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Breaking everything, cutting everything, destroying everything, then assimilating all tangible and intangible things and turning everything into destroying power... After that, continuing breaking, cutting and destroying…

The machete transformed from Yemo Shayi’s body hacked straight down. A wild and violent power intruded into ji Hao’s head, roaring in his spiritual space while releasing the power of destruction that belonged to the Dark Sun.

If this Dark Sun destroying power released by Yemo Shayi struck any divine God in Pan Gu world, no matter how strong the body was or how healthy the soul was, nourished by his or her spirit blood, it should be destroyed immediately.

Ji Hao was different. As a Magus, he still lingered at the level of Divine Magi. However, guided by Priest Dachi himself, Ji Hao planted his seed of Dao and grew a rudiment of Dao. The great red sun was his rudiment of Dao. In another words, in terms of primordial spirit, and as a Qi cultivator, Ji Hao and already stepped into the level of Supreme Magus.

In terms of power level, Ji Hao was equal to Yemo Shayi!

In terms of level of great Dao, Ji Hao was equal to Yemo Shayi!

The great Dao of destroying was cruel and violent, yet Ji Hao’s great Dao of Taiji was no weaker than it.

The great red sun floated in the middle of Ji Hao’s spiritual space and shone with a splendid red light, illuminating the entire area. Inside the red sun, a golden silhouette was as clear as a real man, while the silver silhouette was dim and hazy, like a misty shadow.

All of a sudden, the golden silhouette and the silver silhouette transformed into two nimbly swimming fishes, moving around the silhouette of the long and sharp sword in the middle of the red sun while chasing each other’s tail. The sword silhouette turned clearer and clearer, and the power vibration released from it grew stronger and stronger, sharper and sharper.

Countless dark light beams crazily bumped into the red sun, tearing it like thousands of piranhas trying to tear the red sun into pieces. But inside the red sun, the golden fish and the silverfish slowly moved like a pair of flowing light streams, generating soft yet strong airstreams. No matter how hard those dark beams tried to harm the red sun, nothing ever happened.

The mysterious man sat under the red sun with crossed legs. He raised his head, silently looking at those dark beams which had been rampantly attacking the red sun.

"The Dao of destruction from Pan Yu World…A world lets its will of destroying become the highest Dao. It’s not hard to imagine how miserable the nature of this world is. No wonder creatures from that world have been crazily expanding, conquering, and looting.The great Dao of nature is in the hearts of those creatures. No wonder those Yu Clan, Jia Clan and Xiu Clan beings all have such a strong desire for invasion."

The mysterious man locked his hands together in a strange, complicated way, and gently put the pair of hands before his heart. Afterwards, a weak yet magical power vibration started spreading out from his body; the power vibration even had a color of light gray. High up, those dark beams generated by the Dao of destruction were slowly covered by the flowing gray light streams. Meanwhile, the mysterious man began to look deep into the Dao of destruction.

"Things you learned from the others might help you overcome your own shortcomings…The little guy is right!" The mysterious man laughed abruptly, "If I had this awareness back then, how could I ever end up like this? But I still have a chance, still have a chance, no despair, no despair!"

In Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the golden silhouette and the silver silhouette were two rudiments of Dao generated by the great Dao of Yang and great Dao of Yin. At the moment, the two rudiments of Dao had transformed into two swimming fishes, representing the two parts of Taiji, moving and circulating inexhaustibly, fending Ji Hao’s primordial spirit against the power of destruction. Outside, Ji Hao’s left hand had been swiftly drawing circles in the air, releasing waves of clear light, layer by layer, shielding himself against the dark machete.

Tens of thousands of circles were drawn by Ji Hao within a second.

A strong friction force was caused between Ji Hao’s hand and the air, along with a shrill noise. His left hand moved way too fast, such that a raging fire had been started in that hand. The great Dao of Taiji was supposed to be natural and free, yet Ji Hao made it as intense as iron-forging.

The machete hacked down. Water-like clear streams of light coiled around the machete, and were cut broken, only to be followed up by more light streams. After a wave of clear light was shredded, the machete would be slowed a bit, and a faint layer of dark mist on the surface would be dispelled.

The machete got closer and closer to Ji Hao’s head… nine meters, six meters, three meters…

Ji Hao’s left hand moved faster and faster, and the shrill noise caused by him got sharper and sharper. His hand was even burning as it left shreds of afterimages in the air. Inside the circles of light he created, the space was crushed, and waves of Chaos power were generated. Assimilated by the clear light, the Chaos power slowly transformed into streams of extremely negative and extremely positive power which wrapped around Ji Hao’s hand.

The fire burning on his hand turned hazy. It was not the essence sun fire, neither was it the extremely negative fire; it had the features of both essence sun fire and the extremely negative fire. The light circles created by Ji Hao became thinner and thinner, softer and softer, yet stronger and stronger, airy, dim and hazy. Many of those Jia Clan warriors who had been watching from the side nearly passed out only because they took a quick glance at those light circles Ji Hao created.

The machete came to Ji Hao’s head inch by inch, while the light circles surged up like waves.

This might sound like a pretty long story, but in fact, it all happened within a single moment. Within this moment, the machete crushed countless light circles and almost touched Ji Hao’s scalp.

Ji Hao wielded his right fist and launched a punch. All his physical strength and power gathered for this punch. Earlier, he broke into the seventh turn of the cultivation method with nine turns, and by now, his fully activated physical strength was sixty-four times greater than before. The strength was put forth, and the moves of sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow, and everything-perish were made.

Followed by a sizzling noise, Ji Hao hummed in pain. His tightened fist loosened without him being able to help it. He straightened his five fingers.

A weird transformation happened to his body, same as what had happened to Yemo Shayi’s body. From his shoulder to his fingertips, the hazy silhouette of a sword covered his arm. That arm began squirming, and in the very next moment, his arm became a heavy long sword.

A prehistorical power burst from Ji Hao’s sword arm. Ji Hao roared resoundingly while wielding his right arm with all of his power, then fiercely clanged against Yemo Shayi’s machete body, leaving a sharp sword light in the air that sliced the space broken.

Yemo Luoye clenched her fists and laughed in a slightly hoarse voice, "Done!"

Yuan Li screamed out loud, "Marquis Yao! You! You take it like that! You! You..." But suddenly, Yuan Li remembered that the deal Ji Hao made with the non-humankind was to take three strikes from Yemo Shayi with his bare body! Whole three strikes!

Yuan Li lowered his head, shaking his head helplessly and sadly. Abruptly, he cursed out loud, "Xiang Liu Junior, you have so many people with you, yet you let someone kidnap Snow! You! You should die!"

Ji Hao’s arm clashed violently against Yemo Shayi’s body and generated a glass-cracking sound. Ji Hao quivered. Treading on the air, he took whole ten-thousand steps backward in a row. While drawing back, he was vomiting blood. Soon, his skin chapped and let streams of blood gush out.

Yemo Shayi transformed back to his original shape. Silently, he stood where Ji Hao was, confusingly looking at Ji Hao.

"You…A Divine Magus…but as powerful as a Supreme Magus?" Yemo Shayi shook his head in confusion and murmured, "When did such a freak emerge amongst the humankind? Human beings are always weaker than they should be. Not a single man had his power going beyond his level!"

Puff! All of a sudden, deep wounds appeared in Yemo Shayi’s chest, lower belly and both sides of his ribs. Then, the blood sprayed out like a fountain.

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