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The air vibrated as strong gales roared.

Two tens of thousands of miles long enormous creatures coiled their bodies together like crazy lovers. Without casting any magic, and with pure instinctive violence, they bit each other, scratched each other, and soon quaked the earth and the sky.

Both Xiang Liu and the Flood Dragon King were afraid that they might accidentally injure their own people because of their world-destroying style of fighting. Therefore, they soon broke the space and rushed up to above the sky to continue their battle. Three-thousand ice flood dragons were left down here to guard the Flood Dragon King’s true body, the one sealed in the giant ice block. Xiang Liu Junior was left down here as well, spurting poisonous gases and venoms.

Ji Hao chuckled. He sent the Taiji Universe mirror back into his body, then threw a heavy kick on Yuan Li’s back and, sent him to Xiang Liu Junior.

"Little monkey, if you want to revenge, do it! This thing got your beloved girl killed, so you shall kill him!" Ji Hao shouted while rushing to Xiang Liu Junior along with a clear beam of light, "You do whatever you want, and I’ll help!"

Yemo Shayi chuckled coldly. He flashed across the air, transformed into a thin dark shadow, and quickly merged with Ji Hao’s shadow. Ji Hao was helping Yuan Li, while Yemo Shayi was helping Ji Hao. As a new slave of Ji Hao, Yemo Shayi knew how to ingratiate himself into the master’s favor, and how to earn better treatment for himself and his families.

In a distance away, eight ice flood dragon commanders glanced at Ji Hao and Yuan Li, raised their hands and made a few signs. Instantly, a troop of ice flood dragon warriors trod on cold gales and dashed over, making a large circle in the air to surround Xiang Liu Junior from a distance away.

These ice flood dragon warriors had shown a very clear attitude — If Ji Hao and Yuan Li failed to kill Xiang Liu Junior, they would do it themselves; Xiang Liu Junior could never survive, no matter what.

Nine enormous snakeheads of Xiang Liu Junior had been rampantly releasing poisonous gases and venoms. Crazily, Xiang Liu Junior barked at Yuan Li, "Come! Come fight me! Yuan Li, you stupid water monkey, I bet you can’t harm a hair of mine!"

Yuan Li roared towards the sky. He was hundreds of meters tall now. Raising that huge iron stick, Yuan Li started a fierce gale as he swung it violently down towards the middle head of Xiang Liu Junior. His long silver fur fluttered in the air,as a strange silver light had been flashing across his body. In the sky, twelve silhouettes of Yuan Li suddenly emerged. Each silhouette left shreds of afterimages in the air while flashing towards Xiang Liu Junior together.

Xiang Liu Junior was confused. Yuan Li had brought the extremely negative power under control, for which reason, he was magically nimble and swift, and a master of transformation. In terms of moving speed and transformation skills, Xiang Liu Junior was much weaker than Yuan Li.

Xiang Liu Junior’s eighteen eyeballs rolled quickly in his eye sockets, but still failed to see Yuan Li’s real body clearly. He largely opened his mouths and spurt out a stream of venom towards each of the twelve sliver, sparkling silhouettes of Yuan Li, as fast as he could.

The twelve silhouette faded simultaneously while Yuan Li silently popped out from behind one of the heads of Xiang Liu Junior and thudded his meters thick iron stick thunderously on that giant head while raising a strong gust of wind.

Scales shattered and blood splashed; that head of Xiang Liu Junior was nearly blown up. The skin and scales were gone, exposing his dark-green skull. This strike of Yuan Li was extremely violent, as it created a hundred-meters wide, spider-net-like series of cracks on Xiang Liu Junior’s head.

Brain and blood sprayed out from those cracks on Xiang Liu Junior’s head. The destructive pain squeezed streams of tears out of all eighteen eye sockets of his simultaneously. He screamed in pain, madly swinging nine giant heads and swaying his long tail, whipping the water surface along with a shrill swishing noise.

Yuan Li moved swiftly. Like a ghost, he was flashing around Xiang Liu Junior, dodging every crazy attack launched by him. The poisonous gases couldn’t touch him, neither could those venoms. Xiang Liu Junior’s nine heads quickly incanted spells, launching thunderbolts, dark ice, flood, raging fire and all kinds of fierce attacks. But still, he failed to touch even a hair of Yuan Li.

Xiang Liu Junior was strong and talented; in any battlefield, Xiang Liu Junior could be powerful enough to destroy a heavily armored army with his real body. However, Yuan Li, this nimble water ape, was his invincible opponent. Yuan Li was way too agile; with the extremely negative power, he could hide and move in an unpredictable way. No matter how hard Xiang Liu Junior tried, he could not bring Yuan Li any harm.

Yuan Li’s large iron stick started another fierce gale, roaring towards Xiang Liu Junior over and over again, until Xiang Liu Junior was covered in wounds. His scales were shattered, and muscles were torn apart; in many areas of his body, squirming internal organs and dark-green bones were exposed.

Within a couple of breaths, Xiang Liu Junior was already injured severely. Yuan Li bashed straight on his few mouths and broke countless teeth of his. That made Xiang Liu Junior hiss towards the sky in pain, with tears splashing out of his eyes like fountains.

"Yuan Li! You coward! Don’t dodge! Fight me with your strength!" Xiang Liu Junior screamed, "Why are you leaping around? You’re not a man! You’re not a decent man! You dare not to fight me face to face!"

Yuan Li continued bashing Xiang Liu Junior’s body with his iron stick, with a dark face.

Ji Hao had been watching from aside. Hearing Xiang Liu Junior, he laughed out loud. Then, he pulled out the Taiji divine sword, opened his mouth, and breathed a stream of extremely negative power onto it. Instantly, the eight-feet-long sword started expanding speedily, reaching hundreds of meters long within a blink of an eye. By now, this giant sword was perfect for Yuan Li’s hundreds of meters tall body.

Ji Hao pushed the sword to Yuan Li, along with a cold beam of light.

Ji Hao laughed again and said, "Yuan Li, why don’t you fight him with your strength? I’m lending you my sword, do it!"

Yuan Li dropped his large iron stick, which had no other advantages other than being heavy, then swung his arm backward and caught the sword. Gripping the sword hilt with both hands, Yuan Li burst with a resonant roar, then hacked down towards a head of Xiang Liu Junior.

Ji Hao had injected a supreme sword intent that he attained through learning Yu Yu’s sword art, into the sword. When Yuan Li wielded the sword, the hundreds of meters long sword released a tens of miles long sword light which split the air as it descended.

Xiang Liu Junior excitedly stared at Yuan Li, who finally decided to fight him face to face. He put his nine heads together and released thunderbolts, venoms, poisonous gases and all kinds of attacks together, creating a nine-colored torrent that swooshed towards the sword.

A gleam of light flashed across the sword. As the Yu Yu sword intent spread out, the nine-colored torrent collapsed and transformed into dense, dark mist, which drifted away along the wind.

The sword light dazzled, then a loud puffing noise could be heard; A sharp sword power could be sensed everywhere while Xiang Liu Junior was chopped into thousands of pieces by Yuan Li with a single hack.

The Taiji divine sword was so powerful that even his soul didn’t manage to flee before it was shredded along with his body.

From the higher sky, Xiang Liu’s furious roar descended, "Yuan Li! You’re killing yourself!"

Ji Hao laughed out loud. He swiftly grabbed back the Taiji divine sword, then dragged Yuan Li and walked straight away.

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