many of Gong Gong Family people had dark hearts. They valued their own interests more than anything else. Suppressed by the human emperors, those Gong Gongs were forced to step into the Chaos. They would be willing to sacrifice if they were doing it for their own family, but they were actually doing it for the future of the humankind. The Gong Gong Family had always been angry about this. They even believed that the humankind did this on purpose to weaken the Gong Gong Family.

The anger and hatred had been accumulating. And by now, the current Gong Gong, his father, and grandfather, finally made a ‘great’ plan.

Yu Ancestor faked his own death. After that, he raised twenty-seven strong Yu with his own spirit blood to infect the clones of the twenty-seven Gong Gongs, who were still alive in the Chaos. Day after day, these strong Yu sent their power to those Gong Gongs in the Chaos, through their clones.

With the passage of time, those Gong Gongs had all absorbed some of the power that originated from Yu Ancestor. More or less, they had gained the same ability of ‘switching positions’.

Once they successfully switched positions with their clones, they would return to Pan Gu world and throw their clones into the Chaos, to live or die.

"They are way too far away... deep in the Chaos. The distances between them and Pan Gu world might be a hundred, thousand, even a million times greater than the total length of Pan Gu world." Looking at Ji Hao, Yu Ancestor said with a deep, grim voice, "With the power I gave them, those Gong Gongs can cover the length of the entire Midland at most, but can never return to Pan Gu world with that power."

"Therefore, we raised the flood to boost up the water power of this world."

Yu Ancestor stared at Ji Hao and continued, "We worked with the non-humankind because we want the twelve carefully selected water worlds to merge with Pan Gu world. At the moment when Pan Gu world devours all the twelve worlds together, the water power in this world will rise suddenly and sharply to an extreme point."

"With that overwhelming water power, the Gong Gongs can return."

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