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"From now on, you’re my slave, and so are all your families."

Ji Hao took out a life-saving magic pill which was concocted by Priest Dachi himself, and threw it into Yemo Shayi’s mouth. A light-golden mist with a nice aroma came out from every single pore of his. The light-golden mist drifted around Yemo Shayi’s body, eventually condensed into a giant lotus, and wrapped him up.

"So, you can’t die. You have to stay alive!" Ji Hao surrounded Yemo Shayi with his spirit power. His amazingly strong spirit power even made Yemo Shayi’s face twitch intensely.

If Ji Hao released all of his spirit power before the game started, Yemo Shayi would never recklessly agree to make a bet with him. Ji Hao was indeed only a Divine Magus, yet his spirit power was mighty, even stronger than Yemo Shanyi’s spirit power.

Could a Divine Magus have such a strong soul?

Laughing bitterly, Yemo Shayi sensed all his wounds recovering completely within a couple of breaths. Then, he slowly stood up. With an extremely bitter look, Yemo Shayi bowed deeply to Yemo Luoye and said, "Your Highness, I’m afraid that I cannot continue serving you anymore. Please, take care!"

Straightening his body, Yemo Shayi abruptly made a long and sharp whistle.

Following the whistle, Yemo Shayi’s children, grandchildren, wives and all the other relatives and his warriors and private slaves swooshed immediately behind Yemo Shayi and lined up orderly. These people fled away from Yemo Luoye so fast, as if Yemo Luoye was a scary poisonous snake, and they couldn’t wait to sneak away from her.

Ji Hao laughed out loud.

Yemo Luoye was infuriated; she nearly failed to steady her own body. Glaring at Yemo Shayi, she yelled, "Yemo Shayi, what do you think I might do to your families?"

Yemo Shayi spread his hands, honestly looked at Yemo Luoye, and responded, "Your Highness, I have watched you grow up every since you were a baby. I’ve handled many things for you, so I deeply understand your nature."

As he smiled, Yemo Shayi continued, "More importantly, I deeply understand what we, Yu Clan nobles, are. Can you promise that you never had the impulsion to order your warriors to kill all my families when I lost?"

Yemo Shaye shut her mouth tight. Her eyes sparkled with a dim light as she cast a complicated glance at those Yu Clan people who had lined up behind Yemo Shayi and Ji Hao.

They were all Yemo Shayi’s direct relatives. Not to mention those general-level and battle-king level warriors, among Yemo Shayi’s children, five were a breath away from the stage of Sun and Moon. In other words, five of Yemo Shayi’s children were nearly as powerful as Supreme Magi.

Yemo Shayi was a master of assassination. He was skillful, and could perfectly hide himself and kill the target without making even the slightest noise. Guided by him, every single one of his offsprings was a top-grade assassinate, also a sharp dagger held in Yemo Luoye’s hands.

She lost such a strong force to Ji Hao for completely nothing. To be honest, Yemo Luoye’s heart was almost broken. If she had the right people to do it, she would truly choose to destroy Yemo Shayi’s family instead of giving all those people to Ji Hao without harming them.

"From now on, Ji will be your forename!" Ji Hao smilingly nodded to Yemo Shayi and said, "Your old names are way too long. Ji Shayi, I think it’s a good name. But, it’ll be fine if you don’t want to change your names. Follow my lead, and your lives won’t be worse than your old lives in Liang Zhu City."

Pausing briefly, Ji Hao grinned to Yemo Shayi and continued, "You see, Di Yantuo and the others from Di Family are living happily under my lead."

Yemo Shayi’s sparkled dimply. He gave a complicated glance at Ji Hao, then kneeled in midair towards him. Behind him, all his families glanced at each other, then looked at Yemo Shayi, who had an ink-like face. Thinking of that cruel agreement made by Yemo Luoye, Yemo Shayi, and Ji Hao, all these people kneeled as well, one after another.

All of Yemo Shayi’s families bit their fingers broken, drew a few lines of strange and complicated spell symbols near their erect eyes, and made a blood oath with their souls. They all thus swore to pledge their loyalties to Ji Hao and his offsprings forever and ever.

Once they made the new blood oath to Ji Hao, streams of dark smoke rose from these people, straight into the sky. That was the old blood oath they made to Yemo Luoye and her ancestors. Because of the agreement made by Ji Hao and Yemo Luoye, they were now lost to Ji Hao as slaves. Naturally, the blood oath they made to Yemo Family was gone.

Ji Hao shed a drop of spirit blood which transformed into tens of thousands of tiny spell symbols and darted out, gently merging with the erect eyes of Yemo Shayi and his families. Ji Hao activated those spell symbols with a blood oath spell and planted the spell symbol deeply inside the souls of Yemo Shayi and his families. Thus, the lives of these Yu Clan people are now controlled by Ji Hao, and because of that, they had officially become Ji Hao’s loyal slaves.

Ji Hao smilingly nodded to Yemo Shayi and his families, then wielded his hand. Following his move, the Taiji Divine sword and Taiji cloak, which were held in Yuan Li’s hands, and the Taiji Universe mirror, which floated behind Yuan Li, all transformed into bright light streams and flew back to Ji Hao.

The Taiji cloak landed on Ji Hao’s body like a clear stream of water. A strong gust of wind blew across, that rustled Ji Hao’s broad sleeves. Ji Hao held his hands behind his body, grinned, and looked at Yemo Luoye, whose facial expression had turned back to normal, "Your Highness, those warriors you promised me, now it’s their turn to make the oath to me."

Yemo Luoye slightly quivered, but she calmed herself down immediately and gave a sweet smile.

"Marquis Yao, I believe that this bet is just a secret between you and me…You won’t tell everyone in Liang Zhu City about it, will you?"

Yemo Shayi stood behind Ji Hao and murmured, "Dear Master, Yu Clan nobles value their honors very much. If you tell anyone about this, Yemo Luoye would be put in an awfully passive position. But as long as you don’t say it out, even if the other nobles find out about this, Yemo Luoye could still pretend that nothing has ever happened."

Smiling weirdly, Yemo Shayi continued with a low voice, "This is the ‘silence rule’ of Yu Clan nobles. The things you didn’t witness never happened; the things never stated by any party didn’t happen…Even if everyone knows about this, as long as you stay silent, Yemo Luoye’s honor wouldn’t be harmed at all."

Ji Hao smiled and nodded. Such a hypocritical species!

He looked at Yemo Luoye and smiled, "I’m surely not a long-tongued person. Please, don’t worry about that…Hmm, I can’t wait to collect my prizes. Please, let those powerful Jia Clan warriors and their families take an oath of fealty to me!"

Ji Hao grinned brightly and continued, "I am just in need of strong warriors!"

Yemo Luoye threw a glance at the water city which was attacked by countless water-kind creatures a long distance away, then her face turned dark again. Indeed, Ji Hao could really use some strong elite forces, and she had given Ji Hao a great gift just in time.

From the air, a high-pitched voice came, "Yemo Luoye, my dear sister, beautiful sister, you are such a humiliation of Yemo Family."

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