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Ji Hao silently activated his spirit power. Wave after wave, he sent his spirit power to every corner of this small world which was ruled by the Flood Dragon King.

Chilly airstreams swished all over the ground. Cold light dazzled, as sharp as blades and swords. Icebergs drifted across each other along strange, complicated tracks. Occasionally, those icebergs would bump against each other and generate soft waves of thunder power, bursting out.

Ji Hao scanned this mysterious small world with his spirit power and uncovered some basic secrets of it. Silver-blue spell symbols flashed swiftly in the air, leaving countless silver-blue light beams that covered this small world.

These spell symbols were anciently and simply styled, completely different from all spell symbols Ji Hao knew about. Those spell symbols were not created by the humankind or the non-humankind. These were either prehistorical natural spell symbols or ancient spirit creature spell symbols, or divine spell symbols from the ancient heaven.

Ji Hao silently memorized these silver-blue spell symbols. In the future, if he could understand them and merge them with his great Dao of Yin, he would certainly gain a further improvement.

The Flood Dragon King’s voice could suddenly be heard, and this entire small world responded to him. Countless palm-sized, sharp, hexagon-shaped snowflakes screamed down from the sky, hovering swiftly around Xiang Liu and Xiang Liu Junior. Those sharp ice flakes transformed into a while tornado that wrapped both of them up. These ice flakes hit against each other in the air and caused loud metal-clangs. Based on this sound, it was not hard to imagine how strong and sharp these snowflakes were.

"Xiang Liu, cut the crap!" The Flood Dragon King said blandly, "My only child has died. You kill every last one of your offspring and turn yourself into a childless one like me, and we’ll call it even."

All Ji Hao’s fine hairs stood straight up, as he quivered instantly in both coldness and shock.

Yemo Shayi raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice, in surprise, "So aggressive! Back then, when my kind invaded this world, we never encountered this Flood Dragon King on battlefields…Today, I have learned that he surely is a terrifying enemy."

"I like his style!" said Ji Hao, also in a low voice. "Isn’t he right? Everything that happens in this world should be fair. The Flood Dragon King’s only child is died because of Xiang Liu Junior, so, all Xiang Liu’s offsprings should be buried with the dead. That would be the fairest thing ever."

Once again, the Flood Dragon King glanced at Ji Hao, he slowly nodded. He couldn’t agree with Ji Hao more. As the Flood Dragon King, he never bullied anyone; all he wanted was fairness and justice, nothing more.

Xiang Liu’s face twisted in anger; his eyes had almost fallen out of his eye sockets. He stared at Ji Hao and shouted, "This is…Marquis Yao Ji Hao, one day, I will flatten your Yao Mountain city for what you said today! You’re causing yourself troubles!"

Ji Hao spread his hands and said in a carefree tone, "Xiang Liu, say that to me after you have dealt with the Flood Dragon King’s fury. Then, if you still have the interest to come visit my Yao Mountain City, you are most welcome!"

Xiang Liu’s face twisted again. At last, he turned to the Flood Dragon King, grinned bitterly and said, "Flood Dragon King, no one wanted this to happen…This is just a misunderstanding. If you can change your request, I’ll do whatever you want."

The Flood Dragon King narrowed his eyes and responded coldly, "Good, your children can live, and you kill yourself! My little girl Snow has lost her life, so you are going to give your old life back to me. After you have died, I won’t harm your families."

Xiang Liu had a large stream of blood choked in his throat. He opened his mouth, and swallowed the blood back down with difficulty.

Kill all his offsprings or himself? Neither of these two options the Flood Dragon King offered was acceptable to Xiang Liu. His scrawny body trembled slightly, while his twisted triangle-shaped eyes sparkled with a green light. He looked the Flood Dragon King and said with an unfriendly tone, "Flood Dragon King, you talk like that, does it mean that you’re not going to give any respect?"

The Flood Dragon King responded with a deep, ice-cold voice, "Why should I respect you? You don’t want your offsprings to die, but what about my Snow?"

He didn’t finish his speech; instead, he waved his hands with flagging interest and continued blandly, "I don’t like verbal battles, I only like physical battles. Since we’re not having a good conversation, you shall die!"

The Flood Dragon King raised his head and let out a resonant dragon roar. In the air, fierce cold airstreams condensed into countless ice daggers and other weapons, along with numberless heavily armored warriors. Along with a sky-freezing aura, this ice army marched towards Xiang Liu and Xiang Liu Junior.

Xiang Liu and Xiang Liu Junior were still wrapped in a tornado of snowflakes. All of a sudden, those snowflakes darted inward and hacked violently down, raising countless, extremely thin, frigid beams.

Xiang Liu roared in rage, then shouted, "Flood Dragon King, if you hadn’t isolated yourself to get through the natural trial, I would surely flee away once I saw you…But during your ten-thousand-year natural trial, you still dared to attack me with a primordial spirit clone of yours…Don’t blame me for being too coldhearted, because I have no choice!"

An awful stink speedily spread out, strong enough to knock people to the ground. Within a light-green mist, Xiang Liu showed his real face — A ten-thousand-miles-long, nine-headed serpent!

Compared to Xiang Liu Junior, whose scales were smooth and clear, whose body was filled with life-force, Xiang Liu was dirty and messy. His mottled scales were covered with a thick layer of sticky fluid. Large amounts of fluid had been oozing out of his scales, flowing to everywhere with that horrible stink.

Xiang Liu’s real body was withered and wrinkled, looking like an old zombie which was buried in a corroded coffin along with countless decayed corpses for hundreds of years old. He looked rotten, old, withered.

Ji Hao felt unconformable only because he took a quick glance at Xiang Liu’s real body. He felt soft and powerless, as if he were suddenly a hundred years older. In a panic, Ji Hao made his heart drum for two-hundred times and sent the magical Chaos blood of his to his entire body. In ten whole breaths, Ji Hao finally freed himself from that ‘old’ feeling.

All ice weapons and ice warriors darting to Xiang Liu melted into sticky liquid and fell when Xiang Liu showed his real face.

"Flood Dragon King…A drop of your spirit blood created the family of ice flood dragon in the North Sea. These ice flood dragons are no worse than pure-blood dragons." Xiang Liu opened his nine mouths and said with nine hoarse voices in chorus, "I’ve been thinking about it for tens of thousands of years, if I drank all your spirit blood, how strong will I become?"

While smirking, Xiang Liu continued with that creepy voice, "But you’re too powerful, and I can’t be your rival. Therefore, I told Xiang Liu Junior to approach from your precious daughter …What a shame, what a shame! She was such a beautiful girl, but the body was destroyed…Waste, what a waste!"

The Flood Dragon King stared at Xiang Liu with a complicated look. "I see. Hehe…You miscalculated one thing." said the Flood Dragon King with a deep voice, "Even though I am in the middle of my major natural trial, you still can’t be my rival!"

Endless cold power gathered towards the Flood Dragon King. The cold power quickly condensed into a tens of thousands of miles long ice flood dragon. The Flood Dragon King gathered the cold power and created a body for himself, then roared thunderously and pounced on Xiang Lu.

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