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Ji Hao’s blood flew rapidly out of his body like rivers.

That blood was purely dark. All life-force contained in that blood was destroyed. Instead, a strong sense of death filled it. Ji Hao’s extraordinarily strong body cast that waste blood out of his body while replacing it with the new Chaos blood produced by his heart. The new Chaos blood soon reached to every tiny corner of Ji Hao’s body.

He was indeed severely wounded, but not as bad as he looked like.

The vigorous life-force spread in his body, flowing in every meridian of his. Ji Hao breathed deeply. His broken skin fell off from his body piece by piece, then turned into ashes, drifting away.

A new, jade-smooth skin had been growing rapidly on his body. Ji Hao raised his arm and gently touched his face with his fingers. The new skin on his finger tinkled against the new skin on his face, sounding as beautiful as a small jade bell.

Yemo Shayi had also been gasping quickly for air. The four bone-deep wounds on his body brought him a mighty pain.

Yemo Shayi didn’t have the thriving life-force that Ji Hao had. He showed his teeth in pain, looking at Ji Hao while carefully taking out a black crystal bottle and pouring the sticky ointment into his mouth. The ointment emitted a nice aroma.

The devouring and destroying power was tossing inside his body, but neither of these two types of power could do any good to his wounds. Fortunately, the ointment he swallowed provided him with a strong life-force that nourished his body and healed his wounds speedily.

Normally, the Dark Sun power would gift Yemo Shayi with an incomparably great power which allowed him to fight light a killing machine. However, the Dark Sun power was crazy, negative; for powerful beings like Yemo Shayi, nothing too bad would happen if they remained unhurt, but once they were injured and the destroying power and devouring power lost balance in their bodies, they would suffer miserably like a nightmare.

Yemo Shayi was lucky that he prepared top-grade magic medicines for himself every single day. The medicine saved him from the pain, healed the wounds, and allowed him to breathe and slowly restrain the agitated power inside him.

"You!" Yemo Shayi stared at Ji Hao, still confused.

He used all of his power for the strike he launched just now. He activated the destroying power that belonged to the Dark Sun, and put forth all of his strength to attack Ji Hao. He thought Ji Hao would be killed easily, just like all those old enemies he killed.

But Ji Hao gave him a strange feeling. At first, Ji Hao felt like a mechanical spring, soft yet strong. The strike he launched with his full power was weakened by those light circles Ji Hao created by at least sixty percent. As for the rest forty percent, Ji Hao took it all without dodging.

The bump that happened between Ji Hao and Yemo Shayi reminded him of something that happened in his childhood, when he bumped against a giant rock. The rock broke his head, and made him shed blood and gave him pain. Just now, the counterattack he suffered from Ji Hao also gave him an unbearable pain.

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao, even if not for the wager, I have to kill you!" Yemo Shayi looked at Ji Hao with a dark face, "You’re only a Divine Magus, but you survived the strike I launched with all of my power. You…You are damned!"

All of Ji Hao’s injuries had recovered by now. The destroying power that had drilled into his body, had already been absorbed completely by his great Dao of Taiji.

At the moment, Ji Hao’s body was filled with strength. He never felt better or stronger than now. Gasping deeply, he stretched his body as hard as he needed. A clear series of popping noise was squeezed out of his body.

"Come on! Enough of the talking! Come on!" Ji Hao crooked his finger towards Yemo Shayi and said straightforwardly, "You’ve already used all of your power for the last strike. I’d like to see what else you can do. Burn your spirit blood? Burn your soul? No, I will not allow you to burn your soul! Because according to the agreement, you are now a wager, and you don’t have to right to damage a wager!"

Yemo Shayi’s face turned even darker, and neither did Yemo Luoye had a pleased look.

As Ji Hao said, Yemo Shayi was now a wager. Before the winner was determined, if Yemo Shayi harmed his own soul and spirit on purpose, he could be seen as maliciously damaging a wager…If that truly happened, Yemo Luoye and Yemo Shayi would be punished by their blood oath they made immediately!

"You…You’re so sly!" Yemo Luoye now felt that Ji Hao had set a trap for Yemo Shayi and herself intentionally.

She angrily looked at Ji Hao and gritted her teeth while pondering, trying to find a way to twist the situation.

Ji Hao innocently spread his hands. He didn’t think about that when he made an agreement earlier, but the agreement had been made indeed. This meant that as a wager, Yemo Shayi couldn’t even think about burning his soul or spirit blood to improve his power.

"I don’t need to burn my spirit blood or my soul!" Yemo Shayi looked at Ji Hao with that dark face, "I only need to bring the power which is gifted by the great, supreme Dark Sun, to this world. With that power, I can destroy you both in the body and the soul!"

Snorting coldly, Yemo Shayi ripped off his own torn clothes, only leaving a pair of shorts on him. His face was slightly wrinkled, which made him look like an old man, but his body was even stronger and muscular than an eighteen-year-old human being. His muscles were tight, with clear lines; on the edges of his muscles, dark patterns were faintly visible.

Slowly raising both his arms, Yemo Shayi said in a deep voice, "Take this last strike from me. Great Dark Sun, I beg you to descend! Devour everything, destroy everything, embrace all living creatures, and bring all back to nihility. The great Dark Sun, please, hear my prayers, send your power to this wild, primitive world."

A dark sphere of light emerged from above Yemo Shayi’s head and spread gradually. A three-hundred-meters wide dark sun rose from the dark light and spun slowly, releasing thin stands of dark mist, swirling in all directions.

A strong suction force came from the dark sun which wrapped Ji Hao up, dragging him into it.

Countless black light streams had been rotating inside the dark sun. Gradually, those light streams wove into a giant, erect dark eye, and this nearly a hundred meters long eye opened slowly. That erect eye was filled with uncountable, sharp tusks, layer upon layer.

The dark tusks clanged against each other, rubbed each other, and created large, dark, fire sparkles. Each sparkle had a hazy yet strong black spell symbol inside.

This was the true face of the Dark Sun, from the original world of Yu Clan people.

A black sun, like a black hole, could devour anything. In the middle of the dark sun, was an eye of destruction; everything devoured by the sun would be tear apart, ground by the tusks of destruction, until it was chewed and turned into nothing.

When the Dark Sun appeared in Pan Gu world, countless seven-colored clouds rolled over in the air. Thunders rumbled and purple-golden thunderbolts sizzled in the clouds, being faintly visible.

Yemo Shayi transformed into a black beam and merged with the Dark Sun. As a black light flashed across the air, the Dark Sun reached Ji Hao’s face and swallowed him up.

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