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"My heaven!"

A golden scale horned turtle struggled miserably in a pile of corpses, as large streams of rotten blood gushed out of his mouth.

The water surface was now covered by corpses of water-kind creatures, layer by layer, all piled up. The piles of corpse upon the water surface were over ten meters tall, and the underwater space was also filled with corpses. Some corpses had even reached into the mud in the bottom of the water.

Golden scale horned turtles were born with a highly poisonous gallbladder, and were famous, highly poisonous water-kind creatures. They had strong immunity to all kinds of poisons, and could even be counted as poison-proof. This golden scale horned turtle was the leader of a family, in charge of the entire water-kind army that came from the highly toxic world.

However, as the gray mist swept across his army, all offspring of this golden scale horned turtle died, and that great army was almost wiped out. His enormous body was now covered in pustules. He slowly swam across piles of corpses, crying in pain and strugglingly activating his spirit poison contained in his gallbladder. He was barely fighting against the viruses and magic poisons released by Yu Mu.

A colorful spirit toxic mist had been coiling around his body like a beautiful cloud. A dense gray mist surrounded the colorful mist, crazily devouring the former like countless tiny bugs. The colorful mist had been shrinking all the time.

As the spirit toxic mist was devouring, the life of this golden scale horned turtle had been fading. Gradually, he could no longer move. Gasping weakly, he lied on the belly of a stiff dead dragon whale, raised his head, and looked at the dark sky with the last bit of his strength. A heavy rain violently whipped his body. On the vast water, no other living being could be seen, except for himself.

"Lord Gong Gong…The poison…It’s too strong!" The eye corners of the golden scale horned turtle split, squeezing out two stinky streams of blood. "Miserable…Too miserable…Human beings, human beings…They are too cruel, heartless. They want to destroy us, every last one of us!"


A shrill scream came from the sky. Mounted on an iron feather black eagle, Yi Di descended from a dark cloud with hundreds of elite archers, hovering above the turtle’s head. Hearing the turtle murmuring, he couldn’t help but sneer loud.

Cruel? Heartless?

Human beings wiped out several great water-kind armies, and that was cruel and heartless already? What about Gong Gong and his people? They raised this endless flood that drowned countless human beings. That was not cruel and heartless?

Human beings were forced to right back, for nothing else but allowing their children and grandchildren to live a free life under the sunshine. They were forced to fight in such a cruel and brutal way. Compared to the water-kind, how could human beings be described as cruel and heartless?

"What a giant turtle… Such a shame that it’s poisoned and no good for eating anymore!" Sitting on the eagle’s back, Yi Di laughed loudly, "But its shell is luxurious! These golden scales are quite beautiful too." He chuckled, "Take his shell and scales back. We can make some nice decorations with those!" Yi Di ordered his people.

The golden scale horned turtle raised his head and glanced at Yi Di with blood-tears in his eyes. He opened his mouth and tried to talk, but tens of thumb-sized locusts flew out of his mouth. His throat and vocal cords were all corroded, and couldn’t generate any sound.

The gray mist rapidly devoured the turtle’s body. His spirit toxic mist was gone. Relying on his strong life-force, countless tiny locusts had been growing fast inside his body. Soon, large groups of thumb-sized locusts tore apart his body, creating thousands of bleeding holes on his skin while flying out.

These locusts devoured a great amount of blood and flesh. At the moment, their life-force had been boosted to an extreme point. They buzzed and hissed, which sounded like happy laughter. They raised their round butts and sprayed out billions of eggs.

Those eggs drifted in the air and eventually landed on those corpse piles. Gray mist streams began rising from the corpses, drilling into those eggs, which were even tinier than dust grains. These eggs started moving quickly, and soon, countless newborn locusts cracked their eggs.

A faint buzzing noise could be heard in every corner of the world, as billions of billions of newborn locusts, which were even smaller than dust grains, vibrated their wings and flew into the sky.

The gray mist shrouded the mountains of corpses. Those corpses decayed speedily, transforming into strands of spirit blood mist, being absorbed by the gray mist. Countless newborn locusts opened their mouthparts and greedily inhaled the spirit blood power contained in the gray mist. Their weak bodies were strengthened instantly, turning even stronger than metal.

Countless types of viruses, toxins and magic poisons mixed with the spirit blood power, merged with these newborn locusts. Over ten-thousand kinds of viruses and toxins devoured each other, merging with each other and mutating in those newborns’ bodies. After this, the gray mist became even stranger, more lethal, and harder to deal with, for water-kind creatures.

This was the scariest feature of the Disease God streamer; it could efficiently upgrade the toxins it released, to make them even more terrifying to the enemies.

A sizzling noise lingered in the air. The corpse piles on the water disappeared in a short span of time, like mulberry leaves eaten by silkworms. The spirit blood of these dead water-kind spirit creatures hatched billions of billions of locusts, with upgraded toxins and viruses inside their bodies. The gray mist released by these newborns had a faint, cold, and blue luster.

A strong gale roared down along with large raindrops. In the north, countless water-kind spirit creatures were still heading south in ordered lines.

The gray mist spread way too swiftly, that the water-kind armies in the front had already been wiped out, but the armies behind hadn’t found out anything yet. These water-kind creatures raised strong waves, marching to the south, while the gray mist wall, which was now over two-million-miles-long, unhurriedly moved northward.

The storm was especially strong, and the water surface was already covered in a dense white watery mist. Therefore, the gray mist released from the Disease God streamer didn’t seem strange at all under the storm, mixed in the watery mist.

Countless water-kind creatures rushed into the gray mist. They didn’t notice it, but, tiny locusts that were smaller than dust grains had already drilled into their bodies, releasing countless types of toxins and virus inside their bodies. Nourished by their spirit blood, those toxins and virus started growing and spreading readily…

The gray mist rolled towards the north. Behind it, all kinds of water-kind creatures floated up to the water surface, with belies facing the sky. These corpses then quickly decayed, turned into sticky blood, and were absorbed by the mist.

Occasionally, shrill screams let out by strong enormous spirit creatures could be heard from the mist. But these screams were too weak in the storm. Giant waves struck on the water surface, easily covering their cries and screams.

More dead water-kind creatures floated up. Sticky black blood gushed out of their bodies ceaselessly, as those fierce viruses and toxins had been crazily spreading and growing inside those corpses.

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