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Mr. Crow rose into the sky. The golden bridge floated above Mr. Crow’s head, transformed into a clear stream of light, and wrapped Mr. Crow up, flying south at the highest speed.

Gold Crows were creatures of the essence sun power, and were gifted with an amazing flying speed. Powerful Gold Crows could also move through space.

Mr. Crow was surely not as powerful as ancient Gold Crows, but added with the golden bridge, which was controlled by a trace of Ji Hao’s spirit power, Mr. Crow’s flying speed was now even faster than his ancestors. Millions of miles could now be covered by him within a single moment. He was too fast, such that ordinary human beings couldn’t possibly see him in the sky.

Si Wen Ming’s messenger, Thunder Blast, was still on his way back to Pu Ban City, but Mr. Crow had flown past Pu Ban City already and reached Great Hat Mountain. On the blueprint of Si Wen Ming’s flood-control magic formation, Great Hat Mountain was the first core, the one nearest to Pu Ban City.

Mr. Crow shrunk his body to a feet long, spread his wings and floated in the air. He widely opened his golden-red eyes and gazed towards the ground.

A violent storm had been roaring, as the flood swept across the ground. The tallest peak in this area was around one-hundred-thousand meters tall, and the average altitude of this area was around thirty-thousand meters. However, the water level had raised to the mountainside of the tallest peak. Turbid waves surged between peaks, slapping on the mountains and bumping around, creating countless enormous whirlpools.

Occasionally, a few bolts of thunder would descend from the dark clouds in the sky and strike on the peak tops, sending shattered giant rocks rumbling down.

Under the storm, in the flood, countless large rafts drifted on the water surface.

Large groups of strong human beings bared their bodies, gripped thick bamboo sticks and wooden sticks, and trod on the rafts, roaring resonantly. Their heads were held high, their voices hoarse. By roaring wildly like beasts, they were trying to squeeze the last bit of strength out of their bodies.

They pressed those wooden sticks and bamboo sticks against the mountains, barely stabilizing their rafts. The flood struck down wave after wave, slapping on these men and making them quiver ceaselessly.

Their rafts creaked loudly. Struck by violent waves, the vines tied on the rafts had been vibrating intensely. All rafts seemed to fall apart right away.

Magi Palace Magi with long robes stood in the middle of each raft, loudly incanting spells. Flame, thunderbolts, hurricanes had been releasing from their hands without an end, fiercely landing on the mountain in front of them.

Giant rocks fell off from the mountain. Tens of Maguspriests with a magic formation blueprint held in their hands growled with hoarse voices. They pointed at the mountain in the front, roaring.

Following their voices, strong human beings jumped into the water. Vines were tied around their waists, while all kinds of tools were held in their hands. While howling intensely, they swam towards the collapsing mountain.

Heavy axes hacked into the mountain, while iron chisels carved large spell symbols on it. Lines of spell symbols, curved like dragons, sank deep into the mountain. Once the spell symbols were carved. Maguspriests standing on the rafts began incanting corresponding spells loudly.

These large spell symbols began shining one after another; and surrounded the mountain, making the mountain glow as well. A strong power vibration was released, which contained a trace of divine natural will, forcibly restraining the raging flood.

Wherever these spell symbols shone, the water turned soft and quiet; even the rain falling from the sky turned much gentler.

All of a sudden, ferocious roars came from a distances away. Enormous white waves rose from the ground, treading on which were numberless water-kind spirit creatures, waving their roughly crafted weapons, shouting and yelling. Before this boundless water-kind army were tens of enormously shaped spirit creatures, spreading a billowy power vibration, generating dense dark clouds in the sky.

Behind the flood-control troop, human warriors in the tens of embattling square battle formations growled out in chorus. They started the rafts treading under their feet, led by around ten Divine Magi as they marched towards the water-kind army, which was with a far greater number.

Far away, in the northern side of Chi Ban Mountain, and in the water city, a sphere of red light sparkled in front of Ji Hao, showing him everything Mr. Crow saw.

Tao Sha, Hao Tao, Heng Xing and some top-grade commanders all stood in the headquarters tent, with their eyes fixed on the red light.

"This is a mother fish!" Heng Xing pointed at a thousands of meters long spirit creature which rushed in the frontal line, and said, "A mother fish… This kind of a water-kind spirit creature is really hard to deal with. If you’re not careful enough, many of your people might die!"

Mr. Crow cawed slightly in the sky. He too had his eyes on that enormous, oddly shaped and especially fleshy ‘mother fish’. This so-called mother fish was actually a giant ocean sunfish. A mother fish could lay hundreds of millions of eggs each time in a breeding season.

The ones could lay hundreds of millions of eggs each time were just ordinary mother fishes. But the one Ji Hao had been looking at was a Divine-Magus-level, humongous one!

Along with a giant wave, this giant fish swam to around tens of miles from the flood-control troop, then turned around its body, tail pointing at those human beings.

The fish’s large belly suddenly began expanding. Within a blink of an eye, the fish belly had expanded to twenty-thousand meters. The sudden expansion made the fish belly almost transparent. Through the thin belly, one could see countless sesame-sized fish eggs glowing brightly.

A long series of puffing noise was started as the mother fish raised its tail, letting out a torrent of eggs, splashing on the human troop like a heavy rain.

In the air, these eggs hatched at a stunning rate into fist-sized ocean sunfishes. These little fishes were born with a strong sense of spirit creature power, and their large heads had a faint metallic luster. Diving down from the air like arrows, these little fishes almost covered the entire human troop in a moment.

The puffing noise never stopped.

Many strong human beings had their heads smashed by these newborn fishes, and fell right on the spot. The wooden sticks and bamboo stocks gripped in their hands were broken. Pushed by the flood, those rafts bumped on the mountain and shattered immediately. Those men and Magi on the rafts all fell into the water.

From underwater, countless dark silhouettes abruptly popped up. Those were countless foot-long spirit piranhas with sharp teeth, screaming shrilly. Every human being who fell into the water, at the junior-level or under, was torn into skeletons by those piranhas within three breaths at most.

Millions of ocean sunfishes swished down from the sky and broke the bones of countless human warriors. A single mother fish turned this human troop into a great mess.

The water-kind army grasped the opportunity. Countless water-kind spirit creatures trod on the water and dashed over, swiftly rushing into the human troop and starting an intense battle.

Tens of enormous water-kind spirit creatures laughed viscously while surrounding the few Divine Magi in the flood-control troop. Next, they raised strong gales which rolled up those Divine Magi, and flew to the higher sky.

The blood dyed the water red. This flood-control troop was about to fall apart.

In the next few hours, Mr. Crow went to the other few sites and witnessed nothing but water-kind armies slaughtering human flood-control troops, with a great advantage of numbers.

"The situation is not good. We have to do something!" Sat in the headquarters tent, Ji Hao pondered for a short while, then quickly gave his order.

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