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On a spirit turtle’s head, Man Man carried a Taotie tooth made by Ji Hao, trying her best to send the chain into the water.

The tens of thousands of miles long, thin chain moved underwater slowly, like a living creature. A few sharp tusks hung on the chain, glowing with a faint light in the water.

A few tens of meters long large fishes were attracted by the glow of the chain. Swiftly, these enormous fishes swished over, but on the few tusks.

Then, a clear popping noise could be heard, as those tusks exploded like blooming flowers.

The fishes struggled desperately. Tusk pieces penetrated their heads and squeezed out streams of blood, spreading in the water. The chain flicked along with the movements of those giant fishes. Sitting on the turtle’s head, Man Man burst with a happy laugh, then hurriedly began pulling the chain.

Man Man was a strengthful one. Pulling for a while, the few giant fishes were dragged out of the water surface.

Yemo Shanye’s face blushed because of the excitement. With great enthusiasm, she rushed to a large fish, with her eyes popped widely up while shouting, "What a huge fish! Ah! What a huge fish, I’ve never seen such a…"

That large fish abruptly flipped its tail, whipping heavily on Yemo Shanye’s face.

Yemo Shanye was laughing so happily, but was slapped right in the face all of sudden, which caused a serious dizziness. She lost balance and plopped on the head of the turtle, unable to come back to herself for quite a while.

Man Man clapped her hands and laughed out loud to Yemo Shanye while saying, "Girl, you’re too weak. Next time back to Southern Wasteland, I’ll get you a few buckets of fire dragon spirit blood to drink. I promise that spirit blood can make you as strong as a rock gorilla!"

Shaosi covered her mouth with her hand as she was tittering. Neither Shaosi nor Man Man showed a sign to walk up and help Yemo Shanye up.

A breeze blew across. Without making any noise, Feng Xing came to Yemo Shanye, with his arms crossed over his chest. He narrowed his eyes and yelled quite impatiently, "How can you be so stupid? I don’t even know how did you manage to grow up to this age! You are nearly slapped out of consciousness by a fishtail…You’re so stupid, who would want to marry you?"

Yemo Shanye raised her head and pitiably looked at Feng Xing.

Abruptly, Feng Xing eyes contacted with Yemo Shanye’s watery puppy eyes. In a panic, he turned around, clumsily grabbed her shoulder and pulled her up from the ground while saying with a dry voice, "Next time…You be careful. Man Man has the strength. Whatever it is, let Man Man do it…You’re a little Yu Clan girl. Without magic, did you plan to fight hand-to-hand against the fish?"

Behind them, on the city wall, Ji Hao lied on an embattlement on his stomach, looking at his friends with narrowed eyes.

"Ah, Feng Xing, such an idiot! Did he call her stupid? Eh, I’m now worrying that he’s gonna be single until the end of his life." Ji Hao complained,"He cares about the girl, for ancestors souls’ sake, how can he scold her as stupid? Look at how nervous he is! He’s a virgin, he’s a total virgin, physically and mentally!"

Tao Sha stood beside Ji Hao with a proud smirk on his face, wearing a whole new set of beautiful armor. Hearing Ji Hao, he puffed out his chest, while gently stroking the ferocious-looking embossment of Taotie on his breastplate with both hands. He loved the embossment too much.

Except for the Taotie tooth, Taotie family had another precious inherited treasure, called ‘Taotie armor’. The Taotie armor was transformed from the body of the first Taotie in the world, after it passed away. Tao Sha had the Taotie tooth, but didn’t own the Taotie armor. The current owner of the armor was a high-grade commander stationed in Pu Ban City; he wore it every day.

In the recent few days, led by Tao Sha, his clansmen emptied quite a lot metal mines. Ji Hao borrowed the Taotie armor, used it as a model, and produced over one-hundred-thousand sets of armor with the five-colored small cauldron. These artificial pieces had ninety percent of the physical defensive power and around eighty-five percent of the magical defensive power of the original armor. As for the natural fierceness and ferociousness that belonged the original Taotie armor as its spirit, Ji Hao managed to copy around eighty percent of it.

The one worn by Tao Sha was an imitation made by Ji Hao. This armor was great enough to improve Tao Sha’s general power by a hundred percent, and raise his chance of survival on battlefields by at least ten times!

Therefore, in the past few days, Tao Sha followed Ji Hao everywhere. This cunning old man was eager to get more benefits from Ji Hao.

"Don’t say that…Feng Xing, I like this kid! He’s honest, with a true heart, a true heart!" Tao Sha grinned happily, squeezing his eyes into a pair of curved lines. Then, he abruptly changed the topic and laughed, "Hehe, Earl Yao, the pair of white tiger wings, the one that belongs to the White Tiger Clan, it can gather natural metal power for its owner, and make any attack three times more effective…Can we all have that?"

Ji Hao’s mouth corner twitched as he threw a threatening glance at Tao Sha.

The Taotie tooth, white tiger wing, Hun Dun shield, Taowu blade, these were the greatest inherited magic treasures that belonged to the few large Western Wasteland clans. With the power of the five-colored cauldron, Ji Hao could make imitations of these treasures, which were eighty to nighty percent as powerful as the real ones.

Compared to the original ones, those imitations all had considerable lethality and defensive powers, as they lacked nothing more than souls.

But, this was not like making spell symbol arrows. The required materials for these treasures were astronomical figures. Taking the Taotie armor as an example, around one-hundred-thousand sets of armor consumed up three enormous metal mines entirely.

"Alright, if you want it…go prepare the materials yourselves." Ji Hao snorted and said, "And, I’ll take a half of the final products. My army in Yao Mountain territory doesn’t have this good equipment yet."

Tao Sha clicked his tongue and rubbed his hands, seeming about to say something. But suddenly, a rapid whirlwind descended from the sky. Inside the whirlwind, a winged man with an eagle head carried a steel whip with his left hand and a dragon-skin scroll with his right hand. This man scanned across the water city, then quickly fixed his glowing-red eyes on Ji Hao.

"Marquis Yao, I am Thunder Blast, under Minister Si Wen Ming’s command. This is a letter from Minister Si Wen Ming!"

Thunder Blast threw the scroll to Ji Hao.

Ji Hao grasped the scroll and glanced at Thunder Blast in surprise, then hurriedly opened the scroll.

Colorful streams of mist rose into the sky, within which, Si Wen Ming’s face appeared. Si Wen Ming’s face looked sallow, with a bitter smile. He greeted Ji Hao, then headed directly to the point, "Ji Hao, the water-kind army from the north brought us too many troubles and great pressure. Our people can not focus on expanding the channels."

"These days, water-controlling teams we sent out from Pu Ban City have been suffering attacks launched by water-kind armies every day and night. We killed countless water-kind spirit creatures, but more have been arriving. Without ending their reinforcement, the water-control mission would become a joke."

"Can you draw the attention of a part of water-kind spirit creatures in the north? Can you restrain, or destroy some of them in the north, disable them from keep moving south? If you can, perfect, but if it’s too much for you, I’ll figure something out myself."

Ji Hao paused slightly. Had things gone this far? Si Wen Ming was forced to ask help from Ji Hao already?

Ji Hao looked at Thunder Blast and responded with a deep voice, "Go back and tell Uncle Wen Ming… I know what to do."

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