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Looking closer, Ji Hao found tens of dark holes on the rock wall, in the deepest area of this water cave. All these dark silhouettes came from those holes. Earlier, Ji Hao had focused his attention on Yu Ancestor, and didn’t notice those creatures who suddenly showed up. By now, Ji Hao and a chance to carefully look at them. While looking at those creatures, Ji Hao even showed his teeth in shock — Those creatures were awfully ugly.

They looked like toads, but scaled; they also looked like lizards, but short and fat. Each of them had three feet, with each foot having five fingers. Those transparent, sticky fingers looked like tentacles of some insects. They were as big as large bulls. Their bodies were only twice as big as their heads, and on the hideous head of each of these creatures was a giant mouth, which was especially eye-catching. Occasionally, they would slightly open their mouths and let out water-like streams of purple-red sand.

"Are these…Yu?" Ji Hao looked at Yu Ancestor.

"They are my offsprings!" Yu Ancestor didn’t seem to lie to Ji Hao. On the contrary, he was rather proud, as he continued, "Every offspring of mine is also a body of mine, and a life of mine!"

Turning around, he made a sharp whistle, following which, the largest Yu dashed over.

Intimately patting this Yu’s head, Yu Ancestor smiled and said to Yuan Li and Ji Hao, "No matter how severely I am injured, as long as one Yu is still alive in this world, and I am willing to sacrifice it, I can recover in no time."

Pausing slightly, he blinked his eyes and boasted grinningly, "This kid is Wuzhi Qi’s son, and Wuzhi Qi knows about my powers. Therefore, I am going to let you know that as long as one Yu is still alive, no matter how far away it is from me, I can immediately switch with it, when my life is threatened by severe injuries."

Ji Hao popped out his eyes as he stared at Yu Ancestor. This old thing’s gifts even made him jealous.

Yuan Li directly shouted out in shock. "Old thing, are you saying that, if you have a child in the north ice sea right now, you can still…"

Yu Ancestor proudly raised his head, smiled and responded, "Indeed, if I have a child in the north ice sea, with a single thought of mine, I can switch positions with it. After that, it will be in here, while I will be in the north ice sea."

Ji Hao stayed silent, while Yuan Li largely opened his mouth, unable to say a word.

Northern Wasteland and Midland were parted by an extremely long distance. Back then, when Ji Hao followed Si Wen Ming to Midland from Southern Wasteland, he spent over a year in the journey. Northern Wasteland was even further away than Southern Wasteland, and the north ice sea was located in the northernmost area of Northern Wasteland, which was even further from Midland.

From Huai Water in Midland to the north ice sea, the distance between these two places would take a Divine Magus two to three months; even Supreme-level powerful beings had to spend a considerable span of time to cover this distance.

Nevertheless, Yu Ancestor could switch himself from Huai Water to the north ice sea with a single thought, in no time. This was much faster and more efficient than any supreme treasures in the world. This was indeed shocking. With this power, as long as Yu Ancestor wanted to leave, who could ever chase up with him?

"I have billions of offsprings." Yu Ancestor narrowed his eyes and said. Those eyes were sparkling with a weird dim light as he continued slowly to Ji Hao, "I just hid them away because of some certain things that happened back then. But in my heart, I can feel each of them clearly."

"My offsprings are living in Midland, all four wastelands, and even on stars in the sky." said Yu Ancestor, "Therefore, little human kid, don’t you even think about it. You can never kill me."

Ji Hao pondered for a while, then nodded in agreement.

This old creature could harm people with his poisonous sand, by attacking shadows of his targets. He could also ‘transplant’ the enemies’ attacks, and sacrifice his offsprings to save his own life. Apart from all this, he could switch positions with his offsprings instantly.

What an old monster! How was Ji Hao supposed to fight him?"

Firstly, Ji Hao dared not to launch lethal attacks at this old creature. Secondly, even with lethal attacks, he might still fail to kill Yu Ancestor. Ji Hao pondered for another while, but still didn’t know what to do to Yu Ancestor. Therefore, he shook his head and pointed at the Pan Gu bell. The bell immediately expanded to three-meters and released strong streams of Chaos power which covered Ji Hao and Yuan Li up. After this, Ji Hao and Yuan Li dove down straight to the three coffins.

Seeing Ji Hao ignore him and going straight to the three dark dragon coffins, Yu Ancestor paused, then popped out his eyes and yelled out loud, "Little human kid, where are you going? What are you doing? You, you, you…You are so rude…"

Ji Hao paid no attention to the Yu Ancestor. He dove down fast, covering over three-hundred-miles within a couple of breaths. By now, he was only around seven-hundred miles away from the three coffins.

Yu Ancestor swiftly moved across the water, blocked Ji Hao’s way, and continued yelling, "Little human kid, didn’t your parents teach you anything? This tomb belongs to some other people’s ancestors, and you shouldn’t disturb the souls of these ancestors. You’re not their offspring, so you cannot come to where they rest in peace. Do you want to become an enemy of their family?"

Ji Hao still paid no attention to Yu Ancestor. Relying on the Pan Gu bell’s unreasonably strong defensive power, Ji Hao darted straight to the three coffins while sneering, "The tomb of some other people’s ancestors? Your ancestors are not resting in peace in here, are they? Do you even have parents?"

Yu Ancestor stared at Ji Hao with a sulky face. He was one of the first batch of living creatures in this world, how could he have parents?

"Oi stop, kid, stop!" Yu Ancestor spread his arms and tried to stop Ji Hao. But with the Pan Gu bell floating above his head, Ji Hao bumped straight into Yu Ancestor violently. Chaos power streams struck on Yu Ancestor’s body, creating a great pressure that forced him to go down towards the three coffins along with Ji Hao and Yuan Li.

"Oi! Oi! Oi!" Yu Ancestor sounded anxious. He gritted his teeth and attempted to stop Ji Hao once again. He indeed had great gifts, that even brought Ji Hao a serious headache. However, he was never good at physical combat. Yu Ancestor had impressive magical powers, yet his physical strength was not so great.

He tried his best, but he failed to stop Ji Hao!

With the Pan Gu bell floating above his head, Ji Hao dashed like a rampant fighting bull, while Yu Ancestor was like a little frog, with slim and weak limbs. How could a little frog ever stop a mad bull?

Following Yu Ancestor’s yells and shouts, he was forced above the dark jade altar, less than three-hundred-meters away from it. He roared in anger and opened his mouth, releasing waves of purple-red sand that fiercely struck on the Pan Gu bell.

The Chaos power streams released from the bell remained perfectly motionless. That poisonous sand was indeed dangerous, but without being able to touch his body and shadow, it was powerless. Even a stone thrown out by Ji Hao could deliver better effects than this sand now.

"Little kid, don’t push me!" Yu Ancestor was getting desperate. He screamed shrilly, and following his voice, hundreds of different sized Yu circled Ji Hao and Yuan Li up.

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