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"Gong Gong? They’re all Gong Gong?" Ji Hao carefully observed the man lying in the coffin. This man looked indeed sixty to seventy percent similar to the current Gong Gong, who had met Ji Hao a couple of times.

Ji Hao discovered an evilness and darkness from this man’s face, that seemed to be carved in his bones. The current Gong Gong had left exactly the same impression on Ji Hao.

The clones of twenty-seven generations of Gong Gong in the nine water eyes? Ji Hao was shocked and also confused. Where were their real bodies? Why were their clones hiding in these water eyes? Or, what had the Gong Gong Family been planning?

Yuan Li looked at the man in the coffin, stunned. Subconsciously, he murmured to himself, "Only twenty-seven? I heard that ever since the ancient heaven emerged, the Gong Gong Family had been existing for nearly a hundred generations."

Hearing him, Yu Ancestor laughed grimly and said, "Only twenty-seven? It’s already not easy to have twenty-seven of them." Around his body, the purple sand rippled instantly, while Yu Ancestor abruptly pointed at Yuan Li and asked, "Little monkey, you’re Wuzhi Qi’s son, aren’t you? What’s your name? Next time I see Wuzhi Qi, I will let him pay for what you’ve done."

Yuan Li was a little absentminded because of the identity of the man lying in the coffin. Hearing Yu Ancestor’s question, he unthinkingly responded, "Yuan Li."

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows as a disturbing feeling came straight from his heart. He immediately pointed at the Taiji Universe mirror. The mirror release a bright stream of light that covered Yuan Li’s body. Meanwhile, Ji Hao locked his fingers together and cast the mind-settling magic taught by Yu Yu, generating a cyan-colored glowing lotus that wrapped Yuan Li up.

"Yan Li…" Yu Ancestor was informed with Yuan Li’s name. He immediately popped out his eyes and screamed out loud with an ear-piercing voice. His scream was long, sharp, and not so pleasant to hear. It sounded just like a heart-breaking howl of a severely wounded old ape in a jungle. Hearing this scream, Ji Hao felt that his entire body was numbed; he even had goosebumps.

The scream didn’t affect Ji Hao too much. He sensed nothing more than a strange energy wave sweeping across. Unlike Ji Hao, Yuan Li had his face turned pale. His sparkling eyes dimmed down, and his body softened, that made him sit straight down on the altar.

Hearing the shrill scream of Yu Ancestor, Yuan Li’s soul almost flew out from his pores. Fortunately, Ji Hao reacted timely. He knew about many evil magic curses created by Magi Palace masters, including one called ‘soul-calling’. Therefore, he hurriedly protected Yuan Li with the secret magic he learned from Yu Yu. Otherwise, Yuan Li would suffer pretty badly this time.

Even though Ji Hao had helped him, Yuan Li still felt that his entire body was aching and limp, and his soul was shaking agitatedly inside his body. His power surged through his body like boiled water, but his body was all soft, that he couldn’t even raise his hands easily.

"Old b*stard!" Yuan Li nearly lost his soul. He stared at Yu Ancestor in fury and yelled through gritted teeth, "I will smash your head! Why do you keep so many corpses in this place?"

With a malicious look, Yu Ancestor cast a sideway glance at Yuan Li, then glimpsed at Ji Hao in a complicated way as he responded, "Ah, you have nice treasures, and a great power. Little human kid, you…Hm, hmm, I know your name. One of me guarding in another water eye in Huai Water has heard your name."

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao, you! Back then, Prince Wuyou grasped an opportunity and raised an army to flatten your Yao Mountain territory. One of his warrior commanders was a grandson of mine…My grandson died, having his body smashed to pieces. But your name, I know your name now!"

Yu Ancestor just wouldn’t stop talking. Ji Hao looked at him, looking at his dimly dazzling eyes. Ji Hao clearly understood that this old creature definitely had tons of evil plans brewing in his mind. Therefore, no matter how loud Yu Ancestor talked, Ji Hao didn’t want to say a word to respond.

He touched the head of that Gong Gong lying on the opened coffin, then smiled to Yuan Li and said, "Yuan Li, here, give a hand. Let’s bring this Gong Gong back to Emperor Shun."

Yu Ancestor’s look changed immediately, but before he said anything, Ji Hao continued, "The ones in the other two coffins are also Gong Gong’s clones, so we should bring them back together. Whatever the Gong Gong Family is planning, we finally know what is hiding in these water eyes."

Yu Ancestor’s face twisted in a hysterical way. Those tiny scales on his face suddenly stood up, that made his face seem a lot bigger than before.

"Ji Hao…" Yu Ancestor almost yelled his lungs out. Meanwhile, a long purple streamer appeared in his hands. As he shouted Ji Hao’s name, the streamer began fluttering intensely.

Nothing happened before he shouted, but once he did that, Ji Hao rang the Pan Gu bell immediately. Normally, the Pan Gu bell would only protect Ji Hao from all kinds of physical attacks, but wouldn’t have any reaction to magic curses, sound wave attacks, and soul attacks.

The Pan Gu bell was powerful, and almost invincible. It sure didn’t have any large weakness, but it did have its own ‘personality’. Normally, it would automatically protect Ji Hao, but only from physical attacks. As for the other types of attack, the Pan Gu bell could easily neutralize them all, yet it was ‘scornful’ towards those types of attack.

Once Yu Ancestor shouted out, Ji Hao rang the bell to defend. Following the thunderous buzzing bell ring, Yu Ancestor’s scream bumped straight at the bell.

A shrill howl was generated. Yu Ancestor took tens of steps backward, with blood spurting out from his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. He fell to the ground, then rolled back for over ten times. At the same time, his special gift worked; he ‘transplanted’ a half of the injury he suffered to the one attacked him, through a mysterious connection between himself and…The Pan Gu bell, which caused him the harm!

The bell remained perfectly unmoved and quiet, while Yu Ancestor was seriously harmed. He ‘transplanted’ a half of the harm to the bell, yet it was like throwing a stone into an ocean. Not even a ripple was stirred up.

"I knew it. This ‘transplant’ thing of yours has to have a weakness!" Ji Hao gently patted on the bell as he looked at Yu Ancestor, sneered and said, "I’m not gonna tell you the story of this bell of mine. Yu Ancestor, you’re one of the first batch of creatures in this world, that means you will be suppressed by the power of this bell. If you don’t attack, we will be at peace. But, once you attack, you will only hurt yourself."

Ji Hao realized that not only the Yu Ancestor, even Kun Peng, Xiang Liu, Wuzhi Qi, and the other ancient powerful beings, as long as they were creatures of this world, they could do no harm to him only if he used the Pan Gu bell well!

Those powerful beings were born in Pan Gu world, and their powers were all from the great Dao of nature of this world. The Pan Gu bell was made from Pan Gu’s spine, which had served for countless centuries as the Sky Pillar, to balance the great Dao of Pan Gu world. Facing all prehistorical, powerful creatures, whose powers were limited by the great Dao of Pan Gu world, Ji Hao would be unbreakable under the protection of the Pan Gu bell.

"Let’s work, Yuan Li. Can you carry three corpses alone?" Ji Hao directed Yuan Li to open the rest two coffins and take out the bodies in it, without taking another glance at Yu Ancestor.

"Ji Hao! You, you, how dare you?" Yu Ancestor lied on the ground, vomiting blood while screaming with a cracking voice, "How dare you? The date these Gong Gong return to Pan Gu world is the date your entire family dies!"

Ji Hao gave a cold sneer, while Yuan Li paused in shock.

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