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Hundreds of large and strong Yu surrounded Ji Hao and Yuan Li, who was wrapped in pure Chaos power streams. Those Yu screamed and showed their teeth, pushing and bumping Ji Hao and Yuan Li as they tried to send them away from those dragon coffins.

Chaos power streams released from the bell remained perfectly unmoved, while Ji Hao and Yuan Li walked to the three coffins with firm steps. Yu Ancestor was not a physically strong one, not to mention his offsprings, who were completely neglected by Ji Hao.

Hundreds of Yu crowded around Ji Hao and Yuan Li and roared anxiously. But no matter how hard they tried, they could not stop Ji Hao from approaching the three coffins. Yu Ancestor paused for a short while, then suddenly burst with a raging roar, "Useless things! What do I need you for?! You’re real useless things! Whoever kills this human kid will be awarded with a drop of spirit blood of mine!"

The group of Yu were agitated instantly. They opened their mouths together, released arrow-shaped, sharp streams of purple-red sand, landing loudly on those Chaos power streams released from the Pan Gu bell. Those sand arrows blasted one after another, turning into dense purple-red mist that enveloped Ji Hao and Yuan Li. The Pan Gu bell still remained unmoved. Yuan Li and Ji Hao stood under the bell, and that dense, vividly colored mist could not touch even a hair of theirs.

Following a raging roar, the strongest Yu kicked its three thick legs and bumped straight into the bell, leaving a rapid water current behind. Crack! This Yu broke its own neck against a stream of Chaos power, then fell on the altar and died immediately.

"Haha! Hahaha!" Yuan Li laughed out loud, even bending his body and covering his belly with both hands. This was the first time for him to see an idiot living creature using its own body as a weapon to attack its enemies, but bumping itself to death instead!

Ji Hao smilingly shook his head. "You see, your offsprings cannot stop me. Clear the way, I don’t want to kill anyone today. Don’t push me!" said Ji Hao to Yu Ancestor, whose face was especially dark.

Hearing Ji Hao, Yu Ancestor leaped up in anger and cursed out, "Yo don’t want to kill anyone today? Do you dare to kill these offsprings of mine? Do you dare to kill me? These kids of mine are indeed weak and useless, but more or less, they inherited my powers! Do you dare to attack them?"

Ji Hao spread his arms, smiled and responded seriously, "See, you said yourself, these kids of yours all inherited some of your powers. Do you think I’m stupid? Why would I attack them?"

Yu Ancestor paused slightly, then glanced at those offsprings of his, who could do nothing to the Pan Gu bell. Abruptly, he gave a resonant shout, following which, the group of Yu swiftly darted back to those dark holes in the rock wall and hid while screaming.

"Little human kid, you have made me so angry that I even forgot something important!" Yu Ancestor laughed proudly, then pointed at Ji Hao and said, "I can’t stop you, but I have countless dark souls in here. Soon, I will peel you, pull out your souls, and torture your souls with my sand forever and ever!"

While laughing, Yu Ancestor swung both his arms. A triangle-shaped large flag appeared in his hands. He raised the flag and waved. Instantly, a bone-piercing cold wind rolled up, and dark spell symbols on the jade altar sparkled dimly. All of a sudden, shrill ghost screams came out from the surrounding rock wall.

Visibly, streams of cold wind blew out from the rock wall, and the water temperature in this water cave dropped rapidly. Soon, the rock wall was covered in a meters thick layer of ice. Nevertheless, the water in this water cave was still flowing slowly.

Millions of dark silhouettes drilled out of the rock wall, along with those cold gusts of wind. Their lower bodies were still stuck in the rock wall, while their upper bodies leaned out. Dragons, flood dragons, crocodiles, serpents, turtles, fishes, lobsters, the dark silhouettes of all kinds of water-kind creatures leaned their upper bodies out from the rock wall, staring at Ji Hao and Yuan Li greedily with their hollowed eye sockets, which had nothing but a greenish dark fire burning in them.

"Go! Tear them into a thousand bits!" Yu Ancestor leaped around in excitement, looking like a psychopath. He had been guarding those three coffins in this water cave for countless years, which was no different from being imprisoned for so many years. Obviously, something was already wrong with his head.

"Their blood and flesh are yours, and their souls are mine! Whoever dares to eat a slight trace of their souls, I will tear you and feed you to your own kind!" Yu Ancestor laughed crazily while spurting out waves of sand.

The water wave was darkened suddenly. Countless dark souls screamed with ear-piercing voices as they madly pounced on Ji Hao and Yuan Li.

Buzz! The Pan Gu bell rang. Hundreds of thousands of dark souls bumped on the bell layer by layer, almost simultaneously. Struck by a strong force, the bell made a resounding, powerful sound.

Those dark souls disappeared suddenly. They were shredded by the Chaos power burst along with the bell ring. An enormous, dense stream of black mist was swallowed up by the bell, then transformed into strands of extremely negative power which were sent into Ji Hao’s body.

Even without the help of the five-colored cauldron, Ji Hao’s body quickly absorbed this extra pure extremely negative power. A faint silver glow emerged from Ji Hao’s skin, judging from which, the extremely negative power contained in his body was growing fast.

"Eh!" Yu Ancestor was stunned. He stared at the bell, seeming to be badly confused.

"What kind of a treasure is this? How can you…Those dark souls are shapeless. They come along the wind and drill into your body through your heart. No more than five magic treasures in the world can stop them!" Yu Ancestor barked. He seemed to be driven completely crazy.

Ji Hao remained silent. He raised the Taiji divine sword and released a water-like, clear and cold beam of light that swept across the water cave. Touched by this beam of light, all dark souls howled shrilly out, then melted like a piece of meat in strong acid. They instantly transformed into wisps of dark mist and were absorbed by the Pan Gu bell.

This water cave was enormous, with hundreds of millions of dark souls sealed In it. However facing Ji Hao and the Pan Gu bell, these dark souls were all destroyed and devoured, without delivering any effect.

Ji Hao’s body now glowed with a bright silver light. In his spiritual space, inside the red sun primordial spirit, the silver silhouette turned much clearer than before. Ji Hao nodded in satisfaction, cast a sideway glance at Yu Ancestor, who was shouting and yelling, then slapped away the lid of the nearest coffin.

"You’re in hell of a trouble now!" Yu Ancestor squinted at Ji Hao with a weird and vicious look while murmuring in a low voice.

Together, Ji Hao and Yuan Li fixed their eyes on the man laid in the large coffin. Lying in the heavy, thick and frigid dragon coffin was a tall and sturdy man, wearing a long black robe. He silently lied there, completely lifeless. A purple-red Yu coiled on his chest, releasing a purple-red stream of mist which split into seven smaller streams and flew into the man’s eyes, nostrils, mouth and ears.

This man had a square face, with a long beard extending from his chin to his lower abdomen. On his forehead was a tiny pair of dragon horn.

Ji Hao felt this man’s face was somehow familiar, as if he had seen this man somewhere before.

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