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"Who’s this?" The coffin was huge. Without the six-foot-thick lid, it was still over fifteen meters tall.

Treading on a rapid water current, Ji Hao almost reached his upper body into the coffin to get a closer look at the man lying in there. He also noticed that under this man’s body, on the bottom of the coffin, was a beautiful hydrographical map of Midland, inlayed with a large number of thumb-sized blue beads.

Watery mist streams had been flowing around in the hydrographical map. Looking at those watery mist streams, Ji Hao felt like he was actually looking at all those great rivers surging in Midland.

The man quietly laid in the coffin. Except for the purple-red mist releasing from the Yu on his chest, the faint watery mist flowing in the hydrographical map on the bottom of the coffin, had also been ceaselessly permeating into his body.

This man seemed to be completely lifeless, but Ji Hao clearly sensed a power from inside this man’s body, great, tempestuous, and unstoppable. It was like an ocean with rolling waves, that would bring people fear from a long distance away.

Yu Ancestor stood hundreds of meters away, looking at Ji Hao. His wrinkled face twitched from time to time.

Hearing Ji Hao’s question, Yu Ancestor responded with a dry voice, "No one…This is just a tomb of someone’s ancestors…Little human kid, you shouldn’t do this. These ancestors are resting in peace, but you interrupted them. You will pay for it!"

Ji Hao reached his hands into the coffin to grab the man’s dragon horns. He turned around, sneered to Yu Ancestor, and said, "I’ve never seen a tomb that is guarded so strictly. Are they worrying that someone might steal these old corpses?"

Before Yu Ancestor said anything, Ji Hao continued with a deep voice, "And if three dragon coffins are guarded in each of the nine water eyes in the four great rivers…"

Yu Ancestor’s face twisted, turning darker and darker. He tilted his head and stared at Ji Hao as he asked coldly, "You knew about the nine water eyes, didn’t you? You came down here on purpose, right?"

Ji Hao nodded, while pressing his hand on a tiny horn of the man in the coffin. Loudly slapping the hard and cold horn, Ji Hao gave Yu Ancestor a fake smile and said, "What do you think will happen if I launch a hack on his head right now?"

Yu Ancestor gasped deeply. He narrowed his eyes, stared at Ji Hao, and said with a heavy tone, "Little kid, you asked for this! Eh, which b*stard sold this secret to you?"

On Yu Ancestor’s forehead, a purple-red light sparkled, then the skin on his forehead split up, letting a thumb-sized purple-red crystal rise gradually. Yu Ancestor’s face turned red while strange waves of power vibration spread out from his body.

Loud water-clattering noises could be heard while eight strong Yu rushed out from eight dark holes in the rock wall, came to Yu Ancestor, roared hoarsely towards the sky.

Next, the foreheads of all eight Yu split, and a purple-red crystal sprouted from the forehead of each of them. They trembled intensively, screaming in pain. Gradually, they straightened their bodies. In the meanwhile, large waves of sand and sticky mist spurted out from their mouths.

Within a couple of breaths, these eight Yu turned into human shapes, looking exactly like Yu Ancestor himself, and stood side by side with Yu Ancestor.

The same black cloaks, the same faces; even the power vibrations released from their bodies were exactly the same.

Ji Hao took his hand back and turned around to look at Yu Ancestor with a serious face, asked, "Nine Yu Ancestors? Which means, the tomb in each of the nine water eyes is guarded by a Yu Ancestor, am I right?"

The eight new Yu Ancestors looked at Ji Hao, gasping quickly. They pressed their hands on the original Yu Ancestor together, then the purple-red crystals sparkled on their foreheads. "Little human kid…Do you know how much I have to suffer every time when I merge my nine spirits back together?" Cursed the eight new Yu Ancestors in chorus.

The original Yu Ancestor looked at Ji Hao and said murmuringly, "Little kid, you are smart. There are nine of me. In each of the nine water eyes, a Yu Ancestor is guarding these dragon coffins with my offsprings. Kid, you are too hard to deal with. Therefore, I have to merge my nine spirits into one, and take care of you with all my power."

Quivering slightly, all nine Yu Ancestors continued in chorus, "This is the greatest gift of mine. If my body is split into two, with enough time, the world will have two of me, with the same power and shared minds."

Ji Hao paused briefly, "Just like earthworms! If you cut an earthworm into two, it would form into two earthworms!" said Ji Hao.

The nine Yu Ancestors knitted their eyebrows, looking at Ji Hao while remaining silent for a short while. Then, he responded coldly, "How can you compare me with those low-grade creatures? All in all, I am gifted. So, I’ve split myself into nine."

"Each one of me is independent, yet we can also merge back together. Once we remerge, my power will not simply rise by nine times. Instead, my power will rise by eighty-one times!" The nine Yu Ancestor maliciously glared at Ji Hao and shouted in hoarse voices, "But after I kill you, I have to split myself up again into nine Yu Ancestors…That’ll hurt! Do you how know painful that’ll be?"

Ji Hao spread his hands, not knowing what to say. He wasn’t stupid enough to split himself into two with the Taiji divine sword. How would he know the pain?

However, he was seriously astonished by Yu Ancestor’s great, amazing gifts. Harming people by attacking their shadows, fine; ‘transplanting’ attracts, fine; sacrificing his offsprings to save his own life, impressive… But in addition to all this, he could also split his body and create more of himself.

What shocked Ji Hao even more was that although each of the other Yu Ancestors was independent, hey did have shared minds, and they could remerge into one!

Pan Gu world was a great world, and nothing in this world could be too strange. These ancient creatures, who lived since the prehistorical era, one just couldn’t underestimate any of them.

The nine Yu Ancestors stood side by side, with their bodies shaking intensely, releasing strong waves of spirit creature power. Purple-red mist puffed out from their bodies, then quickly merged together. They screamed shrilly, as their bodies quickly squeezed together. They crushed each other, devoured each other, and generated a series of noise of cracking bones and splitting muscles.

The terrifying wave of screams lasted for about ten minutes, before the nine Yu Ancestors merged back into one.

A dreadfully strong spirit creature power rose from his body. In this enormous water cave, the clear water suddenly turned dark purple, while the sand swishing out from Yu Ancestor’s mouth became pure deep purple. They looked dark and mysterious, containing an evil power. Yuan Li cast a glance at the deep purple sand and trembled instantly, almost falling to the ground.

"It’s painful, but worthy…Even though I have to suffer it once again after I have killed you, little b*stard!" Yu Ancestor breathed loudly and deeply, laughing with a hissing voice, "Such a great power! I think no one in the world can defeat me now."

Slowly straightening his body, Yu Ancestor looked at the three coffins and continued proudly, "Don’t you want to know who this man in there is?"

"I will give you the answer before you die…..He is Gong Gong! They are all Gong Gong! The clones of twenty-seven generations of Gong Gong are lying in the nine water eyes!"

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