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"Dear Master, this might be slightly offensive, but I have to say that sometimes, I truly can’t understand the way of thinking, of your humankind." Standing aside, Yemo Shayi looked at Yu Mu, who had sweat flowing down his back in streams and his skin rippling from time to time, then said in a low voice.

"Eh?" Ji Hao had been observing Yu Mu nervously. He dared not to miss even the slightest change in his body. Hearing Yemo Shayi, he mumbled to respond.

"Sacrifice himself to protect the others…This is just against the value of Yu Clan people, especially Yu Clan nobles…Why do so many human beings think like this?"

Yemo Shayi knitted his eyebrows and looked at Ji Hao confusedly, "Why will they sacrifice themselves for the others? Why don’t they make others sacrifice for themselves?"

Ji Hao remained silent while strange spell symbols emerged on Yu Mu’s skin, and the sense of power released from his body turned even subtler. He took a few circles around Yu Mu, then answered with a deep voice, "Because they are human beings."

Yemo Shayi opened his mouth, looked at Ji Hao helplessly and confusedly. He wanted to get a clear answer from Ji Hao, to explain some questions he had for many years. Those questions were not important, but they had been making him so curious. Nevertheless, Ji Hao gave him a vague, empty, and meaningless answer.

Showing the whites of his eyes, Yemo Shayi looked at the few scary poisonous bugs on Yu Mu’s body and murmured, "At least, he can let a slave to do this for him. Yu Clan people have ten-million ways to make lowly slaves sacrifice for them. Why does he have to sacrifice himself?"

Ji Hao remained silent for another while, then gave Yemo Shayi another vague answer, "Because he is Yu Mu."

Yemo Shayi’s eyes had even bulged from his eye sockets. He felt very helpless in the face of these two answers Ji Hao gave. Continuing showing the whites of his eyes, he squinted at Yu Mu, hearing those strange noises made by Yu Mu’s creaking bones and twitching muscles.

According to Yemo Shayi’s years of rich battling and slaughtering experiences, he could tell for sure that this fatso, Yu Mu, now had all his bone joints dislocated, muscles, blood veins, tendons, and nerves all twisted into a mess. In addition to that, his life-force and spirit blood had become uncontrollable. Simply speaking, Yu Mu’s current body condition was in an inhuman state.

Yemo Shayi couldn’t help but quiver with fear by merely imagining that pain which Yu Mu had been suffering right now.

The leather carpet paved on the ground already had a thick layer of sweat puddled on it. On the surface of the glistening sweat puddle was a thin layer of sticky fat. Yu Mu’s body twisted in a weird way. Agitated by the ‘Natural Disaster’, his spirit blood had been changing constantly and strangely, directly twisting Yu Mu’s body.

His fat had been oozing out of his skin, along with the sweat. Apart from this, Ji Hao also clearly sensed that ‘Natural Disaster’ had also been stimulating the life-force contained in Yu Mu’s internal organs. As a consequence, Yu Mu’s internal organs had grown hundreds of times stronger than before. But this improvement was twisted and unhealthy.

Ji Hao covered Yu Mu’s body with his spirit power to capture every slight change that happened to his body. In shock, he found out that within such a short span of time, Yu Mu had already grown one extra liver and six extra kidneys in his body.

More surprisingly, on both sides of Yu Mu’s spine, besides each joint, a small pair of hearts had been growing speedily.

Countless tiny blood veins reached out from these new hearts, quickly connecting with Yu Mu’s old blood veins. Yu Mu’s blood circulatory system was now tens of times complicated than before; the flowing speed and directions of his blood were both random and disordered now.

The ’Natural Disaster’ had been remolding Yu Mu’s body in such a strange way. It forcibly stimulated his body and generated a hundreds of times stronger life-force from his body. However, this new life-force was being consumed rapidly at the same time. A part of this life-force was used for nourishing those new hearts, and the rest was absorbed by the ‘Natural Disaster’ itself, which had been dividing and growing ceaselessly.

One to two, two to four, four to eight…

The ‘Natural Disaster’ crazily absorbed Yu Mu’s life-force, growing at a terrifyingly rapid speed. Soon, the blood flowing in every vein of Yu Mu had become black, looking exactly the same as the black, glittering, and translucent drop of ‘Natural Disaster’.

A strong sense of death was released from that black blood when it was flowing quickly inside Yu Mu’s body. Thew few poisonous bugs Yu Mu put on his body screamed out loud one after another. Those bugs struggled and attempted to leave Yu Mu’s body. But all of a sudden, their bodies melted into dark sticky liquid, being absorbed completely by Yu Mu’s skin.

These poisonous bugs failed to protect Yu Mu from the ‘Natural Disaster’. On the contrary, they were killed by the ‘Natural Disaster’ and became its nourishment, being absorbed by Yu Mu’s body.

What frightened Ji Hao more was that after the few poisonous bugs were absorbed by Yu Mu’s body, the ‘Natural Disaster’ began mutating quickly. The dark blood of Yu Mu already had a colorful glow emitting from it. The ‘Natural Disaster’ was efficiently digesting the venoms of the few poisonous bugs, learning from the venoms, strengthening itself, and making itself even fiercer and harder to deal with.

"Yu Mu, stop it! It’s not too late!" Ji Hao gritted his teeth and gave a deep shout, while putting the life-saving magic pill made by Priest Dachi before Yu Mu’s face.

"It’s alright, I can still take it…And I can feel it, it’s not impossible!" Yu Mu opened his eyes and glanced at Ji Hao. His eyeballs seemed to be sticky, purely black and lusterless. He grinned to Ji Hao, but his tongue and teeth had all turned pure black, looking as lifeless as his eyes.

Yu Mu was like a soft white meatball, but now, his waistline had shortened by at least three-feet. His skin was turning black quickly as well.

Ji Hao took a deep breath and remained silent. He stared straight at Yu Mu without blinking his eyes, gripping the life-saving magic pill in his hand, tightly. As long as any bad change happened to Yu Mu, Ji Hao would foist the pill into Yu Mu’s mouth and make him swallow it.

Yu Mu started incanting a strange spell that sounded old and sad, like a warm yet especially dry gust of wind, blowing over from the prehistorical era. Hearing Yu Mu’s voice, Ji Hao instantly felt anxious, and even his red sun primordial spirit quaked slightly.

Yu Mu raised his head. Clouds of gray mist descended from the Disease God streamer, transforming into ancient-styled spell symbols that flew into his mouth.

A strange power emerged gradually from the streamer. Yu Mu incanted the spell faster and faster, louder and louder. Meanwhile, a gray layer of mist slowly rose from his body, instantly suppressing the darkness spreading in Yu Mu’s body.

A whole hour later, a thumb-sized, heart-shaped, gray-colored magic seal slowly flew out from the Disease God streamer, descending towards Yu Mu’s heart. The magic seal was covered in holes, and had a large breach on it, as if a bug had bitten off a large piece from it.

Ji Hao thought he heard a raging roar before the gray magic seal merged with Yu Mu’s body.

Immediately, a dense and strong gray mist puffed out of Yu Mu’s entire body. The ‘Natural Disaster’ inside Yu Mu’s body seemed to meet its natural enemy, that it screamed with a despairing hissing voice. Only Ji Hao could hear that scream by using his spirit power.

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