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Xiang Liu fled right away, but he was wounded badly by the Flood Dragon King, and was much slower than he usually was.

Seeing Xiang Liu’s seriously injured body, Ji Hao sneered evilly, then let the golden bridge dart out of his forehead. It transformed into a clear beam of light, wrapped up a few people and himself, swiftly chasing towards the dark cloud Xiang Liu left.

The Flood Dragon King narrowed his eyes and coldly watched Ji Hao chasing Xiang Liu. A cold stream of air spurted out from his eyes and transformed into a handsome middle-aged man, who trod on a frigid cloud and descended towards the city.

"Little monkey, come out!" The Flood Dragon King coughed slightly, then shouted towards the city.

Yuan Li happily rushed out of the city. When he was still three-hundred meters away from the Flood Dragon King, he kneeled directly down and slid to the Flood Dragon King with his knees. Then, he flatteringly hugged the Flood Dragon King’s leg with both arms.

Raising his head, Yuan Li looked at the Flood Dragon King with his sparkling eyes and asked worryingly, "How’s Snow?"

The Flood Dragon King held his hands behind his body and looked down at Yuan Li. Suddenly, the Flood Dragon King’s mouth corners twitched — The fight between Xiang Liu and himself only lasted for a short couple of days in above the sky. But, how come the sense of power that came from Yuan Li’s body had already changed so severely?

At the moment, the Flood Dragon King sensed a prehistorical, violent power from Yuan Li’s body. Even as the Flood Dragon King, he was shocked, and almost frightened. That power was still weak, yet it had a terrifying nature. It was an immense power, that would be strong enough to turn the world upside down and crush all the natural powers in this world.

Wuzhi Qi couldn’t do that. He could never help Yuan Li to improve so much. Days ago, when the Flood Dragon King saw Yuan Li for the last time, he was still an ordinary mix-blooded little water ape. This radical change must have happened in these few days after he followed Ji Hao’s lead.

Thinking of Ji Hao, the Flood Dragon King’s dark blue eyes sparkled brightly. Finally, he carefully looked at this City Ji Hao built with respect.

Nothing seemed to be special about this city, before he paid a closer look at it. This was a simple wooden city, and all spell symbols hid in it was simple too. But once the Flood Dragon King observed it carefully, the thin and dim layer of light released by the Pan Gu Defense magic formation, which had the whole city covered, made the Flood Dragon King’s heart shake slightly.

"This is truly…Even the Sky Pillar was made into a magic treasure…And it’s right here, protecting this city…Who are behind this Marquis Yao Ji Hao?"

Pondering for a short while, the Flood Dragon King nodded. He gently patted Yuan Li’s head and said, "Snow is fine. Although her body is damaged, her spirit pearl is unharmed. The bodies of ordinary dragons aren’t good enough for her…Fortunately, a hundred and twenty thousand years ago, I found an ice dragon generated by the essence ice power in the bottom of the North Sea Glacier. That creature is not yet conscious, so I can let Snow take that body."

The Flood Dragon King talked nicely to Yuan Li, while Yuan Li quietly nodded, with a leg of the Flood Dragon King held in both of his arms.

High up in the air, Xiang Liu gasped quickly while fleeing towards the Heaven desperately. While flying, he was murmuringly cursing the Flood Dragon King. He thought the Flood Dragon King was going through a ten-thousand-year natural trial, and had no time to deal with anything else. That was why he told Xiang Liu Junior to sneakily approach Snow. He never thought that the Flood Dragon King would seal himself in ice and leave the North Sea with an army of fierce ice flood dragons. Moreover, the Flood Dragon King left a trace of his soul outside, gathered the essence ice power and created a body for it. This clone of the Flood Dragon King wounded Xiang Liu seriously. If Xiang Liu hadn’t been cultivating himself in these years, and relied on a few powerful treasures he luckily attained, he would truly be beaten to death by the Flood Dragon King.

"You old b*stard, sooner or later, I will peel you, pull out your tendons, and drink your spirit blood, then eat your soul." cursed Xiang Liu, "Where are you truly from? We’re both prehistorical creatures, but how can you be so much stronger than me? I, Xiang Liu, I am not weak!"

Riding on the golden bridge, Ji Hao had already chased up. Hearing Xiang Liu, Ji Hao laughed out loud and said, "Old Xiang Liu, it’s not a background problem, it’s about your moral quality! Well, of course, you silly old snake, you surely don’t understand what ‘moral quality’ means!"

Feng Xing and Yi Di stood on the golden bridge and pulled open their divine bows together. They both threw a threatening glance at each other, and in the next moment, shreds of afterimages were left in the air by their arms, while the two divine bows banged thunderously. Within a single second, Feng Xing had already released three-thousand ‘wolf tooth’ arrows, while Yu Di had shot two-thousand, nine-hundred and seventy-seven.

Xiang Liu screamed out loud. Thousands of ‘wolf tooth’ arrows roared towards him like a storm. Xiang Liu didn’t manage to dodge. During the fight between the Flood Dragon King and himself, the powers of the few Supreme-level defensive treasure he had had been consumed up. At the moment, the few treasures were healing themselves and couldn’t protect Xiang Liu.

In a great hurry, Xiang Liu flashed across the air and showed his original shape. A giant nine-headed serpent appeared in the air, with countless scales swiftly darting out from his sticky, mottled body. They tore apart the air like tiny sharp daggers, flying towards those arrows.

A long and loud series of puffing noise was started. Feng Xing’s bow was the greatest treasure of the Eastern Wasteland; it was the sun-falling divine bow, used by the ancient god, Yi, for killing ancient three-legged Gold Crows. Yi Di’s bow was called thunder-running bow, which was also one of the ten divine bows in the world. Facing two divine bows added with the ‘wolf tooth’ arrows Ji Hao produced with the mysterious caldron, Xiang Liu’s scales could never protect him. Thousands of arrows penetrated Xiang Liu’s scales and sank deeply into his body.

Over five-thousand fist-sized holes were left on Xiang Liu’s giant serpent body. Blood spurted out in massive amounts. Xiang Liu was already injured pretty badly, and now suffered this. He howled out miserably, even having tears gushing out of his eyes.

"I am three arrows more than you!" Feng Xing proudly glanced at Yi Di

"Damn! Next time!" Yi Di was ashamed into anger. Till now, elite archers from Eastern Wasteland clans were still quite angry about Feng Xing having the greatest divine bow. Therefore, not a single Eastern Wasteland archer would willingly admit defeat to Feng Xing.

Ji Hao too a step forward, cracked the space with his body and popped straight out before Xiang Liu’s face.

"Old Xiang Liu, you’ve come all the way here. Don’t leave, stay, be our guest!" Ji Hao locked his right fingers together and created a sharp series of dark beams of sword light, hacking down towards the middle head of Xiang Liu while laughing coldly, "Emperor Shun would love to listen to my suggestion and peel you to turn you into spiced meat!"

Xiang Liu roared shrilly. He opened his nine mouths and attempted to attack Ji Hao with poisonous gases and venoms. But before he could do that, a dark shadow flashed across his body and generated a heaven-shaking scream. Xiang Liu’s nine heads each suffered a hack simultaneously.

Yemo Shayi launched his attack. His heavy sword evilly pierced into Xiang Liu’s jaws, then came out from his skulls. All nine heads of Xiang Liu were injured severely. Shaking those heads, Xiang Liu cried in pain. Ji Hao hurriedly wielded his right arm down and cut off Xiang Liu’s middle head.

"Er…" Xiang Liu wailed in despair. Normally, he would never take people like Ji Hao and Yemo Shayi seriously. But today, he was wounded severely by the Flood Dragon King just now, and was very weak at the moment, without even a slight little bit of power left in his body. How could he ever survive Ji Hao and the other fierce people on Ji Hao’s side?

"Together, chop him! One of Gong Gong’s eight senior ministers? Haha!" shouted Ji Hao.

Ji Hao wielded his right arm and released another beam of sword light. As Xiang Liu’s second head was about to be chopped off as well, a lotus suddenly bloomed on that head.

"Xiang Liu, you’re destined to meet me."

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