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The headquarters tent was crowded with people. Elders and high-grade commanders from all clans surrounded a square table.

Placed in the middle of the iron square table was a palm-sized jade plate, and on the place, a thumb-sized drop of black blood had been squirming slowly, like a living creature.

Ji Hao sat beside the table with his eyebrows knitted, eyes narrowed, as he stared at this drop of mixed magic poison, called ‘Natural Disaster’, created by Elder Bug. Elder Bug named this magic poison as ’Natural Disaster’; it was not hard to tell how terrifying this poison was, even in the eyes of Elder Bug.

According to Elder Bug, this ‘Natural Disaster’ had the features of both plague viruses and blood poisons. It spread fast, with a long incubation period, and was incomparably virulent. Both the fleshy body and the soul of a living creature could be destroyed by it within a short span of time. More terrifyingly, ‘Natural Disaster’ could grow rapidly; the more living creatures it devoured, the faster it would grow, and the stronger it would become. It could even mutate in a short period.

Because of the high probability of mutation, Elder Bug honestly told everyone that he didn’t have an antidote for it. Based on the level of research in this area, not a single Magus in the Magi Palace was capable enough to create an antidote for the ‘Natural Disaster’.

A thick turtle shell was paved under the jade place. The mottled ancient turtle shell was carved with tens of sealing magic spell symbols, releasing a strong sealing power, preventing the ‘Natural Disaster’ from leaking out.

The black blood drop slowly flew on the jade plate. All of a sudden, an extremely thin stream of black blood darted towards Ji Hao, who was the nearest to it, along with a dark dim beam of light. Followed a slight sizzling noise, the thin stream of blood flew up for about a foot high, then an electric bolt struck down from the air. Hit by the electric bolt, the blood beam turned into a strand of dark smoke immediately.

The blood drop slightly squirmed on the jade plate, then the dark smoke drifted back down, and merged again with the drop.

"What a strong corrosive power!" A Master from the Magus Palace said with a dry voice, "Elder Bug, all these years…You didn’t waste your time! If we truly release this thing, those water-kind creatures will surely die out. But, I’m afraid our humankind will also…"

Elder Bug sat by the other side of the table, facing Ji Hao, as he murmured with a bitter look, "I created this thing for those non-humankind beings. The recipe is not yet perfect…Here is my original idea. You see, a human being only has two eyes, and none of us has the third eye. Therefore, this ’Natural Disaster’ I created is aimed at the third, forth, fifth eyes of those non-humankind beings."

Knocking the table with his knuckles, Elder Bug continued a bit excitedly, "A human being only has one pair of eye, but why do those non-humankind beings have three, four, even five eyes? As we can imagine, they are different from us at the bloodline level. Based on the bloodline differences between the humankind and the non-humankind, if the ‘Natural Disaster’ can be effective only to them…"

Ji Hao’s scalp numbed when hearing Elder Bug. He stared at Elder Bug, and felt that his entire body was ice-cold.

What an old freak! He created such a scary magic potion, and he created the concept of a genetic virus! If he had enough time, he might truly succeed! After all, those Magi Palace Magi had strong spirit powers, with which, they created powerful yet strange magics and spells. According to Ji Hao’s previous life memories, not even the later generations were as good as them. Who could tell for sure that Elder Bug won’t be able to create a new version of ‘Natural Disaster’, only effective against the non-humankind?

"It’s just too dangerous."

The black blood drop in the jade plate abruptly stated squirming quickly and intensely. The blood drop reached out tens of thin tentacles, fiercely towards those elders and commanders in the surroundings. Obviously, the senses of life-force released from the bodies of these people attracted the blood drop, and made this small drop of magic poison attack like the craziest wild dog.

The sizzling noise could be heard again, while tiny thunderbolts emerged from the air and crushed those blood tentacles. Strands of black smoke merged back into the drop, which was much smaller than before. The drop grew large slowly. Meanwhile, on the surface of the drop, extremely thin and faded electric bolts emerged.

"It…It seems to have some immunity to the thunder power, doesn’t it?" Ji Hao looked at Elder Bug and asked in shock.

"Hm, according to my design, if we allow this magic poison to develop freely, and give it enough time to grow and mutate, in the future, thunder, fire, ice, acid, none of these would be able to do any harm to it."

Elder Bug looked at the black blood drop affectionately, as if it were a child of his, then continued, "Back in the Magi Palace, After I tested the ‘Natural Disaster’s power with a non-humankind being, I would destroy the corpse in an hour, tops. Otherwise…Even I don’t know how terrifying it will become!"

No one in the tent said a word, and everybody stared straight at Elder Bug.

A long while later, Tao Sha asked with a dry voice, "Old dude, you, you… you played with such a scary thing in the Magi Palace?"

Elder Bug showed the whites of his eyes to Tao Sha in speechlessness, then responded coldly, "I know what I’ve been doing…Did anything happen in all these years? If anything did happen, I would be the first to die. What are you all afraid of?"

Many people in the tent had cold sweat oozing out of their heads. Even though they hadn’t witnessed the true power of the ‘Natural Disaster’, by merely hearing Elder Bug, they all learned how powerful it was. This old man, how had actually been studying such a terrifying thing in the Magi Palace, which was also the core of Pu Ban City…If it ever leaked out, Pu Ban City would have become a dead land, wouldn’t it?

Unlike those people, Ji Hao was carefree towards Elder Bug’s behaviors, as he had seen many people much crazier than Elder Bug in his previous life.

Staring at the ‘Natural Disaster’ for a while, Ji Hao said, "This thing, Elder Bug, let me keep it for now. Don’t use this scary thing, unless we have to. Who knows what true disaster it might cause?"

Narrowing his eyes, Ji Hao continued in a bland tone, "But if those water-kind creatures truly don’t know when to stop, and if we’re really desperate one day, even if the poison will spread in the world for ten-thousand years…even if we die together with them, no one can blame us."

The others in the tent remained silent.

Die together?

Will this flood really push the humankind into that kind of despairing situation? Gong Gong’s water-kind armies, and those Northern Wasteland clans, were they qualified enough to push this whole thing to the point that the humankind would even decide to die together with them?

A quick series of footsteps came from the outside. Following that, Feng Xing lifted the door curtain and rushed in. With a dark face, he said hurriedly, "Elders, commanders, things aren’t good. Just now, I saw large groups of human warrior come from the south. By now, they’re yelling at those water-kind spirit creatures surrounding this city."

Ji Hao paused shortly, then wielded his hand. A light screen emerged in the air, showing the water-kind armies outside the city.

As Feng Xing said, a heavily armored human troop with at least ten-thousand elite warriors mounted on horned carps rushed into the crowd of water-kind spirit creatures. The leader of this troop was holding a dark tablet, shouting at those enormously shaped spirit creatures.

Before, all water-kind creatures had been crazily pouncing to the city. But now, ninety percent of them stopped, paused in where they were.

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