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"Ah, what an interesting life!"

Yemo Shayi opened his eyes as a dim beam flashed across. To him, the life of the Disease God was merely interesting. The Disease God was strong indeed, but Yemo Shayi worshipped the Dark Sun in Pan Yu world. Therefore, no strong creatures from outside that world could mean anything to him.

"What a profound Dao!"

Unlike Yemo Shayi, what Ji Hao sensed from the Disease God’s long life story was the great Dao in the Chaos, which seemed to be disordered and chaotic, but was actually perfectly, mystically organized.

Disease God’s journey in the Chaos, the dangers he survived, those magical places he had been, were all embodiments of all fantastic types of great Dao in the Chaos.

Ji Hao had only roughly read the Disease God’s life story, but already, his red sun primordial spirit in his spiritual space, had grown larger, shone brighter. Inside the red sun, the golden silhouette generated by the great Dao of Yang and the silver silhouette generated by the great Dao of Yin were turning clearer and clearer, especially the golden one. By now, the outlines of eyes, nose, and mouth had already emerged from the golden silhouette’s face, looking exactly like Ji Hao.

But what improved the most was the incomplete great Dao of destruction that Ji Hao gained during the fight between Yemo Shayi and himself. On the edge of the red sun primordial spirit, the dark light with sharp rays was now almost tangible. Ji Hao’s red sun primordial spirit currently looked like a Xanthium, with a glowing red body and a dark edge. The dark rays around the red sun moved from time to time, making his red sun primordial spirit look dark and mysterious.

What surprised Ji Hao even more was that inside the red sun, behind the golden silhouette and the silver silhouette, an extremely faint and dim, dark silhouette had silently emerged. The dark silhouette was filled with a sense of destruction. It was thin, like a faint stream of dark mist, that could be killed by one gentle breath.

The dark silhouette was weak and faint, but it had indeed emerged! It represented the fact that Ji Hao had already understood the great Dao of destruction to a certain level.

"The Dao of destruction?" Ji Hao paused slightly. Suddenly, he thought of what he saw in the retrospect of the Disease God’s life. After Pan Gu created this world, hundreds of millions of Chaos creatures attacked him. Facing those attackers, Pan Gu wielded his giant axe and crushed thirty millions of Chaos creatures with one move.

When Pan Gu wielded his axe, the axe was purely dark, same as the dark edge of Ji Hao’s red sun primordial spirit.

"But Pan Gu’s fighting style was way too simple." Thinking of the fight he watched through the Disease God’s memories, Ji Hao shook his head. In his eyes, Pan Gu was just like a strong gorilla, madly hacking every living thing in front of him with a giant axe. He was indeed strengthful, but skill-less.

Yu Mu hissed in pain. The gray mist suffused in the tent slowly drilled into his mouth, eyes and nose. After that, the weak spirit power that belonged to the Disease God gradually disappeared from this world.

The Disease God streamer glowed brightly as it floated above Yu Mu’s head. Gray streams of mist poured down, flowing into Yu Mu’s body. Yu Mu’s heart beat strongly. His heavy and muffled heartbeats were clearly audible; somehow, his heartbeat agitated the spirit blood of Ji Hao and Yemo Shayi.

Ji Hao looked at Yu Mu in shock. Loud heartbeats had been coming out from his body. That heartbeat was strange, and even evil. It made Ji Hao feel like countless octopuses had crawled over from all directions, wrapped Ji Hao’s heart with their tentacles, and attempted to control his heartbeat.

Dong! Before Ji Hao made any reaction, his heart beat heavily. A clear and strong heartbeat was generated from Ji Hao’s chest, which shattered Yu Mu’s heartbeat. The Disease God streamer shook intensely above Yu Mu’s head, while Yu Mu suddenly opened his eyes. By now, Yu Mu had become a skinny man.

A dense layer of gray mist covered Yu Mu’s eyes. He took a long breath that lasted for a whole quarter of an hour. Rich natural powers were inhaled into Yu Mu’s body. Meanwhile, Yu Mu’s skinny body began swelling, and a nice pinkness appeared again on his pale scrawny face. He slowly stood up, while his body expanded like a balloon.

As white and tender as always; all abnormal colors on Yu Mu’s skin were gone. Ji Hao released his spirit power and covered Yu Mu’s body. However, Yu Mu’s power had become deep and mysterious, that no matter how hard Ji Hao scanned with his spirit power, he could only sense Yu Mu as a living being. He could never grasp a trace of Yu Mu’s power, and neither could he measure Yu Mu’s body shape with his spirit power.

"Eh? Is it done?" Ji Hao took a step forward and looked at Yu Mu nervously.

Yu Mu reached out his hands, scrubbed the back of his head, and said, "I think so, right? The ‘Natural Disaster’ has already merged with my body…No, it can’t be explained in this way. Um, I think I ate the ‘Natural Disaster’…No, still not right. Anyway, I can now freely control the Natural Disaster, and…"

Yu Mu raised his hand and dragged the strangely shaped, ugly Disease God streamer down, swaying it before Ji Hao’s face. Then, he said to Ji Hao grinningly, "A lot of nice things are left in here. Hmm, such as this locust infestation!

Yu Mu reached his hand into the streamer. The thin streamer was like a bottomless hole which swallowed a half of Yu Mu’s arm. Rummaged in the streamer for a while, Yu Mu took out a fist-sized, gray-colored locust. Compared with ordinary locusts, this one had a giant pair of tusks, and extra large wings on the back. On its gray belly, some vividly colored spell symbols were visible.

"I didn’t know this streamer still has its own spirit." murmured Yu Mu, "This streamer told me that I dared to try the ‘Natural Disaster’ with my own body and swallow such a strong magic poison into my body, which fits the spirit of the Disease God. Therefore, the streamer chose me and gave me the Disease God’s legacy. "

"This locust infestation is a good treasure, a special one created by the Disease God. These locusts in there are countless, endless, and extremely fast. Back then, these locusts were the best helpers for the Disease God to spread diseases. With these locusts and this streamer, I can set up a locust infestation magic formation that will cover tens of thousands of miles in radius, and bring the ‘Natural Disaster’ to every water-kind creature within that region."

"Can you take it back?" Ji Hao asked hurriedly.

"Don’t worry! I can easily release it, and easily take it back. I can control these locusts. Most importantly, it will be effective only to water-kind creatures!"

Yu Mu grinned and patted on his belly, which was large and round again. He held the streamer and wielded. Instantly, dense clouds of gray mist rose from the streamer along with a loud buzzing noise. Following that noise, billions of locusts flew out from the streamer.

These locusts were not large in shape. The largest ones were only around a foot long, while the smaller ones were extremely tiny, and could even drill into pores easily. Without a top-grade power, no one could ever notice these tiny locusts. Indeed, these locusts were amazing, terrifying helpers, for spreading viruses, poisons, and diseases.

The gray mist puffed out of the headquarters tent, out of the city, and transformed into two dragon-like large streams. One of the streams headed east, and the other flew west, right upon the water surface, roaring towards those water-kind armies.

Swoosh! The gray mist swept across the crowds of water-kind creatures.

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