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Ji Hao dragged Yuan Li back into the water city. Yuan Li’s mind wasn’t clear at the moment.

Countless water-kind creatures had still been crazily rushing to the altar, which had the dragon blood pill placed on it. More and more powerful, oddly shaped water-kind creatures emerged, such as three-headed flying fishes, seven-tailed water snakes, a water centipede with eighteen wings, mountain-huge salamanders... These water-kind spirit creatures were weird-looking, and their powers were strange and rare as well. If this area was a real battlefield, Ji Hao’s elite human force would definitely suffer severe damage.

However, facing the Pan Gu Defense magic formation, these water-kind spirit creatures didn’t manage to harm even a single human warrior. They could only rush to the dragon blood pill through the path that Ji Hao built on purpose, and suffer violent attacks launched by human warriors. Magus Palace Magi had spread all kinds of magic poisons and cast fierce spells in the water city, making countless water-kind spirit creatures fall on their way to the dragon blood pill.

When Ji Hao returned to the city, Yu Mu had been shouting loudly, directing over a hundred Magus Kings to drag a three-hundred-mile-long dragon whale into the city with some solid difficulties.

Large groups of human warriors rushed up like a group of ants. They peeled this divine-level dragon whale, pulled out its tendons, then chopped it into large pieces and delivered into the storage. A few Magi Palace Magi followed them into the storage. Soon, a strong cold power came from the storage, as these Magi cast a magic and froze the entire place. Thus, the meat of the dragon whale could be stored for at least half a year, without going bad.

Water-kind spirit creatures rushed up wave after wave, while human warriors killed them one by one. Yu Mu led the group of Magus Kings and dragged those giant ones into the city, cleaning and chopping them up.

Ji Hao felt that this place didn’t look like a battlefield. Instead, it looked like an enormous slaughterhouse, and those water-kind spirit creatures were animals to be slaughtered. They had been giving their own lives away, trying pretty hard to serving as a food resource, easing the pressure of this water city.

"Greediness is an original sin!" Ji Hao dragged Yuan Li and stood on a watchtower, looking around. Next, Ji Hao flicked his wrist and sent out three streams of sword power that smashed the heads of three large water-kind spirit creatures, who were about to reach the altar. Killing the three spirit creatures right on the spot, Ji Hao turned around and slapped on Yuan Li’s face for twice, not so heavily.

"Oi, come back, come back! This is not a peaceful time. Look at you now, you could be chopped into pieces by the enemies at any time!" Ji Hao stared at Yuan Li and said. Seeing Yuan Li’s eyeballs starting to roll slowly, Ji Hao sneered and said, "If I didn’t promise…" While snorting, Ji Hao continued, "I would leave you to die, little monkey."

Yuan Li’s eyeballs rolled slowly in his eye sockets. Suddenly, he cried out loud like a baby, "Snow…Snow is dead!"

Ji Hao looked at Yuan Li and shook his head. Spirit creatures were so different from human beings. Yuan Li was a thousand years old at least. How could he still be like a twelve-year-old boy? Those powerful human beings who had lived for over a thousand years, which one of them wasn’t extremely sly and wily?

Spirit creatures were born with especially long life spans, but their intelligence development was awfully slow. Therefore, Yuan Li was over a thousand years old, yet was still like a little boy.

"You’ve already avenged her. You killed Xiang Liu Junior yourself, so why are you still crying?" Ji Hao slapped Yuan Li once again and said, "Pull yourself together. You have a life to live. In the future, you will meet many nice girls. Probably, you will have a bunch of tiny monkeys with one, or a few of them!"

Ji Hao looked at Yuan Li, who was still crying heartbreakingly. He even wanted to say something like ‘beautiful flowers are all over the world, don’t waste your entire life on one’, to comfort Yuan Li.

With warm tears flowing out of his eye sockets, Yuan Li looked at Ji Hao with red eyes and stuttered, "I don’t want other girls, I only want Snow. I, I only want her…" Yuan Li was even choked with sobs. "Ever since I was little, she was my only friend. Only she played with me…She, she…Damn you, Xiang Liu Junior!"

Ji Hao spread his hands helplessly and said, "Xiang Liu Junior, you killed him yourself. As for that girl Snow…Her father is a powerful man. He will bring her back to life sooner or later. Her spirit pearl is fine, isn’t it? As long as her father finds her a beautiful female dragon body, she can merge her spirit pearl with that new body and live again!"

Yuan Li paused, looked at Ji Hao, and sobbed, "But by then, will Snow still be the same girl?:

Ji Hao rubbed his smooth, beardless chin, and looked at Yuan Li in a profound way as he asked a question which would become the cause of countless arguments of generations of water ape, "Do you love Snow’s body or her soul?"

This was such an abstruse philosophical question. It struck Yuan Li’s heart like a thunderbolt and dispelled the dark clouds in his heart, letting Ji Hao’s smile shine into his heart like the sun, warming his soul. He gripped Ji Hao’s hand tight and laughed loudly, "I like Snow’s kindness and gentleness, of course!"

"Then you love her soul!" Ji Hao looked at Yuan Li seriously and continued, "You are an honest ‘philosopher’. Through her beauty, you believed in the nature of love. Little monkey, you’re amazing! I admire people like you!"

Slapping hard on Yuan Li’s shoulder, Ji Hao laughed, "So, don’t’ cry, stay alive. Do you remember what you promised me? From on now, you’re under my command. Cheer up, get ready for the war!"

Yuan Li puffed out his chest, but paused briefly, and asked another question, "Flood Dragon King will find Snow a nice body, right?"

Ji Hao looked at Yuan Li’s cautious face, then speechlessly patted his own forehead, and evilly threw a question back, "If the Flood Dragon King only found Snow a male dragon body…Would you still love her?"

Standing behind Ji Hao, Yemo Shayi quivered slightly, then fixed his three weirdly sparkling eyes on Yuan Li.

Yuan Li was lost in his thought. He knitted his eyebrows, with his ape face twisted like a dried apple.

After a long while, Yuan Li responded seriously, "I love Snow’s soul! Even if she becomes a male dragon, so what?"

On the watchtower, an Eastern Wasteland archer had his bow pulled open, prepared to release an arrow. But on hearing Yuan Li, for the very first time, his hands trembled and his arrow missed the target. The arrow swished across the air, and even brushed against the face of another human warrior who was standing on the ground.

On the watchtower, the atmosphere had become extremely weird. A few archers turned around from time to time, looking at Yuan Li from head to toe, as if he were a ‘truly brave man’. Human beings living in this era were mostly simple-minded and traditional. Hearing Yuan Li say stunning words like that, those archers were all amazed.

As the starter of this, Ji Hao stared at Yuan Li in shock. He quivered, then laughed embarrassedly. He silently turned around while frowning, and stared straight at those water-kind spirit creatures down below, which had been crazily rushing towards the city.

Ji Hao really wanted to know what Wuzhi Qi would do if he found out these mental changes Yuan Li had. Would he want to kill Ji Hao?

A long distance away, on the water surface, countless enormous water boas raised their heads high. Some of these water boas had two heads, some had three, and some even had six to eight heads. These enormous boas released poisonous mist from their jaws and screamed shrilly, while marching to the city in fury.

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