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"Yemo Shayi, compared with my uncle Dachi, your Dao is so much weaker!"

In Ji Hao’s red sun primordial spirit, other than the golden and silver Taiji diagram which was transformed from the golden silhouette and the silver silhouette, a circle of dark light was abruptly added. The sharp and dark light was even darker than a night, and seemed to devour everything like a black hole. From that endless darkness, a strange sense of destroying power released quietly, which could even bring people a soul-level fear.

Strands of black mist drifted out from Ji Hao’s body. His three eyes were pure and flawless, like crystals, but now, each of them was added with a mysterious dark circle. Ji Hao smilingly raised his right arm. Once, again, his right arm transformed into a long sharp sword, which looked exactly like the Taiji Divine sword.

On the edge of the long sword, a stream of dark mist was faintly visible. Gradually, the dark mist was restrained and compressed into a translucent, crystal-like edge, attached to the sword edge.

The mysterious man laughed out loud, "You should fight these top-grade powerful non-humankind beings more. With my help, you might steal the powers of all their three suns and nine moons!"

Ji Hao laughed as well. Meanwhile, the mysterious man stood up in Ji Hao’s spiritual space and slowly made the moves of sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow and everything-perish, one after another. The mysterious man’s moves were smooth and natural; clearly, he had also combined the great Dao of Taiji with these four moves, and united the four moves, just like Ji Hao did earlier.

Compared with the combined move Ji Hao created himself, the mysterious one’s combined move was simple and unsophisticated. It seemed to be much plainer than Ji Hao’s move, but it pointed directly at the core of some kind of original power, being natural and effective.

Ji Hao took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and focused on the mysterious man’s move. Every bone, every inch of muscle and meridian of his began moving slightly, along with the mysterious man’s moves.

As Ji Hao’s moves got more and more similar to the mysterious man’s moves, another soaring improvement of physical strength happened in him. His bones, muscles and internal organs were all nourished by the colorless Chaos blood created by his heart. Gradually, a prehistorical sense of Chaos power was generated from his body.

A Taiji diagram emerged from behind the mysterious man’s body as well, black and white, clear and turbid. The outline of the Taiji diagram behind him was especially distinct. However, as the mysterious man moved faster and faster while making the four moves, the Taiji diagram behind him gradually turned hazy and colorless, almost the same as Ji Hao’s colorless Chaos blood.

"What is the end of Taiji? Taiji…Infinite? Chaos? Eternality?" The mysterious man murmured to himself, "Dachi, Qing Wei, Yu Yu, their Dao…Interesting… Are they trying to combine their individual Dao and recreate the great Dao of nature of Pan Gu world?"

The mysterious man murmured with a very low voice, without letting Ji Hao hear him. He led Ji Hao’s moves with his own movements, and allowed his body to evolve, reaching a perfect state.

Ji Hao’s physical strength, soul power and the density of his spirit blood had all been raising at a crazy rate.

A body of the dragon-kind, a soul of the phoenix-kind, a bloodline of the humankind…The Chaos power that came from Ji Hao’s body grew stronger and stronger. His physical strength, soul power and the density of his spirit blood were still raising ceaselessly.

Soon, Ji Hao reached the limitation of his current level, as no more space was left for him to continue improving. He was like a giant stove with all of the fuel consumed up. Abruptly, the mysterious man raised his right hand and swung it down. His move seemed to be gentle, yet it was as heavy as a hundred mountains.

A clear straight line appeared in front of the mysterious man. In Ji Hao’s spiritual space, thunder rumbled and lightning dazzled, while strong streams of Chaos power were generated, being absorbed by Ji Hao’s red sun primordial spirit, which had already consumed a mighty amount of energy.

Ji Hao sighed slightly. He raised his right arm, which had already merged with the natural laws of devouring and destruction, and swung it forward.

The sense of power released from his body was now exactly the same as the sense of power that came from the real Dark Sun. Therefore, the Dark Sun wasn’t vigilant towards Ji Hao at all, neither did it do anything to protect itself. Consequently, the Dark Sun was cut into two by Ji Hao easily.

The Dark Sun hanging in the air split up and sent puffs of dark mist up into the higher sky, swirled away by the purple-golden thunderbolts inside those seven-colored clouds in the sky, without leaving a trace. Strands of natural reward power descended from the sky, merging with Ji Hao’s body. Ji Hao’s body was drained, with no spare energy left inside. But, absorbing the natural reward, a nearly inexhaustible power started to be generated from his body.

"The three strikes have been taken. Yemo Shayi, take one strike from me!"Ji Hao smiled calmly. He tore apart the Dark Sun and showed up above Yemo Shayi’s head. Looking at Yemo Shayi’s trembling face, Ji Hao suddenly felt interested. He clenched his right fist, launched the ‘soft’ combined move towards Yemo Shayi’s back.

"Stop it!" Yemo Luoye immediately stood up from the dark throne and screamed out hysterically.

Yemo Shayi brought the Dark Sun to Pan Gu world from the mother world of Yu Clan, but the distance between Pan Gu world and that world was way too large. As a consequence, the Dark Sun did descend to Pan Gu world, and Yemo Shayi had used up all of his power.

Facing Ji Hao’s ‘gentle’ punch, Yemo Shayi didn’t even have the power to dodge.

Yemo Luoye screamed shrilly while flicking her fingers. From her left forefinger, a dark gemstone ring flew out. The thumb-sized gemstone flashed across the air, swished to behind Yemo Shayi, then suddenly expanded and transformed into a black crystal shield with seventeen edges, shielding Yemo Shayi against Ji Hao’s fist.

This was the ‘black hole crystal shield’, the strongest defensive treasure possessed by Yemo Luoye; it was a half Beyond-Redemption-stage weapon.

The stage of Beyond Redemption was higher than the stage of Sun and Moon, which equaled the level of Supreme Magus. Although the crystal shield was only a half Beyond-Redemption-stage piece, its defensive power was bloodcurdling. Not even a Supreme Magus could cause any harm to it.

Ji Hao narrowed his eye, while his fist landed on the crystal shield.

Followed a muffled thud, Ji Hao’s fist broke. Tens of slashes extended to his shoulder, and the blood splashed out like blooming flowers.

But soon, that blood flew back into those wounds and all wounds healed speedily. Ji Hao showed an unreasonably great self-healing ability, that was far beyond the limit of peak-level Divine Magi. He put his fist against the crystal shield and forcibly pressed it down by three inches.

The crystal shield remained unharmed, but pushed by Ji Hao, it bumped on Yemo Shayi’s back.

The three-feet-long shield bumped on Yemo Shayi’s back like a large rock. Yemo Shayi opened his mouth in pain, and his eyeballs almost popped out from his face. His bones were crushed by the crystal. The liquid flowing out of his mouth was not pure blood; instead, it was a mixture of blood and mashed internal organs.

A paunch launched by Ji Hao with his last bit of remaining strength almost killed Yemo Shayi right on the spot.

"I, I lost!" Yemo Shayi howled out loud, then fell down from midair.

Ji Hao grabbed an ankle of Yemo Shayi, carried him in his hands, then lifted him up!

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