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Once the Jia Clan warrior took Snow away, a clear stream of light came over from the city. Ji Hao carried Yuan Li in his hand and came to Man Man and Shaosi. Looking at where the Jia Clan warrior disappeared, Ji Hao’s face was badly darkened.

Yuan Li popped out his eyes in both shock and fury. His ape face was twisted awfully while he screamed hysterically, thudding his fists heavily on Ji Hao’s body. "Snow is kidnaped! If anything happens to her, I will kill you all!"

Ji Hao grabbed Yuan Li’s neck with his left hand while threw a punch straight to his belly with the right hand, making his eyes bulge from his eye sockets and blood spurt out from his mouth corners. For quite a while, Yuan Li couldn’t move, and could neither say a word.

Throwing Yuan Li to the ground, Ji Hao cast the ‘freeze’ magic to him for seven to eight times, then lowered his head, looked at him, and sneered, "This is a battlefield, little monkey. You came to a battlefield, so you should be preparing for being killed, chopped and captured alive."

Looking at Yuan Li, who was disabled from moving, Ji Hao continued in that cold voice of his, "I and those non-humankind beings, we’re not your father, and we don’t have the responsibility to protect the girl you like for you…Even your real father won’t do that. Do you think that Wuzhi Qi would start a fight for you only because of a young flood dragon?"

Yuan Li’s face had been changing color. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t even move his tongue.

From the front, a water column rose into the sky. Treading on the water column, Xiang Liu Junior rushed out of the water, with a bright grin on his face and a spear in his hands. Pointing at Yuan Li, he laughed out loud, "Yuan Li, you pathetic monkey! Snow worried about you, so she left the troop and got herself captured by the non-humankind! You are such a loser! Do you think you deserve that lovely girl?"

Xiang Liu Junior flicked his long boa tail. Following his move, a fierce thunderbolt descended from the sky and struck a group of lower-grade water-kind creatures which exploded, killing thousands; the explosion range covered miles of area.

"I’m not like you, loser. I’m going to rescue Snow myself! I will let her know that I, Xiang Liu Junior, is a real man, and only I am good enough for her!" Xiang Liu Junior threw a disgusted glance at Yuan li, then curled up his long tail and continued proudly, "Don’t you think it would look too strange if a monkey and a flood dragon got together?"

Xiang Liu Junior swished his long tail across the air, showing it off. Then, with that proud look of his, he said, "No matter how you look at us, I, Xiang Liu Junior and Snow, the beautiful flood dragon, will make a lovely couple, won’t we?"

Laughing aloud, Xiang Liu Junior raised a giant wave and roared away, chasing the Jia Clan warrior into the darkness. While mounting on the wave and rushing wildly, he let out his fork tongue, shaking his head, trying to grasp the smell of Snow in the air.

Yuan Li was so anxious that even his eyeballs had turned red, but he couldn’t move at all.

Ji Hao lowered his head and said blandly, "Ah, so you have a rival in love, don’t you?" Clicking his tongue, Ji Hao continued, "A monkey with a flood dragon held in his arms would indeed look strange, still much better than a Xiang Liu snake, who is soft, slippery. Monkeys look like our human beings at least."

Conveniently deactivating the ‘freeze’ magic for Yuan Li, Ji Hao carried on with a deep voice, "If you are willing to swear to…"

Before Ji Hao finished, Yuan Li bit his finger broken, drew a twisted spell symbol in the air with his spirit blood, then said, "I swear with my soul that as long as you can save Snow, I, Yuan Li, and all warriors under my command, will follow marquis Yao, always be loyal to him, and follow every word he says, from this moment on! If I ever betray Marquis Yao, my soul will perish, my body will die, and I will never have another chance to live again!"

A beam of blood-red light flashed across the spell symbol and drilled into Yuan Li’s forehead, while another beam of blood-red light flew to Ji Hao.

Ji Hao grasped the beam and extended his strong spirit power in it. It was indeed a powerful vow, effective only on spirit creatures. Ji Hao left a seal in the blood-red beam, then put it away.

"Man Man, Shaosi, you go back to the city. This place is not safe enough!" Ji Hao said to Man Man and Shaosi, then grabbed Yuan Li, transformed into a clear beam of light, and rose into the sky while murmuring, "So strange. Why would a Jia Clan warrior show up in this place? They’re getting involved in the battle between the water-kind and us… for what?"

Yemo Shanye opened her mouth. She wanted to tell Ji Hao that a secret Dark sun magic allowed Dark Sun people to absorb the spirit blood of powerful spirit creatures to accelerate their own cultivations. But before she could say a word, Ji Hao had already darted away with Yuan Li.

Shaosi took Man Man’s hand, then put another hand on Yemo Shanye’s shoulder, and flashed across the air, heading straight back to the city. Once they left, giant waves roared in the front, from which, tens of mountain-sized spirit lobsters wielded their enormous pincers and popped out. They swung their long and heavy pincers, then struck on starry void spirit turtles bodies, causing muffled booms.

Three spirit turtles shook their bodies. They were protected by the Pan Gu Defense magic formation, and weren’t harmed. However, they were forced backward by the strong force delivered by those giant lobster pincers, and raised large waves around them.

The strongest ones among the water-kind army could no longer resist the aroma of the dragon blood pill, and had made their moves.

With Yuan Li carried in his hand, Ji Hao flashed across the air and surpassed Xiang Liu Junior right away, leaving him far behind. That Jia Clan warrior was powerful; he flew at lightning speed, yet, Ji Hao found him.

Ji Hao opened his erect eye and released a clear stream of light which locked on the Jia Clan warrior’s sturdy body. The golden bridge was fully activated, allowing Ji Hao to flash again across the air and reach behind the Jia Clan warrior.

"Hand her over!" Ji Hao dropped Yuan Li and let him tread on a cloud. Meanwhile, Ji Hao raised his two fists and punched the Jia Clan warrior’s back along with a muffled swishing noise. Ji Hao put forth all of his strength for this strike. He did not only use all of his physical strength, but he also activated the fifth turn of the cultivation method with nine turns, lit up all inner spirit stars inside his body and generated an overwhelming power. He even grew over three meters tall suddenly.

His fists roared down like shooting stars and cracked the space.

The Jia Clan warrior laughed. He abruptly turned around and conveniently thrust Snow forward as he said, "Go ahead, kill her!"

Both Snow and Yuan Li screamed shrilly out; especially Yuan Li, he almost blacked out.

Ji Hao let out a muffled hum. Hurriedly, he opened his palms and turned that violent force into a soft, restrained sword intent. His ten fingers sparkled with sharp sword light, flashed across the sky and tore the air, avoiding Snow as they reached the Jia Clan warrior’s vital body parts.

A dark light screen descended from the air and split the sky into two, like a black wall.

Ji Hao’s sword power struck fiercely on the light screen, causing a long-lasting series of sizzling noise. Ten large slashes were left on the light screen, but the Jia Clan warrior had a chance to breathe. With Snow, the Jia Clan warrior swiftly stepped back for over ten miles.

Yemo Luoye descended slowly from the sky and trod on a sphere of dark mist. Yemo Shayi followed closely behind her, with his right hand rested on the hilt of his sword.

"Do you want this young flood dragon back? Hehe, Marquis Yao Ji Hao, you kidnapped my little sister. Her name is Yemo Shanye. Do you think that you should also give her back to me?"

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