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The headquarters tent was all quiet. Yemo Shayi silently showed his figure from a dark shadow, looking at Yu Mu confusedly. In his eyes, this life-risking behavior of Yu Mu was completely against the values of Yu Clan people. Yu Mu was living a healthy life, so why would he sacrifice himself to protect the others?

Ji Hao looked at Yu Mu from head to toe.

He was chubby, white, completely wrinkle-less. He looked as honest and simple as always, but in his eyes was an inflexible will.

He looked at Ji Hao and said word by word, "Let me try, if you see me as your brother."

Ji Hao stood up and took two steps towards Yu Mu. What a giant fatso! He was about three-feet taller than Ji Hao, with a huge belly. Ji Hao’s body had already touched Yu Mu’s belly, but even when he reached his arm out as long as he could, he still failed to pat Yu Mu’s shoulder.

"Give me a reason!" Ji Hao patted on Yu Mu’s huge belly helplessly, making his fat ripple like water surface; even his cheeks leaped happily.

"If we can’t stop those water-kind creatures, our flood-control troops won’t be able to focus on their mission. Then, this bloody flood would last for a very long period, am I right?" Yu Mu stared at Ji Hao straight in the eyes and asked seriously.

"You are right." Ji Hao nodded, also looking at Yu Mu in the eyes.

"Then, many clans won’t be able to survive…Adults will drown in the flood, or be killed by water-kind creatures. Many children will become orphans, or…be killed as well, right?"

Yu Mu rested his hands on his belly, lowered his eyelids, and continued slowly, "When I was little, I watched non-humankind warriors’ battle beasts bite off the heads of my little brother and little sister. I watched my father be captured and enslaved, my mother be…"

Taking a deep breath, Yu Mu continued with a low voice, "If I can kill those bloody water-kind armies by taking a slight risk, the flood will be overcome sooner. This is risky indeed, but I am willing to take it!"

Yu Mu moved slightly while chuckling. A turbid gray mist rose from his head. The broken Disease God streamer floated in the mist, silently releasing a strong, old, and evil power.

"And, I have this ancient Disease God streamer. It’s a bit ragged, but it might be able to restrain the ‘Natural Disaster’." said Yu Mu seriously to Ji Hao, "Besides, even if I failed, you won’t watch me simply die, will you?"

With a slightly conning face, Yu Mu smirked proudly, washing away the soul-deep shock he brought Ji Hao by saying what he had said just now.

"Bloody fatso, you do know how to convince people!" Again, Ji Hao slapped Yu Mu’s giant belly heavily and said, "Indeed, I won’t watch you die, but you might suffer. The ‘Natural Disaster’? Are you truly ready?"

Yu Mu was truly ready.

The jade plate with the ‘Natural Disaster’ contained in it was now right in front of Yu Mu. The mottled turtle shell beneath the plate had a magical yet weak power flowing on its surface, sealing the ‘Natural Disaster’ and disabling it from leaking out.

Yu Mu sat before the jade plate like a hill. The Disease God streamer released thin streams of gray mist, slowly merging with his body. He carefully took out nine gray-white calabashes, taking out all kinds of strange powders, magic pills, ointments, and liquid medicines from it, putting those where he could easily reach them.

Ji Hao held his breath and popped out his eyes, watching every move of Yu Mu. In his hands, a detoxifying golden pill concocted by Priest Dachi was ready.

‘Bloody fatso, what the hell did he learn from those old masters in the Magi Palace?’ thought Ji Hao.

Those strange kinds of powders, magic pills, ointments and liquid medicines Yu Mu took out from the nine calabashes, Ji Hao could easily guess that they were used for neutralizing the ‘Natural Disaster’. But next, Yu Mu took out some other things. Even though Ji Hao was born in the Southern Wasteland jungle and had seen all weird, creepy kinds of things created by Southern Wasteland Maguspriest, he still had his scalp numbed on looking at those other things Yu Mu took out; he even had goosebumps all over his body.

At first, Yu Mu took out seven blue leeches, which bit on his tender white skin. Soon, blue stripes covered Yu Mu’s eyes, nose, mouth and years. After that, the sense of power released from Yu Mu’s body faded instantly.

The next thing Yu Mu took out was a vividly colorful poisonous scorpion. Yu Mu put it on his chest, near his heart. The scorpion pierced its tail hook deeply into Yu Mu’s chest. Yu Mu trembled instantly. Meanwhile, faint colors emerged in Yu Mu’s eyes.

Yu Mu then took out a red, black, and blue poisonous snake. He carefully let out his tongue, and let the chopstick-sized snake made a bite on his tongue. The snake’s teeth were thickly covered with tiny barbs. Those teeth sank deeply into Yu Mu’s tongue, which swelled visibly. A large number of red, black and blue speckles emerged on Yu Mu’s skin.

"So evil, so disgusting…I can’t understand this. Dear master, I can’t understand that your people had been fending against the Yu Dynasty for so many years with these strange, weird, evil magics!" Yemo Shayi was deeply shocked while watching Yu Mu’s scary movements.

In Yemo Shayi’s eyes, that could only happen in a nightmare. As a Yu Clan noble, Yemo Shayi would never, ever allow those nasty, dirty things to touch his skin. But Yu Mu, he, he…

Yemo Shayi even showed the whites of his eyes and silently preyed to the Dark Sun he believed and worshiped.

Yu Mu took a heavy breath. He had let a couple of potent poisons into his body in a row, but as a senior player of all kinds of magic poisons, he remained unharmed, and could still move freely and nimbly.

He took out two golden centipedes. The pair of three-feet-long golden centipedes each took a bite on a foot of his. After that, his legs quickly turned light-golden, his skin became transparent, and even his squirming muscles and blood veins under that light-golden skin of his were indistinctly visible.

"Done!" Yu Mu murmured, then grabbed the small jade plate over.

The ‘Natural Disaster’ was like a living creature. It was freed from the turtle shell, then sensed Yu Mu’s strong and strong power. The thumb-sized black blood drop leaped up immediately and landed on Yu Mu’s chest, drilling into his body.

Yu Mu quivered intensely, then his fat began rippling fast crazily.

Following a sizzling noise, tiny wrinkles merged on Yu Mu’s skin, as his fat began melting and shrinking speedily like snow blocks grilling on a bonfire.

Sticky sweat started oozing out from Yu Mu’s skin without an end. His waistline turned smaller and smaller, his eyeballs rolled blindly, while his teeth struck against each other.

On the Disease God streamer, countless strange spell symbols sparkled, then the silhouettes of all kinds of poisonous creatures drifted out, merging with his body.

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