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The vast water was dark. The heavy rain stirred up waves of ripples on the water surface.

Man Man and Shaosi still squatted on the head of a spirit turtle, shooting surrounding water-kind spirit creatures with crossbows.

Millions of water-kind spirit creatures soaked in water had all their attentions drawn by the dragon blood pill. They ignored the attacks launched by human warriors from forts and watchtowers on those giant turtles’ heads, surged to the city with all their strengths, even though that might cost their lives.

From time to time, those starry void spirit turtles roared deeply and rumblingly, raised their tremendous feet, and stomped back down. They vibrated the earth and flattened all water-kind creatures around them. Occasionally, these turtles would pick some ‘seafood’ that suited their tastes, put in their mouths and chew. Every time that happened, torrents of blood would gush down from these turtles’ mouths.

Thunderous roars could be heard. In front of Man Man and Shaosi, a large area of water suddenly rose.

A miles wide horseshoe crab split the wave, treading on the water surface. Under his belly, hundreds of tiny claws had been waving, while his ten-miles-long, sharp and thorn-like tail swung swiftly across the air, coming down towards their heads, even bringing up a fierce gale.

A thunderbolt descended from the sky and struck on the head of this powerful spirit creature. Electric bolts sizzled on his thick shell. Along with those sizzling electric bolts, the spirit creature’s tail thorn struck on a spirit turtle’s long neck and generated a loud boom. Following the boom, the over ten-miles long tail thorn broke entirely. The horseshoe crab screamed in pain, but not even a scratch was left on the turtle’s neck.

"Eh? I don’t know what Ji Hao did, but this magic screen is indeed strong!" Standing on the turtle’s head, Man Man picked up her Taotie tooth and swung it in the air. Immediately, tens of silver chains darted out and penetrated the bodies of hundreds of water-kind spirit creatures.

Man Man then put forth her mighty strength through her tender arms. The Taotie tooth vibrated intensely and tore all those water-kind spirit creatures apart, then threw them back into the water, along with a heavy rain of blood.

The horseshoe crab who had his tail thorn broken roared furiously out. Vivid blue blood flew out from his broken tail, emitting a cooling, refreshing aroma. Shaosi looked at the horseshoe crab, smiled and said, "Man Man, catch this big one. His blood is a perfect material for hemostatic medicines."

Man Man blinked her eyes. Next, she raised her arms and swung the Taotie teeth upward. The Taotie tooth immediately split up and turned into hundreds of arm-thick silver chains, which wove into a giant web and flew towards that horseshoe crab at lightning speed.

A deep dragon roar came from underwater. Followed by a sharp silver beam, Snow darted out of the water from beside the struggling horseshoe crab. Seeing the Taotie tooth web swishing down from the sky, she opened her mouth and released a cloud of blue, frigid mist.

The translucent cloud of cold mist bumped into the Taotie tooth, along with countless glistening ice crystals. The ice instantly froze the Taotie tooth. A bone-piercing cold power reached Man Man’s hands through the Taotie tooth, and within a blink of an eye, a thin layer of ice froze Man Man’s hands and the chain together.

"Is this an…Ice dragon?" Man Man shouted while her body began burning. A purple flame wrapped her entirely up, which quickly melted the ice on her hands, generating hot steam.

Man Man curiously looked at Snow. This small flood dragon was breathtakingly beautiful, and even made Man Man’s eyes shone. "Five claws, dragon scales, such a strong cold power…But, your horns…Can flood dragons have five claws?" murmured Man Man.

Snow stared at Man Man fiercely with her watery eyes. She lowered her head and glanced at that struggling horseshoe crab, then flipped her faintly glowing tail, sending tens of sizzling frigid lightning bolts to Man Man and Shaosi.

"So rude!" Yemo Shanye angrily looked at Snow. She understood now that the flood dragon was avenging for the horseshoe crab. "But he attacked us first! We did nothing! Do you think you can defeat so many of us?" Yemo Shanye raised her head. Her erect eye suddenly opened and sent out a scary sphere of dark light. All of a sudden, all frigid lightning bolts flashed across the air and darted into the dark whirlpool, deep inside Yemo Shanye’s erect eye.

The power of those cold lightning bolts was devoured and transformed. Yemo Shanye raised her right forefinger and gently drew an arc in the air. Following her move, a dark lightning bolt silently tore apart the sky, striking at Snow like Death’s scythe.

Snow popped out her eyes once again. She sensed the terrifying power coming along the dark lightning bolt. That dark lightning bolt was not only a summation of the series of cold lightning bolts she released just now, it also had an unstoppable power that seemed to destroy everything it touched.

That was a dark power which existed for nothing but destroying. On sensing that dark power contained in the dark lightning, Snow had am impulsion to smash her own head on the horseshoe crab’s back down below. That dark lightning bolt would actually make living creatures want to die.

"Monster!" Snow cursed clearly, "A non-humankind monster…Have you human beings degenerated enough to collude with the non-humankind?"

Following Snow’s voice, tens of meters thick water walls suddenly rose from the water surface thunderously, while foams rolled on top of those water walls. Snow opened her mouth and let out a strong wave of cold power, freezing all water walls instantly.

Those ice walls were thickly covered in dragon-scale-shaped patterns, glowing brightly in the air. Yemo Shanye’s dark lightning bolt shattered thirty-nine ice walls in a row, and eventually faded on the fortieth ice wall!

Man Man rested her hands on her hips and angrily yelled at Snow, "Who is a non-humankind monster? Yemo Shanye’s our friend! She’s not the same as those awful monsters…Ah! Run!"

Everyone else was confused. ‘Run?’ Who did Man Man tell to run?

Shaosi raised her hands and pushed out, sending out waves of space ripples. She created a small space which separated Man Man, Yemo Shanye, and herself from the outside world. Snow was left outside, looking at Man Man with a slight confusion, but chuckled and said, "Don’t you try to fool me. I’ve played enough tricks like this when I was three-hundred-year old…"

A heavily armored, over fifteen-meter-tall Jia Clan warrior silently showed up from behind Snow. The Jia Clan warrior was surrounded in a strong dark power, which was dark enough to destroy the world. He reached out his left hand and grabbed Snow. Before she could even struggle, the Jia Clan warrior flicked his finger on the back of her head and knocked her out.

"This is not an ordinary flood dragon, this is an ancient Chi! Female…Many noble lords will love this kind of a slave, and they will definitely give a sweet price for her!" The Jia Clan warrior smirked evilly, then laughed out loudly triumphantly. "Those idiots, what good can they find out there? True valuable things are all in here!"

Yemo Shanye stared at this strong Jia Clan warrior in shock, who obviously came from the Dark Sun. She trembled slightly, then decisively took a step forward, pointed at that warrior, and yelled, "With the name of the Dark Sun, I command you to put her down!"

The Jia Clan warrior took a complicated glance at Yemo Shanye, then politely bowed to her and disappeared all of a sudden with Snow.

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