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A tall tower stood in the middle of the city, surrounded by hundreds of Magi from the Magi Palace, who mastered the art of magic poison. They had all been trying their best to cast their own special magic poison, even showed their teeth and twisted their faces. Their magic poisons transformed into colorful dense smoke, flowing towards the tall tower.

Yu Mu sat straight on top of the tower. His eyes were colorful, as if countless beautiful poisonous bugs had been crawling inside his eyes. The Disease God streamer stood before his face, swallowing streams of colorful mist created by those Magi Palace Magi, while releasing strands of grey mist, which had been merging with Yu Mu’s body.

As the successor of the Disease God streamer, Yu Mu now had the ‘most poisonous body’ in the world. By now, the magic poison that could kill all ordinary living creatures within a second was highly nourishing to Yu Mu.

After the Disease God fell, the Disease God streamer disappeared. It was hiding for countless years before it was given to Yu Mu. During all these years, the world had changed, and powerful beings had died. The magic poisons controlled by the humankind at present, were much stronger than the ones back in the ancient time. For the streamer, these new magic poisons were the perfect nourishment. The Disease God streamer absorbed those new magic poisons, then sent countless oddly shaped spell symbols into Yu Mu’s body. They worked to fix the Disease God magic seal inside Yu Mu’s body, stimulating and strengthening the magic seal.

Within three days, the poisonous materials brought by Elder Bug and the others had been consumed by eighty to ninety percent. Meanwhile, from a low-grade Divine Magus, Yu Mu had directly become a peak-level Divine Magus. The sense of power released from his body was now profound and mysterious, that even Ji Hao would have his heart beat fast when he scanned across Yu Mu’s body with his spiritual power.

"Viruses, toxins, poisons, all terrifying things indeed." Ji Hao stood on the city wall, looking at the tower in the middle of the city, with his mouth corner twitched.

In these couple of days, Yi Di and the other Eastern Wasteland commanders had been mounting on their giant birds, flying all over this area with their warriors. Wherever they reached, they saw absolutely nothing but corpses of water-kind creatures. Those water-kind creatures died so miserably. By now, the gray mist released by the Disease God streamer and those locusts had already moved north for over ten-thousand miles. Behind the gray mist was a death zone.

Ordinary water-kind creatures, powerful, enormous water-kind spirit creatures which were strong enough to turn an ocean upside down, none of them survived the mist. Apart from the those already killed ones, in the further northern area, countless water-kind creatures were already down with the sickness.

They hadn’t touched the gray mist directly. Instead, they were only infected through the distance. Therefore, they hadn’t died yet. The main water-kind forces had moved south, while these ill ones hid in the northern water zone, raising countless icebergs to protect themselves. They could now barely protect themselves.

Northern Wasteland archers had been keeping watch on those icebergs. They found out that the water-kind armies were in lack of herbs. Those water-kind creatures could only fight against illness with their strong life-force. Within these couple of days, more than one-hundred-million water-kind spirit creatures fell ill.

Once the gray mist reached this area, they would all die, every single one of them.

"Lack of herbs?" Hearing an archer’s report, Ji Hao couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He was totally taking pleasure in those water-kind creatures’ misfortune.

Even Hao Tao laughed, who always had a dark and serious face. They were lacking herbs, and couldn’t brew medicines to cure themselves. This was their own fault, and no one else should be blamed for it.

This area was a part of Chi Ban Mountain. Before the flood came, many herbs existed on the mountains, in the valleys, and especially the grassland on the northern side of Chi Ban Mountain. That grassland was a large herb producing area, and quite a lot powerful spirit herbs could be found over there.

But the flood had come, which destroyed all plants on that grassland, including those life-saving spirit herbs. It would be ridiculous if those water-kind spirit creatures could still find any herb to save their own lives.

Elders and commanders from all clans laughed out loud too.

Emperor Shun gave them a mission, and they accomplished it perfectly. They did not only stall those water-kind armies, stopping them from heading south, they had also killed countless water-kind creatures with toxins and viruses. When the flood faded, these people could go straight to Emperor Shun and tell him about all contributions they had made. Probably every elder and commander in this city could earn a title of earl, which meant they would each have an independent, private territory. How wonderful would that be?

Which human being wouldn’t want his or her children to have a fertile territory to live and develop in, and even build another strong clan, other than the clan he or she was born in?

They were human beings. No matter how, they relied on the land they lived on, and they always loved it. Having an independent, private territory, this was the pursuit of life of many brave human beings. Being awarded by the human emperor, earning a title of ‘earl’, and even ‘marquis’, that was just beautiful.

Therefore, everyone laughed happily and excitedly, showing their teeth which were shining under the lantern light.

While they were laughing, a loud howl suddenly burst from the sky. Following the howl, large streams of black blood poured down, merging with the storm and splashing all over the sky.

Countless violent thunderbolts struck down from the sky, along with a fierce cold power, landing on the Pan Gu Defense magic formation and the surrounding water. The Pan Gu Defense magic formation easily bore the thunderbolts and the cold power, but the surrounding water area was shaken overwhelmingly. Giant waves bumped thunderously against each other, then the strong cold power turned these waves into icebergs.

While pulling the city forward, those starry void spirit turtles screamed anxiously. The water surface was freezing quickly, and the ice layer was especially thick and strong. Even these enormous turtles couldn’t break it.

The slowly moving city was frozen on the ice. Under the strong cold power, this wooden city started creaking loudly.

High up in the air, a piece of cloud was suddenly shattered. Through the giant hole in the dark cloud layer, the sunlight poured in. Showering under the glaring sunlight, even Ji Hao closed his eyes. He hadn’t seen the actual sunlight for so long.

Xiang Liu fell from the sky while howling. His ten-miles-long body was covered in wounds, with black blood spraying out. As he got closer and closer to the water surface, his body turned smaller and smaller By the time he was only thousands of meters away from the water surface, he had already transformed back into his human shape.

He was vomiting blood. The black blood coming out from his mouth froze immediately. Xiang Liu raised his head and looked at the giant hole in the sky, howling himself hoarse, "Flood Dragon King…You just wait and see! I swear, I will make you pay for what happened today, hundred times more…I, I, I will destroy your ice flood dragon family. I will peel you, tear you apart…I will pull your soul out of your body and burn it like a lamp wick!"

Three thousand ice flood dragons surrounded a giant iceberg and flew over. Inside the iceberg, the true body of the Flood Dragon King slowly opened its eyes. Smiling faintly, the Flood Dragon King responded, "Whatever you want…It's not convenient for me to kill you today. Lucky for you, your life is spared this time…Next time I see you, your whole family will be dead."

Xiang Liu cursed again. Next, he subconsciously glanced down at the water surface.

The boundless water-kind armies were gone, and the air was suffused by a strong scent of blood. Xiang Liu screamed with a hissing voice, then immediately turned to the north. He saw an endless, over ten-thousand-meters tall gray mist wall, slowly pushing north.

"The Disease God streamer! How can it be? The Disease God died long ago…I saw it with my own eyes…I saw someone kill him, and even his soul was destroyed…Who else can use the Disease God streamer? No, no, who has become the new Disease God?"

Xiang Liu screamed with his dry, hoarse voice. He looked at Ji Hao’s water city, and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

In a funk, he glanced at Yu Mu, then howled shrilly out and rose back up into the sky, leaving a dark smoke stream in the air.

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