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Ji Hao was swallowed by the Dark Sun.

A terrifying power came from all directions, which was as heavy as mountains, disabling Ji Hao from moving.

Under this mountain-heavy power, the sharp and strong devouring power had also been tearing Ji Hao’s body. Ji Hao’s body was like a soft dough, slowly changing shape under the effects of these two types of powers.

Ji Hao focused on his body, sending all of his spirit power and life-force into the red sun. He activated the Taiji power inside his body, following the great Dao of Taiji and neutralizing the devouring power and destroying power that had been trying to destroy his body.

Nevertheless, the Dark Sun had been releasing an indescribably terrifying power, under the effect of which, Ji Hao felt that his body, his soul, and every part of his body had been slowly melting. He felt like he was merging with the boundless darkness, falling into the eternal destruction and nihility.

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man abruptly chuckled aloud, "I carefully read the agreement you made just now…According to the agreement, you cannot defend yourself with any weapon, but they didn’t mention that I can’t help you."

Ji Hao paused, then laughed bitterly as he mentioned, "A clear indication has been given about that too. I have to take three strikes from Yemo Shayi with my bare body, and no one else can help me."

The mysterious man grinned confidently and said, "I’m no one different. I live in your spiritual space, that means I’m a part of you. How can I be anyone else?"

Ji Hao paused again. The mysterious man had always been serious and mysterious, so Ji Hao never thought that he’d ever say something so naughty. A short while later, Ji Hao gave a bitter smile and said, "Old man, you’re sly now!"

The mysterious man sighed slowly as he said, "If I could be so ‘sly’ back then, how would I end up like this?"

Sighing again, the mysterious man reached out his right hand slowly, and drew a beautiful arc in the air. Then, he pointed heavily on Ji Hao’s red sun primordial spirit and said, "Careful, follow my move, and let’s see what this Dark Sun truly is…Let’s find out the real situation of the mother world of these non-humankind beings."

Yemo Shayi brought the Dark Sun to Pan Gu world. To other people, this was definitely a despairing killing move, but in the mysterious man’s eyes, Yemo Shayi had taken the initiative to open a small window, while the power of the Dark Sun created a straight path outside this window. By joining hands with Ji Hao, the mysterious man believed that they would be able to see a few things through this window.

The great pressure that Ji Hao had been suffering was suddenly gone. The pressure still existed, yet it could no longer affect him.

The Dark Sun had still been trying to devour and crush Ji Hao’s body, grind his soul, his body, and everything with those tusks of destruction. However, those tusks of destruction couldn’t cause any harm to Ji Hao anymore, because at the moment, to a certain degree, his body had already been assimilated by the Dark Sun.

Ji Hao saw a vast land.

The land seemed to be a bit barren, covered in grasses, with medium-sized trees scattered on it. Under those trees were some short, strange plants, which contained some natural powers. Those plants should be a special type of magical herb of this world.

A gentle, warm gust of wind blew slowly across the sky, pushing the clouds forward. Occasionally, raindrops would fall from these clouds.

This world was just like an exhausted man who had his life-force drained, but had swallowed up a great amount of replenishing medicine at once. Under the effect of the medicine, this man now looked energetic again, yet deep inside, he was still weak.

A strong natural will had been keeping this world running. With all supplemental energies coming from the outside, this world had been keeping its balance; it wouldn’t die of exhaustion, but neither would it become a rich, fertile place.

Everything was just fine, just fine.

The sky was bright, with a black sun shining. The sun was black, but its light illuminated the world.

The world was suffused by the cold and evil power of the Dark Sun, and the senses of destroying and devouring. Under the pressure created by the Dark Sun, all living creatures in the world became weak, except for the ones in the north.

In the north, in a series of magnificent cities on a broad plain area, palaces and mansions were built with black rocks. Countless non-humankind people in black outfits had been dancing and singing in happiness. They walked into temples, towards altars, kneeled, and kowtowed to the Dark Sun in the sky. A year in this world was divided into twelve months, and a month here was three times longer than a Pan Gu world month.

In this world, three suns and nine moons took turns to rule this world.

Each year, every sun and every moon had the chance to shine in the sky for a whole month. The current month belonged to the Dark Sun. In this month, the world was filled with the original power of the Dark Sun, and the people worshipping the Dark Sun would gain great benefits in this month.

For Dark Sun people, in this month, which was ruled by the Dark Sun, even newborns would be much more talented than the ones who were born in the other eleven months.

Yemo Shayi was born on the day when the Dark Sun reached the highest point in the sky, and the Dark Sun power was the strongest in a year.

In Ji Hao’s sight, Yemo Shayi was still a newborn. Ji Hao saw Yemo Shayi’s mother wrapping him up with a black cloth, putting him on a roughly built altar. Placed around Yemo Shayi were a few ‘magic crystals’, which seemed to be of low quality.

High up in the air, the Dark Sun sparkled slightly. Next, tens of thousands of different sized dark light streams poured down from the Dark Sun and landed on the ground.

Two thin streams of dark light shone on Yemo Shayi’s body. Two incomplete, tiny spell symbols were wrapped in the two light streams. Those spell symbols were fragments of the natural laws of destruction and devouring; each fragment was about one ten-millionth of the original natural law.

Yemo Shayi was gifted with the fragments of the natural laws. Without a doubt, he was a chosen one.

With the powers of the two fragments, Yemo Shayi cultivated himself severely, ever since he was a little kid. Very soon, he showed his extraordinary talent.

Yemo Shayi was born in a small family. One day, his family offended a top-grade powerful being. As a result, his entire family was enslaved. Yemo Shayi followed an ancestor of Yemo Family, a low-grade noble of an impoverished family, and joined the expeditionary army, luckily coming to Pan Gu world.

From his birth, everything Yemo Shayi experienced was replayed before the eyes of Ji Hao and the mysterious man.

Everything he went through, everything he learned, even including the powers of natural laws contained in the two fragments he was gifted with... Yemo Shayi gradually completed the two fragments of natural laws with arduous cultivation, and finally stepped into the stage of Sun and Moon. Ji Hao and the mysterious man witnessed the entire process.

"I see… The Dark Sun power under his control is weaker than one-thousandth of the true Dark Sun!"

Ji Hao attained a clear understanding of Yemo Shayi’s power.

By now, he could also control the Dark Sun power as much as Yemo Shayi could.

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