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Those water-kind armies around the city had been madly attacking Ji Hao’s water city like headless chickens, for nearly a month. But at the moment, they were back in order. Hundreds of enormous spirit creatures roared towards the city from long distances away, reluctant to give up. Meanwhile, countless oddly shaped smaller sized spirit creatures trod on waves and cursed Ji Hao’s whole family with the dirtiest languages they knew. Followed muffled drums, all water-kind spirit creatures lined up orderly, and started moving south.

The human troop with dark armors and horned carps floated on the water surface, staring at Ji Hao’s city with unfriendly faces. Ji Hao stood on the fence wall, also staring at them seriously and coldly.

Many people in this city knew the leader of this troop. His name was Meng Da; he was a warrior from the Dragon Carp Clan, Northern Wasteland, and in Pu Ban City, he was a famous brave warrior.

Since the flood came, only water-kind creatures had been running rampantly all over the world, but human beings from Northern Wasteland clans hadn’t yet shown their faces in public, till now. Today, Meng Da came straight to Ji Hao’s city like that, and brought those messy water-kind armies back in order, forcing them to continue heading south.

"They quitted pretending!" Feng Xing stood behind Ji Hao and said with an inclination to launch an arrow, "Idiots from the north, it seems that they’ve made up their minds to follow Gong Gong. They truly quitted pretending…Shall I give him an arrow?"

Ji Hao slowly nodded. He pulled out a ‘wolf tooth’ arrow and gripped the arrow with both hands, sending streams of melted-gold-like light into it. The silver-white arrow was instantly covered in golden patterns, and those feather-like patterns gradually turned clearer. Soon, the entire arrow turned golden.

A strong heat was released from the arrow, as Ji Hao handed it to Feng Xing.

Feng Xing took over the arrow, then immediately showed his teeth in pain. The arrow shaft burned his palm. Even as a Divine Magus, his palm was burned severely, that by now, the smoke had wrapped his palm up, while an aroma of grilling meat started spreading in the air.

Surrounding Ji Hao, all elders, and commanders stared at him in shock.

Ji Hao had only infused a slight part of his power into the arrow, but the arrow was already hot enough to burn the palm of a Divine Magus!

With a low voice, Tao Sha murmured, "This kid, what a freak he is. How old is he now? Even my youngest grandson is about ten years older than him…Is he a Supreme Magus already? It can’t be possible!"

"It hurts!" Feng Xing shouted deeply in pain, holding that scorching hot arrow. He hurriedly put the arrow on his bowstring, sent all of his power into his bow, then slowly pulled the bow open.

A wolf roar rose into the sky. The golden wolf roar darted forward, leaving a sharp and dazzling golden beam in the sky.

Meng Da was around thirty miles away from the city wall, but the arrow Feng Xing released flashed straight to him in no time. No one knew the name of the strange archery skill Feng Xing used, because when the arrow reached to Meng Da’s chest, a strong gust of wind suddenly flew out of it and the arrow abruptly split up, turning into tens of hazy arrow silhouettes.

Only one of these silhouettes was the real arrow.

Meng Da was a Divine Magus, but human Magi never cultivated their souls. Therefore, not even Divine Magi could release their spirit power. Instead, he could only differentiate those hazy arrow silhouettes with his own eyes.

Roaring loudly, Meng Da instantly raised a round-shaped shield with his right hand, as his left hand wielded a six-feet-long sharp spear, bashing down towards the tens of silhouettes.

Those cyan-colored silhouettes shattered, as none was real. Meng Da paused. In the following moment, his right hand suddenly quivered, as his round shield was already penetrated. Before that, the shield had already released a dark watery light. The shield was punctured easily, and the arrow had gone through his left hand, sinking deeply into his chest.

Layers of watery light were emitted from his dark armor, shielding Meng Da against the arrow.

All of a sudden, the essence sun fire Ji Hao put into the arrow blasted. A golden fire swept across the area with a radius of miles. Meng Da howled out loud while his armor vaporized instantly. Half of his body was burned into ash, while the other half was sent tens of miles away along with his shrill screams. Shedding blood like rain, Meng Da fled desperately to the south.

A big half of the troop under Meng Da’s command was covered by the golden fire. The armors worn by those warriors were of much lower quality than Meng Da’s armor. Therefore, five to six thousand elite warriors were all burned into strands of smoke, before they could even burst with a scream.


While fleeing, Meng Da gasped quickly for air. Wisps of muscle fiber grew out from the edges of his wounds, squirming quickly as he was trying his best to boost up his spirit blood power and heal himself. Nevertheless, streams of essence sun fire lingered in his wounds and burned all new muscles into ashes. His wounds showed no sign of recovering. On the contrary, they had already started to threaten Meng Da’s life.

"Run! Run!"

In a panic, Meng Da whined. Hearing his voice, the surviving warriors under his command hurriedly kicked their wounds. Thousands of horned carps screamed with high-pitched voices and quickly sank into the water, all fleeing south as they stirred up waves of sharp ripples.

Those water-kind spirit creatures didn’t take another glance at the city; instead, they turned away from the city and continued moving south.

Ji Hao and all the others clearly understood that once these water-kind spirit creature arrived Pu Ban City, they would join the main water-kind forces stationed in all rivers and streams and lakes in or around the city, then start to attack the flood-control troops as hard as they could.

If the flood never subsided, human beings would always be trapped in small spaces, struggling to survive. If the situation didn’t change, the life-force of the humankind would be ground away bit by bit, and when all human beings were weakened to an extreme point, Gong Gong would enslave the entire humankind, without needing the slightest effort.

They couldn’t allow these water-kind armies to go south as reinforcements. They had to figure out a way to stall these water-kind creatures in the north.

Ji Hao and those elders and commanders walked back to their own rooms, and worryingly dropped in silence.

The dragon blood pill had lost its effect. No one knew what Gong Gong promised those water-kind spirit creatures, that allowed them to restrain their strong desires for the dragon blood pill, and head south without taking a glance at the city. Controlled by those large spirit creatures, even those smaller ones, which could barely control themselves, never took another glance at the dragon blood pill; not even a tiny shrimp looked at the dragon blood pill again.

Sitting in the headquarters tent with crossed legs, Ji Hao murmured to himself, "Should I send out the army to fight those water-kind spirit creatures directly?" Soon, he shook his head. Fighting a great battle against so many water-kind spirit creatures on this vast water? Without a doubt, human warriors would fall in disadvantage. Those water-kind spirit creatures were uncountable, but how many warriors did he have? Without the Pan Gu Defense magic formation, how many human warriors would die?

But with merely this water city, he couldn’t seal these water-kind creatures’ path to the south.

Ji Hao frowned again, lost in his thoughts.

The door curtain was lifted. Then, Yu Mu squeezed his meatball-like chubby body in, while gasping quickly. Clang! He threw his large pot on the ground, and slightly bowed to Ji Hao with difficulty.

"Ji Hao, let me try!"

"Try what?" Ji Hao raised his head and asked confusedly.

"That drop of ‘Natural Disaster’!" said Yu Mu seriously, "If it’s really a virus-magic poison, let me try! Maybe, I can control it!"

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