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Ji Hao looked at Yemo Luoye in confusion. "Why did you say that? Yemo Shanye ran away from home to escape an arranged marriage, didn’t she? I took her in, and that is the only thing I’ve done to her…I was doing something good. She was like a poor kitty on the street, with no one to depend on. No one cared about her at all, so I kindly took her in."

Yemo Luoye and Yemo Shayi’s face both turned extremely dark.

‘With no one to depend on? No one cares about her at all?’ Why were Ji Hao’s words so unpleasant to hear?

"If Yemo Shanye wants to leave Yao Mountain territory, she can leave at any time!" Ji Hao smiled warmly, "But she told me that she has an evil sister. So…"

"Shut up!" Yemo Luoye shouted while her eyes shone wth a dark light. From around her, rapidly flowing streams of dark smoke emerged, swishing around her like a tornado. What surprised Ji Hao more were fist-sized dark roses which slowly bloomed in the smoke.

Whatever Yemo Luoye was doing, and whether it was powerful or not, Ji Hao would like to give her full marks for merely this beautiful sound-light effect.

"You’re ashamed to anger, aren’t you?" Ji Hao grinned, "I haven’t talked too much to her, but I can tell that she has a pure heart. She is naturally kind, sensitive to everyone and everything…It seems that… you don’t love her at all."

Yemo Luoye’s face turned darker and darker. She stared straight at Ji Hao and breathed loudly. Ji Hao’s words were like a dagger, tearing apart some secret wounds deep inside his heart. The wounds were bleeding, bringing her a twitching pain. Indeed, Yemo Luoye had some hidden evil intentions against Yemo Shanye. But, she always believed that except for Yemo Shayi and herself, no one else knew about those evil intentions she had.

"Do you want this little girl back?" Yemo Luoye quickly switched the topic and tried to take back the power of initiative.

She pointed at Snow, who was grabbed in the Jia Clan warrior’s hand over ten miles away. Abruptly, Yemo Luoye’s dark face turned pink and glowing. A gale roared across and fluttered her ankle-long, shiny hair, added with her long silk dress and those hovering blooming dark roses. At this very moment, Yemo Luoye burst with a stunning beauty, which made Yuan Li swallow saliva.

"Eh…Little monkey, your girlfriend is right over there. You haven’t saved her yet, but are you already thinking about someone else?" Ji Hao ignored Yemo Luoye. Instead, he naughtily joked at Yuan Li.

Yuan Li squeezed an embarrassed smile out of his face, which was covered in long silver fur. He turned his eyes away from Yemo Luoye, but his ape face was blushed immediately. Even though that face was covered in fur, it still blushed quite obviously.

Yemo Luoye’s smile faded right away. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth, staring at Ji Hao in anger.

What did Ji Hao say…This bloody mix-blood monkey, how on earth could this ugly creature think about Yemo Luoye? Who did Ji Hao think she was? She was an Emperor in power, one of the noblest twelve among the entire Yu Dynasty. But what was Yuan Li?

"Marquis Yao…Ji Hao!" said Yemo Luoye through her gritted teeth. While sneering, she continued, "Do you want this little girl or not? One more useless word and I’ll pull off her head!"

The last half of that sentence was said to the Jia Clan warrior.

That Jia Clan warrior laughed viciously, then raised two fingers and pinched Snow’s head. He nodded to Ji Hao and laughed, "Kid, with a slight move of my fingers, ‘pop’, this pretty girl’ s head would be gone!"

Yuan Li trembled instantly and leaped up from the cloud he trod on.

"No!" screamed Yuan Li.

Yuan Li leaped straight to hundreds of meters away, seeming about to attack Yemo Luoye.

Yemo Luoye stayed motionless, while Yemo Shayi suddenly made a step forward, raised his left hand, and slapped down at Yuan Li’s chest while leaving a stream of black smoke in the air. Followed by a muffled bang, Yemo Shayi’s palm heavily landed on Yuan Li’s chest. Yuan Li screamed and let out a sharp stream of blood, then flashed away. A dried ‘shell’ of his fell off from his body, while his real body darted back to Ji Hao along with a silver beam, tremblingly.

Before Yuan Li could say anything, his look changed once again. Roaring resonantly, his long silver fur shone with a blinding silver light. His half-foot long silver fur straightened up. What came next was a thunderous boom. Yuan Li’s silver fur shattered one after another, while a silver beam of light dazzled out from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth, reaching nearly a hundred meters away and transformed into Yuan Li’s body.

"Impressive!" Blood flowed out from Yuan Li’s mouth, ears and nostrils as he stared at Yemo Shayi with a lingering fear and said, "You killed me twice in a row!"

"Not bad!" Yemo Shayi threw a slow glance at Yuan Li and responded, "You survived a palm strike of mine…You are surprisingly strong!"

Yuan Li blinked his eyes, glancing at Ji Hao over and over again. That palm strike launched by Yemo Shayi contained an indescribable, terrifying power. When Yuan Li was hit by Yemo Shayi’s palm, he felt that his soul was suddenly sealed in an airproof coffin, and countless fierce ghosts had been approaching him, trying to tear his soul into a thousand bits.

Yuan Li had been cultivating himself with the extremely negative power, which allowed him to effectively absorb all kinds of negative energy. Otherwise, he would have sunken into a despairing darkness already, forever and ever.

Yemo Shayi was way too powerful. Yuan Li understood that he could never defeat him on his own. Therefore, he now planted his hope on Ji Hao. He blinked his eyes and looked pitiably at Ji Hao, seeming to even rush up and hug his lap.

Glancing at Yuan Li, Ji Hao clapped his hands, smilingly looked at Yemo Luoye, and said, "Alright, no more small talk. Name your price. I want the little flood dragon. What should I do so you can release her?"

Pausing slightly, Ji Hao’s voice suddenly turned cold as he continued, "Say something honest and doable. If you dare to demand an exorbitant price…I will walk right away. You can keep the little flood dragon or kill her. Someone will surely take revenge for her!"

As he sneered, Ji Hao pointed at Yuan Li and said, "By the way, his father is Wuzhi Qi. The flood is rampant now, and the water-kind is unstoppable. You Dark Sun people don’t want to offend the water-kind for nothing, do you?"

Yemo Luoye narrowed her eyes and looked at Yuan Li a bit surprisedly. "Is Wuzhi Qi truly your father? A war is going on between the humankind and the water-kind…Why are you with human beings?" asked Yemo Luoye, "But indeed, at this time, I don’t want to offend anyone like Wuzhi Qi, that old monster."

Clapping her hands gently, Yemo Luoye smiled rather sweetly. She even looked radiant with a smile when looking at Ji Hao. "So, what about this? Marquis Yao Ji Hao, this is Yemo Shayi, an old slave of mine. If you can take a strike of his without dying, I will release this little girl. Who do you think?"

While chuckling, Yemo Luoye continued with a gentle, soft tone, "Yemo Shayi is at the stage of Sun and Moon. As for the Sun and Moon stage, it roughly equals your level of Supreme Magus. Both Sun and Moon stage beings and your Supreme Magi can control the power of the natural law, more or less."

"You take a strike of his, then you can take the little girl and leave…Do you dare to do that?"

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