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Before the headquarters tent, eight-hundred dragon-kind warriors with golden armors and spears stood in front of Ji Hao, with their chests puffed out.

Each dragon warrior was around ten-meters tall, with a dragon head and a muscular human body, seeming like an iron statue. There were only eight hundreds of them, yet the power vibration released from these dragon warriors was even stronger than a great army. Under the heavy pressure caused by this strong power vibration, surrounding human warriors, who had been looking at them, even felt it hard to breathe.

Ninety percent of dragon warriors stationed in Pu Ban City were brought to Pan Jia world by Ao Li. Perhaps, they had still been fighting tanglingly against the non-humankind. Emperor Shun ordered Ji Hao to lead this great army to the north, and following this order, all members of the alliance of human clans had to send out their elite forces to join this army, including the dragon-kind. Dragon elders left in Pu Ban City discussed for quite a long while, then with some efforts, they gathered up eight-hundred pure-blood dragon warriors for Ji Hao.

"Marquis Yao, what is it?" The leader of these eight-hundred dragon warriors was called Ao Feng. He took a step forward, raised his right forefinger to pick his nose as he proudly looked at Ji Hao and said, "If you need to fight a war, let us do it…But for nothing important, you shouldn’t come to us, right?"

Ji Hao took two steps forward and grinningly patted on Ao Feng’s lap, seeming like a butcher selecting healthy chubby pigs in a hogpen while responding, "Brother Ao Feng, I indeed need your help."

Ao Feng shook the hill-like bulged muscles on his leg, laughed, then nodded to Ji Hao and said, "Alright, alright, within our capabilities, we’re willing to help."

The large pair of eyeballs rolled in his eye sockets, and the golden beard flicked under his nose as Ao Feng continued laughing, "But, haha, my brothers and I are born lazy. If it’s too complicated…Haha!"

Ao Feng laughed hollowly. Dragon warriors had great individual strengths, which built their proud personalities. For any request from an ordinary human being, they wouldn’t even give a word to respond. But Ji Hao was Marquis Yao, and was the chief commander of this great army, commissioned by Emperor Shun himself. Therefore, if Ji Hao asked a favor, and were willing to pay a good price for it, Ao Feng and his brothers would love to help him.

But of course, if no benefit were promised for this favor, Ao Feng and his brothers wouldn’t hear a word he said. Whoever Ji Hao was, not a single living creature could ever make dragons work for free!

"Recently, three giant-scale magic crystal mines were discovered in my Yao Mountain territory, with considerable quality. The smallest one extended for over a million miles; the mineral reserve is quite surprising, enough for a large-clan to exploit for about a thousand years!" While continuously patting Ao Feng’s lap, feeling the thriving life-force inside his body, Ji Hao continued with a warm smile, "Each of you gives me a half of your spirit blood and a bowl of dragon marrow, in return, I will give you the three magic crystal mines!"

Ao Feng’s face instantly twisted. He looked down at Ji Hao, then turned around and glanced at his warriors.

The other seven-hundred and ninety-nine dragon warriors stared at Ao Feng while gasping quickly. Their eyes had all turned glowing red.

"Sure!" Ao Feng did a heavy palm-bumping with Ji Hao, generating a thunderous bang. But then, his large eyeball rolled again in the sockets as he asked smartly and cunningly, "Eh, a bowl of marrow each is easy. But the question is, what kind of bowl? How big is the bowl? Like a regular clay bowl? Or…?"

Ji Hao grinned and took out a basin-sized giant iron bowl!

The faces of Ao Feng and his warriors twisted once again. They were amazingly strong indeed, and their life-force was nearly inexhaustible. But giving away such a giant bowl of marrow…it would still hurt!

However, they would get three great-scale magic crystal mines in return!

Dragons were greedy; this was their nature. Three entire great-scale magic crystal mines, evenly split among only eight-hundred of them, every single one of them would become super rich!

Clicking his lips, Ao Feng and his warriors gritted their teeth, flatly took off their arm protectors, and bared their arms to let Ji Hao do whatever he wanted.

A five-colored flame burned in the small cauldron inside Ji Hao’s lower belly. Carefully, Ji Hao threw a thumb-sized golden blood pill into the cauldron. This blood pill had a name, Dragon Blood Drunk; it was concocted by Magi Palace Magi, with real dragon spirit blood and marrow, and tens of magic herbs, which could deliver magical effects.

Dragon Blood Drunk had an utmost attraction to all water-kind creatures, even those spirit ones who were even smarter than human beings. No water-kind creature could ever resist the aroma of a Dragon Blood Drunk pill.

Dragons were nobles among the water-kind. A drop of dragon blood could tempt all kinds of water-kind creatures at the level of their souls. Any water-kind creature who luckily absorbed a drop of dragon blood would gain a thin trace of dragon bloodline, and earn a chance to become a real dragon in the future.

Dragon Blood Drunk pills were made from dragon spirit blood and marrow, and were highly purified. They could be counted as the pure essence of dragon blood. Moreover, the power of dragon blood and marrow continued in the pills were strengthened by those secret magic herbs. Therefore, a pill like this could even thoroughly remold the body of a water-kind spirit creature. One single Dragon Blood Drunk pill was able to enable a water-kind spirit creature to free itself from its original shape and turn directly into a flood dragon.

That was merely the effect of the pills produced by the Magi Palace, with the spirit blood and marrow of ordinary dragons. Differently, the materials Ji Hao used today were the blood and marrow of pure-blood dragons. Ao Li and his brothers were possessors of the royal dragon bloodline, which meant their spirit blood and marrow were much more precious and attractive to water-kind spirit creature.

The five-colored flame sparkled in the cauldron and quickly disintegrated the Dragon Blood Drunk pill that Ji Hao threw into the cauldron as a sample. Tiny spell symbols drifted out of the pill, being surrounded by the five-colored flame, and gradually gathering into a sphere of spell symbols.

The five-colored flame slowly coiled around the spell symbol sphere, slowly generating a beautiful glisten. Gradually, those tiny spell symbols in the sphere turned colorful, while traces of power of creation drilled in. These spell symbols changed and twisted slowly. The magical power of creation contained in the small cauldron started to improve the recipe of Dragon Blood Drunk pills, trying to make it perfect.

When the spell symbol sphere shone with a dazzling light, Ji Hao poured the dragon blood in eight-hundred large vats, and the dragon marrow in eight-hundred giant iron bowls all into the small cauldron, along with a hill-sized pile of supportive magic herbs.

As a five-colored light emitted from the cauldron, all materials disappeared.

A clear sphere of five-colored light spun swiftly in the cauldron, while countless tiny spell symbols drifted towards it.

Ji Hao sensed a thick, long-lasting and intoxicating aroma. This aroma slowly drilled into his body, flowing into every part of his body. Wherever the aroma reached, he sensed a nice warmth; even his bones were softened in a comfortable way.

After six hours, a bright stream of light surged out of the small cauldron. Ji Hao raised his arms and took out a water-tank-sized golden pill.

The five-colored small cauldron made the spirit blood and marrow that came from Ao Feng and his warriors into such a giant Dragon Blood Drunk pill! In both terms of size and aroma, this giant pill was thousands of times better than the regular pills produced by the Magi Palace!

"All! Prepare for a battle!" Ji Hao’s voice resounded through the entire water city, "We have to stop those bloody water-kind armies in the north! No mater how many of them come, we kill them all! We have to make time and space for our brothers in Pu Ban City, allow them to control the flood!"

"Get ready! Get ready! The enemies are on their way!"

Ji Hao growled thunderously while walking out of the headquarters tent with that giant golden pill carried in his hands. A strong gale whirled the aroma of the pill to every direction. Within hundreds of miles in radius, all water-kind spirit creatures who were taking a detour to avoid encountering the water city, were immediately driven crazy!

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