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Ji Hao felt extremely delighted and pleased.

The great Dao of Taiji was like a millstone, crushing the black hole created by Yemo Shayi bit by bit, slowly taking back Ji Hao’s spirit blood and life-force. In the meanwhile, it had also been extracting slight traces of magical power from that tiny black hole.

This dark, deep, lifeless power merged with Ji Hao’s body. Wherever it reached, Ji Hao felt his body was smashed billions of times with a giant hammer by a giant divine God. Some relatively weaker parts of his body had been getting destroyed and recovering over and over again; like forging iron, these body parts grew stronger and stronger.

Ji Hao’s body glowed brighter and brighter, while releasing a thriving life-force. Clear waves of light spread out slowly from his body, illuminating the surrounding area thousand miles in radius.

What surprised Ji Hao even more was that the power which came from the black hole had been slowly merging with Ji Hao’s Dao of Taiji. That dark power contained a strange, mysterious sense of Dao. Somehow, it was perfecting the Dao of Taiji that Ji Hao learned from Priest Dachi.

"The Dao of devouring from Pan Yu world? The purpose of devouring is destruction, and the opposite of destruction is creation. Taiji can be seen as the medium of Yin and Yang. If you go deeper…you can see it as life, as death, as both destruction and creation, as all unities of opposites."

"This little guy is so lucky!" The mysterious man murmured in Ji Hao’s spiritual space, then closed his eyes, silently sensing the Dao of devouring that was forcibly extracted from the black hole in Ji Hao’s body. That was the most powerful Dao from the original world of Yu Clan people. Even a shadowy understanding of it might deliver a great benefit.

Yemo Luoye didn’t know what happened to Ji Hao’s body, but seeing those magical changes going on, even a slightly smarter boar would know that Ji Hao didn’t suffer any actual harm.

Yemo Luoye was picturing herself with the Taiji cloak and the Taiji Universe mirror. Seeing that Ji Hao was unharmed, she furiously stomped her foot against the ground and shouted at Yemo Shayi, "Dear Monseigneur Yemo Shayi, if you cannot free yourself from the fake dignity of our Yu Clan nobles and kill Marquis Yao with all your power, I’ll lose nothing but some insignificant honor, while you…are going to lose your entire family!"

Yemo Shayi’s face blushed. He had a confident, carefree look earlier, yet suddenly, he popped out his eyes and stared at Ji Hao fiercely.

"Your Highness, it is my mistake. I thought he won’t be able to take thirty percent of my power. This time, I will use…Ninety percent of my power!" said Yemo Shayi with a strong intent of killing, "Ninety percent of my power, I’ve never…"

Suddenly, Yemo Shayi paused in the midair.

A dim dark sun silently emerged above his head, and in the middle of that dark sun, a blur erect eye coldly and expressionlessly glanced at Yemo Shayi. The eye and the sun disappeared soon, after which, Yemo Shayi turned back to Ji Hao and looked at him in shock. He couldn’t believe his own eyes.

"How can it be…?This lowly barbarian, this weak human being, he is looting…looting the honor of the great Dark Sun! He has already taken a trace of the Dao of devouring that belonged to the great Dark Sun! How could he?"

"Great Dark Sun, you must be joking with your loyal slave!" Yemo Shayi growled out, even a bit hysterically, "You must be! Such a lowly, ignorant, stupid barbaric being, how can he ever…"

"I am using hundred percent of my power!" Yemo Shayi screamed out madly, "Hundred percent, all my power! Damn it, damn it! No one can stain the glory of the great Dark Sun! No one! Not even a little bit! No!"

Yemo Luoye had her mouth opened widely, her three eyes popped out, staring at the air above Yemo Shayi’s head in a soul-deep shock.

Just now, if she were right, the Dark Sun’s spirit had traveled across the immeasurable Chaos and given Yemo Shayi a ‘supreme instruction’. Was that even real?

Back in the original world of Yu Clan people, the three suns and nine moons took turns to illuminate the world, brightly and eternally. In the past countless centuries, the spirits of the three suns and nine moons hardly woke up. The last time the Dark Sun spirit descended was when Yemo Luoye was born; the Dark Sun spirit gifted her with the perfect talent.

But this time, the Dark Sun spirit didn’t come with a blessing. Instead, it came to lay blame on Yemo Shayi.

The Dark Sun spirit crossed the immeasurable Chaos and showed up in this world in such a blur and dim state, but still, it laid blame on Yemo Shayi. What did Yemo Shayi do? And what had Ji Hao done to activate and enrage the Dark Sun spirit, make it come all the way to Pan Gu world despite the huge consumption of energy?

"Old man, I’m waiting for you!" Ji Hao slowly moved his arms, silently recalling the moves of sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow and everything-perish that the mysterious man taught him.

The four moves were separated and independent. Before, by simply making the four moves together, Ji Hao had launched combined moves of these four moves. But at this very moment, Ji Hao’s body was suffused by the power of the great Dao of Taiji. The natural and harmonious Dao of Taiji connected the four moves like a clear, refreshing stream, just like a golden line that strung four pearls together and turned them into a beautiful necklace. Under the effect of the great Dao of Taiji, the for moves seemed to even be merging perfectly.

As the four moves were merging together, in Ji Hao’s primordial spirit, the faintly visible, sparkling silhouette of an axe emerged silently.

The mysterious man raised his head and looked at that axe silhouette, frowned and pondered for a while. He wielded his hand and twisted the axe silhouette, turning it into a sword silhouette that looked exactly like the Taiji divine sword.

A dark and violent power burst out from Yemo Shayi’s body.

Immediately, countless thin space cracks appeared around him, while a completely emotionless power, that seemed to exist for nothing but breaking and destroying, gathered inside Yemo Shayi’s body. That power was seemed evil and special. Its only purpose of existence was destroying everything in the universe; it had even been trying to destroy itself for good.

"What a crazy dog!" Ji Hao quickly made his own judgment towards this destroying power that came from Yemo Shayi. That was an unreasoning power, just like a crazy dog; no one could ever talk any sense into the head of a crazy dog.

"Hundred percent of my power!" Yemo Shayi looked at Ji Hao with his teeth gritted tight. "I was scolded by the great Dark Sun because of you! And you are going to pay for it!"

Roaring in fury, Yemo Shayi’s body twisted weirdly. His muscles and bones began flowing like liquid under the effect of the destroying power. He became tall and slim; gradually, he turned into an oddly shaped machete.

The purely dark machete was lusterless. Without making any noise, the machete lunged forward, seeming slow. Then, it hacked fiercely down towards the middle of Ji Hao’s head.

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