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Silver-cold strands of ice mist flew out from the Flood Dragon King’s fingers and transformed into a small cloud, that held Snow’s spirit pearl up.

Inside the blue spirit pearl, a tiny, light-silver flood dragon was faintly visible, crying with a slight voice. Hearing the tiny flood-dragon cry, the Flood Dragon King’s cold face was added with an intent of killing.

Ji Hao glanced at Xiang Liu Junior, who had a big half of his body frozen. He also thought of those boa-men, who were frozen by a breath of the Flood Dragon King, then shattered. Hurriedly, Ji Hao sent his spirit power backward, by using which, he ordered all Jia Clan warriors to draw back again, straight to the water city.

Through his spiritual power, he also told Shaosi and Hao Tao to let this non-humankind army into the city and accommodate them.

The Flood Dragon King turned around and emotionlessly glanced at Ji Hao. An especially strong and heavy, ice-berg-like spirit power came to Ji Hao and coiled around his body. It attempted to drill into his body and scan him.

Without hesitating, Ji Hao activated the nine dragons chariot that belonged to the East Emperor Taiyi. A splendid, violent golden-red light shone from his entire body. Touching the golden-red light, the Flood Dragon King’s spirit power immediately drew back like a startled shrimp.

The Flood Dragon King gritted his teeth and threw a threatening glance at Ji Hao, then snorted and said in a deep voice, "East Emperor Taiyi, that old bastard…Did he leave anything in this world? Did he die? Or did he fake his death and went away?"

Ji Hao paused briefly. Of course, East Emperor Taiyi had died. Wuzhi Qi witnessed Taiyi’s death, which was the reason why he found Taiyi’s nine dragons chariot and divine seal where Taiyi died. But what did the Flood Dragon mean? Could anyone ever deceive Wuzhi Qi? Was there anything that no one in the world knows?

Smiling faintly, Ji Hao cupped his hands to the Flood Dragon King, then stood aside quietly.

He wanted to see the end of this. He wanted to know what the Flood Dragon King would do to Xiang Liu Junior and Yuan Li. The ice flood dragon family from the North Sea, added with Wuzhi Qi Family and Xiang Liu Family, that was a small half of Gong Gong’s main force. If an internal conflict burst between these three families, that would be wonderful to the humankind.

Ji Hao even wanted to tell everyone in the world about this, ‘Oi, come over and have a look! Xiang Liu’s stupid boy got the North Sea Flood Dragon King’s daughter killed! Look, look at her! The Flood Dragon King’s daughter died so miserably with disgrace, what a tragedy!’ That was what Ji Hao would like to tell the whole world.

Making and spreading rumors, creating troubles, these things were evil and immoral. But for the humankind… Ji Hao silently sighed heavily. For the future of the humankind, sometimes, one had to do some evil and immoral things.

In the spirit pearl, Snow’s soul told the Flood Dragon King about everything she had been through. The Flood Dragon King glanced at Ji Hao one again, then looked at Xiang Liu Junior, then turned to Yuan Li at last.

"Little monkey, you’re a good boy. You knew that you were not powerful enough, so you tried to convince Snow to stay in the North Sea instead of coming to Midland…Snow has a friend like you, it’s good." The Flood Dragon King nodded to Yuan Li. An extremely faint warmth was added to his speaking tone.

Afterward, the Flood Dragon King looked at Ji Hao and said, "Marquis Yao…Ji Hao? You’re a good person, I owe you one. I don’t care what relationship you have with Yuan Li, you risked your life and faced a Sun and Moon Stage non-humankind being for Snow. I’ll remember what you have done for Snow."

Turning slowly around, the Flood Dragon stared at Xiang Liu Junior and continued in a frigid tone, "Now, seriously, Xiang Liu Junior, I isolated myself to focus on getting through a major natural trial, and you took that as an opportunity. You took Snow to Midland, yet you failed to protect her. Now, she has lost her body, and only a weak soul of hers remains. Can you explain?"

Xiang Liu Junior opened his mouth, but still couldn’t say a word.

His long tail was frozen, and the ice power had been extending to his upper body. The bone-piercing coldness had drilled into his internal organs, which made him tremble ceaselessly. Moreover, an even fiercer coldness was coming from his soul. Deep down, he clearly understood that he had caused a giant trouble for himself and the entire Xiang Liu Family.

"Uncle…" Xiang Liu Junior struggled to explain.

"You think you can call me uncle?" The Flood Dragon King flicked his finger and sent a cold beam of light to Xiang Liu Junior. Right in the next moment, the foot-long tip of Xiang Liu Junior’s tail was shattered.

His lower body was sealed in ice, therefore, he didn’t sense any pain. But watching a part of his body shattered, exposing his bones, muscles, blood veins, and tendons, Xiang Liu Junior was scared to death. Large drops of tears suddenly gushed out of his eyes sockets, but instantly froze into ice beads.

"I am a rare creature in this world. Since the beginning of the world, I have been alone. These ice flood dragons were ordinary flood dragons in the North Sea. I gifted them with a drop of my spirit blood and allowed them to become ice flood dragons, but their bloodline power is no better than ten-thousandth of mine."

"It has been countless centuries. I have many wives, but only Snow’s mother, as the only Chi in the world, was pregnant for me for a million years, then gave birth to Snow, my only child."

The Flood Dragon King still sounded cold as ice, completely emotionless. Therefore, Ji Hao couldn’t tell for sure that if he were as calm as he sounded like, or actually as raging as an erupting volcano.

But, he wouldn’t have a good mood, would he?

Since the prehistorical era, Snow was the only child he ever had…Nevertheless, because of Xiang Liu Junior, Snow had now lost her body. The Flood Dragon King should be infuriated.

Coughing sightly, Ji Hao said in a calming voice, "As a man, don’t promise anyone anything if you’re not capable enough to fulfill your promises. See, you messed it up, didn’t you? Snow was such a lovely girl!"

A strong coldness instantly rose from Flood Dragon King’s eyes. He slowly nodded, and responded with a deep voice, "Indeed, she was such a lovely girl. I spoiled her too much. Her mother died when she was little. No one else in the ice flood dragon family could ever restrain her. Therefore, when I wasn’t there, she was easily tempted, left the North Sea and came here… to die!"

Xiang Liu Junior weakly screamed, "Flood Dragon King, I, I, I meant well! I…"

The Flood Dragon King stared at Xiang Liu Junior, and remained emotionless as he said, "You meant well? Xiang Liu Junior, I should have eaten you back then when you visited Snow for the first time."

Sighing slightly, the Flood Dragon King raised his right hand and launched a palm attack to Xiang Liu Junior from a long distance away.

"You die. Then, I’ll go find the old Xiang Liu bastard, and let him explain to me!"

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