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A cold beam of light flashed across the sky. Wrapped in the light beam was a fist-sized, sharp ice flake, darting towards Xiang Liu Junior’s head.

Xiang Liu Junior screamed out loud. He had been suppressed by the Flood Dragon King the whole time, but at this life-and-death moment, he suddenly overcame the great fear he had towards the Flood Dragon King and showed his real face.

Following the sizzling noise, a one-hundred-mile long, slim Xiang Liu snake showed up. The Xiang Liu snake had one tail and nine different colored heads. After Xiang Liu Junior showed his real face, a dark-blue head of his swung up and raised giant waves.

Along with the muffled water-clattering noise, a giant water wall rose that shielded Xiang Liu Junior behind. A snow-white head of his opened its jaws and released a frigid airstream, freezing the thick water wall instantly.

"Flood Dragon King, how can you kill me so easily?" Xiang Liu Junior yelled at the Flood Dragon King while shaking his nine heads. No one knew where he got that courage from.

The ice flakes sent out by the Flood Dragon King heavily struck on the ice wall and generated a clear cracking noise, creating a water-tank-sized hold on the ice wall. The edge of that hole was perfectly smooth.

The ice flake punctured the ice wall and landed fiercely on Xiang Liu Junior’s tail, penetrating his body.

The ice flake was aimed at Xiang Liu Junior’s head, and was powerful enough to take his life right away. However, at the moment, Xiang Liu Junior had turned enormous, with a miles thick tail. The small ice flake left a water-tank-sized hole on his body, but to Xiang Liu Junior, this injury was no worse than having a toothpick pierced into his palm; it was nothing.

A faint layer of ice crystal spread out from the wound, releasing a bone-piercing cold power, which made Xiang Liu Junior’s tail stiff and inflexible.

That snow-white head of his instantly turned around. Facing the wound, he opened the jaws and took a long, deep gasp. Strands of ice crystals flew out from the wound, into that large mouth of his. Soon, the ice around the wound began melting, and a thin stream of blood flew out from the wound. Xiang Liu Junior twisted his enormous body while new flesh and skin grew out speedily in the puncturing wound. The wound seemed to recover in no time.

"Xiang Liu Junior, you do have guts!" The Flood King growled deeply, "You even have more guts than that old Xiang Liu b*stard!"

"I’m not afraid of you!" Xiang Liu Junior opened his large mouths, spurting out different colored venoms while staring at the Flood Dragon King as he laughed viciously, "I respect you, old man, for Snow’s sake…Now that Snow has become a dead soul, I have no chance to sleep with her, and you don’t have another daughter. So, why should I still respect you then?"

Yemo Shayi and Ji Hao glanced at each other. Silently, Ji Hao straightened his thumb, ‘How could he talk like that? That old Xiang Liu has truly taught his offsprings something, and this Xiang Liu Junior is indeed ‘extraordinary’!’

Yuan Li leaped up in anger. He roared towards the sky as his body suddenly expanded to around six hundred meters tall. Carrying that huge iron stick, he pointed at Xiang Liu Junior, growled, "Xiang Liu Junior! You’re such a b*stard!"

Xiang Liu Junior spat loudly to the water. Followed a sizzling noise, a large number of fishes floated up, with their bellies facing the sky. Xiang Liu Junior’s saliva was highly poisonous, and wherever it reached, countless water-kind creatures were poisoned to death.

He stared at Yuan Li and shouted, "B*stard? Your father is Wuzhi Qi, and your mother is a human Maguspriest, a human being! You half-monkey and half-human little thing. Don’t you think that you’re a b*stard too?" Spitting again, Xiang Liu Junior continued, "Don’t pretend in front of me! You’ve been trying to get close to Snow and make her happy too. Isn’t that because you want to sleep with her?"

Yuan Li was enraged. He screamed shrilly as he raised the large iron stick, seeming to start a life-risking fight against Xiang Liu Junior.

Ji Hao hurriedly waved his hand. The Taiji Universe mirror released beams of clear light, transformed into glowing ropes that tied Yuan Li up. Loudly, Ji Hao said to Yuan Li, "Yuan Li, what are you doing? The North Sea Flood Dragon King is right here, and you’re not needed.This silly snake is dead."

The Flood Dragon King threw a cold glance at Ji Hao, then gritted his teeth tight which even caused a creaking noise. Ji Hao was obviously stirring up trouble, as he was afraid that this might end too soon and too quietly…But, the Flood Dragon King didn’t care if this would get too intense or not. Something happened to Snow, and the Flood Dragon King had to kill someone to vent his fury!

Xiang Liu Junior was probably out of his mind, or simply frightened too much by the Flood Dragon King. He actually straightened up his half body, and almost reached his nine heads into the dark clouds in the sky.

Shaking his long, slim necks, he screamed hoarsely, "Flood Dragon King… do you think that I’m afraid of you? You’re nothing special! You’re just like my old ancestor, he’s also one of the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command. With our old ancestor protecting us, no one from our Xiang Liu Family will take you seriously!"

The Flood Dragon King’s eyes turned green in rage. Even his original body, that blue ice flood dragon which stayed inside the giant ice block, opened its eyes. Two blue, frigid beams of light darted out of those large eyes that locked on Xiang Liu Junior.

The Flood Dragon King gritted his teeth and sneered, "Hehe… hehe… So, you Xiang Liu snakes see me as…Hehe, hehe… I like being quiet, and don’t like traveling around. I occupied the ice sea area, then focused on my own cultivation, never wanting to cause any trouble."

Taking a deep breath, the Flood Dragon King continued murmuring, "Gong Gong Family went to Northern Wasteland and tried to occupy the entire Northern Wasteland, to be the dominator. At first, we were equal; we were like neighbors, never disturbing each other. Once, I was crossing a ten-thousand-year natural trial, and I failed, almost having my soul perished. That old Gong Gong concocted a blood pill with his own spirit blood and saved my life."

Xiang Liu Junior popped out all his eighteen eyes while slowly shaking his nine heads. He never knew the Flood Dragon King’s past. In his eyes, the Flood Dragon King was the same as Xiang Liu, his old ancestor, because they both were senior ministers of Gong Gong. He never heard that the Flood Dragon King chose to serve Gong Gong Family only because an old Gong Gong saved his life!

"My life is so precious. Old Gong Gong saved my life, and I have to pay a debt of gratitude. Therefore, I took the cold flood dragon family and joined Gong Gong’s force. However, I was never beneath Gong Gong, and I am respected by every generation of Gong Gong!" The Flood Dragon King sneered with a dark cold face, "I was keeping a low profile, and was being generous. But in the eyes of young creatures like you, I have become weak and soft. How dare you cast your lascivious eyes on my daughter?!"

The sky turned white, and so did the water surface and the surrounding air.

Icebergs emerged from the air, while chilly wind roared out from between them. The air temperature suddenly dropped to an unbearable level. Surrounded by the awfully cold air, even Ji Hao quivered for a few times in a row!

Ji Hao was shocked, looking at the Flood Dragon King who had been releasing torrents of frigid airstreams from his body, ‘Is this the power of the Flood Dragon King?’ thought Ji Hao.

The Flood Dragon King had forcibly separated a small space from Pan Gu world and turned it into a frozen zone, a small world of ice and snow.

A slight sigh came from the air, then a scrawny silhouette emerged before Xiang Liu Junior. That was Xiang Liu. Standing before Xiang Liu Junior, he seriously bowed to the Flood Dragon King and said, "Flood Dragon King, for my sake, please spare his life… for this time only."

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