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Gray streams of mist rose from Yu Mu’s body, while a weak spirit power spread in the tent.

Ji Hao carefully restrained his own spirit power, then slightly touched this weak, hazy, dream-like spirit power. Next, the mysterious life of an ancient powerful being replayed before Ji Hao’s eyes.

In the boundless Chaos, Chaos tides surged like countless ferocious dragons, roaring across the space, madly, crazily and inexhaustibly. These Chaos tides could create everything, and were powerful enough to destroy everything. Occasionally, a few Chao tides would bump violently against each other and generate thunderous bangs and dazzling light. But soon, all noises and lights would be devoured by the Chaos.

An enormous egg, which was tens of millions of miles in radius, drifted along a Chaos tide. Nothing existed in the egg except a growing weak spirit. The egg didn’t know where it came from, neither did it have a destination; it was only pushed around by Chaos tides, wandering across the universe.

The time never existed in Chaos. The egg couldn’t tell how many centuries it had been drifting for, but one day, struck by tens of unprecedentedly strong Chaos tides, the spirit inside the egg woke up.

Once he woke up, the egg cracked.

The strong power contained in the egg generated his body, while the strong shell of the egg transformed into a long streamer pole, and the eggshell membrane became a streamer. He instinctively gripped the streamer, which was born with him, then confusedly looked around.

It was probably the pure power released from the egg when it cracked that attracted many oddly shaped Chaos creatures. They raised destructive Chaos undercurrents, cast all kinds of strange magics, and launched fierce attacks on him.

In the Chaos, newborns like him had strong and pure pre-world power contained in their bodies. Even a slight little bit of that pure pre-world power could bring a living creature amazing benefits. He was a newborn, just like a fragile infant, weak and muddled. He hadn’t even mastered his natural abilities. No matter what kind of power he was gifted with, those attackers could easily win.

However, those attackers completely underestimated him.

In a panic, he gripped the streamer and slightly wielded. Invisible disease power spread out, which softened those attackers, then quickly melted them down and turned them into sticky, rotten blood.

Within a couple of breaths, all those powerful attackers died. Their bodies transformed into strong streams of spirit blood power, being absorbed by the streamer. The streamer purified the spirit blood power, then sent a part of it back into his body.

He sensed that his body was growing stronger, and his muddled mind was much clearer. Therefore, he started his journey. All Chaos creatures he encountered with ended up being killed by him with the streamer. As the streamer devoured more and more living creatures, he got to know more and more about himself. Meanwhile, he grew more and more powerful, and gained more and more abilities.

In the boundless Chaos, he survived countless deadly dangers, and also met some other strong creatures who were generated by the universe itself, without parents, just like himself. Some powerful creatures became his enemies, while some became his friends. Sometimes, he had company, and other times, he was alone. The Chaos didn’t have an end to be reached, and dangers always existed. He witnessed the deaths of many of his friends.

In his long journey, he and his friends saw quite a few great worlds.

Unlike the cruel Chaos, those great worlds already had earth, water, fire, wind separated, with great Dao and natural laws; those worlds were peaceful and stable. Compared with the Chaos, where a destructive disaster could descend at any time, those great worlds were paradises.

Therefore, he and his friends tried to invade those great worlds many times. But, the owners, also creatures of those great worlds, violently cast them away, and even killed some of them mercilessly. Facing those world creatures, he and his friends were too weak.

After a very long period, he and his friends finally found out that any creature that was powerful enough to create a world was a top-grade being. The talents, gifts, fortunes, and powers of those world creatures were all millions of times greater than his.

If an owner of a great world didn’t die of exhaustion when creating the world, by depending on the great world, with the energy provided by the entire world, he or she would be invincible.

He and his friends kept traveling in the Chaos. They met other pre-world creatures, communicated with them, and gradually summed up some special experiences of survival. For example — How to gain as much as possible during the creation process of a new world, and make himself stronger.

Many years later, he and his friends suddenly sensed an especially strong power.

An unreasonably strong world was going to be created. According to the information delivered by the strong power he sensed, he even knew the name of this powerful creature, the one that was going to create this new world, ‘Gu’!

Carefully, he and his friends approached ‘Pan Gu world’, which was about to be created. If they could get close enough to this new world and absorb some creation power and natural reward released at the moment the world was created, he and his friends could already gain great benefits.

The sense of power that came from Pan Gu world was incomparably strong; it was hundreds, thousands of times stronger than any world they had ever seen. Without a doubt, they could harvest much more during the creation process of a world like this.

However, before they approached Pan Gu world, they were violently beaten up by a female creature with a human-body and snake-tail, and her brother. They suffered badly. Later, they were told that the two snake-tail creatures were Spirit Wo and Spirit Xi, ‘Gu’s friends, the protectors of this new world.

Spirit Wo and her brother were way too powerful, thousands of times more powerful than his friends and himself. Therefore, all his friends were scared away. Only he carefully hid near the enormous Chaos egg which had given ‘Gu’ his life. He watched the egg crack, watched Pan Gu rise, then watched countless Chaos creatures crazily pounce on Pan Gu and his protectors.

That was a brutal massacre. Pan Gu was too powerful. He wielded his giant axe and chopped millions of creatures, which were much stronger than himself, into nothingness.

However, too many Chaos creatures attacked. Spirit Wo and the other protectors were all wounded severely. Eventually, Pan Gu fell to the ground under the endless attacks too.

He seized the opportunity and sneaked into the newly created Pan Gu world, gaining more than he could imagine.

He earned a giant amount of creation power and natural award power, and thus, grew a physical body. With his natural abilities, he also controlled the great Dao of disease of Pan Gu world. From then on, he became the famous Disease God in Pan Gu world.

Countless years later, he fell, with all that was left being a dilapidated Disease God heart, that contained all he had learned about the great Dao of disease.

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