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It was a stormy night, with a frigid wind blowing.

The scrawny Taisi was wearing a long white shirt, standing on the watchtower. The wind blew across and rustled his shirt. He looked like a skinny ghost that showed up in the human world, along with the bone-piercing coldness.

The wind was way too cold. Taisi stood up with great courage, pointed at that silhouette and burst with a great growl. But blown by the wind, he quivered, and his tiger-like vigor instantly turned like a meowing cat.

With his teeth striking against each other, Taisi squatted on the watchtower and curled his body, complaining about this cold night.

Ji Hao was sitting in the headquarters tent, with a black and a white airstream hovering and coiling in front of him, as he had been trying to gain a deeper understanding of the Dao of Taiji. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, flashed across the air and broke the space, showing directly up beside Taisi.

Seeing Taisi quivering in coldness, Ji Hao couldn’t help but exclaim, "You’ve taken a Candle Dragon peal, and you should be extraordinarily strong. How did you end up so weak?"

Taisi laughed hollowly, showed the whites of his eyes, then raised the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book and said, "Activated it too fast, the counterforce is strong!"

Ji Hao took a complicated glance at the book, then gave a loud shout and sent the Taiji Universe mirror up from his head, releasing a bright light that lit up the entire area. The bright light swept across the moving water-kind army hundreds of miles away.

Silently, all those water-kind spirit creatures began burning. The gray-white extremely negative fire burned them into strands of smoke. Countless streams of extremely negative power roared back to Ji Hao. Ji Hao spread his arms and absorbed all extremely negative power. His Chaos blood digested the negative power, turned the negative power into purely positive life-force, which surged through his arms.

Ji Hao slapped on Taisi’s shoulder, letting the purely positive power flood into his body.

The atrophic meridians in Taisi’s body expanded instantly. A strong warmth surged inside his body, and made large drops of sweat ooze out of his skin. He straightened his body. Even his scrawny body began swelling, that made him look like a muscular man.

"Good brother-in-law, not bad!" Taisi held his hands behind his body, proudly nodded at Ji Hao and said, "Slap me like this every day! I like it, I like it a lot. It feels even thousands of times better than stuffing my stomach!"

Ji Hao gave a fake grin and remained silent. Could he feel not good? All of the spirit blood that belonged to tens of thousands of senior-level water-kind spirit creatures had been transformed into this small amount of life-force and injected into his scrawny body. With this slap, Ji Hao could even turn an ordinary human being into a high-level Magus King, but for Taisi, he did it only to replenish his energy, which was over-consumed due to activating the magic curse. Could Taisi not feel good?

The watery mist silhouette had been fading, and only a faint stream of mist remained drifting in the air by now. Seeing Ji Hao and Taiji giggling to each other as if nothing had happened at all, a twisted, angry voice came from the thin stream of mist.

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao, I came to visit you with the special intention of saving your lives, yet you sneak attacked me with a bloody curse? For what happened today, you have to give me an explanation. Otherwise, don’t blame me for having no mercy!"

On a watchtower in tens of miles away, a strong gust of wind blew across. Silently, Feng Xing’s slim figure showed up, holding the longbow with three spell symbols arrows set on the string. Hearing the stream of water mist talking, Feng Xing released all three arrows without saying a word.

Three dazzling beams of light flashed across, and the faint watery mist was dispelled.

A shrill scream could then be heard. Meanwhile, a faintly sensible spirit power speedily reaching out of the water city.

Ji Hao opened his erect eye which shone a clear light on the entire city. He clearly saw the moving track of an extremely weak spirit power. Laughing coldly, he said, "You came without an invitation, now you’re going without saying goodbye… What do you think this place is?"

The golden bridge transformed into a clear stream of light and rose into the sky. Ji Hao merged with the light and flashed swiftly across the sky, catching up with that trace of spirit power. He reached out his hand, seeming to grasp that fading stream of spirit power.

A red, white and blue light suddenly burst from that weak spirit power. The three-colored light spun around this spirit power like a windmill. Ji Hao pressed his hand on the light and felt like pressing a large balloon. He put forth his strength through his five fingers, however, the light was highly elastic and strong. He failed to grasp the spirit power, and on the contrary, he was bounced back for tens of miles.

The tiny strand of spirit power sank down. Protected by the three-colored light, it swiftly sank deep into the water.

Ji Hao activated the golden bridge again, then followed closely into the water. On diving down for nearly a thousand meters, a giant dragon whale showed up in front of Ji Hao.

The nearly three-thousand-meter long dragon whale had already turned as withered as a zombie. Its blood was drained by an unknown force. Looking at this dragon whale, which lied weakly on the bottom of the water, Ji Hao suddenly thought of the blood all over the ground, back in the water city.

Clearly, Taisi harmed the intruding watery mist silhouette with a powerful magic curse. Because of the connection between the weak spirit power and this dragon whale, this dragon whale suffered severe damage as well. The power of the magic curse drained its blood and caused it a lethal harm.

The weak spirit power reached the dragon whale’s head. A faint silhouette flew out from the dragon whale’s head and merged with the spirit power.

Ji Hao immediately scanned across that faint silhouette with his own spirit power. Pausing for a second, he smiled coldly and said, "This is also a spirit clone! Impressive, my friend, you’re indeed powerful. With nothing but a spirit clone, you can actually control such a giant, Divine-Magus-level spirit creature!"

Followed by a series of clattering noise, the water behind Ji Hao suddenly split up. From it, a man wearing a cyan-colored long shirt, and holding a red, white and blue lamp, walked out in big steps. Without greeting, this man swiftly thrust out his hand and grabbed Ji Hao’s neck as he attempted to throw him into the mud in the bottom of the water.

Ji Hao twisted his body. The man coming from behind didn’t cast any magic. Instead, he tried to beat Ji Hao with pure physical strength. Therefore, Ji Hao turned around neatly and evilly launched a heavy kick to the vital crotch area of this man. Meanwhile, he crooked the five fingers of his right hand like a sharp claw and fiercely swung towards the man’s hand.

The hands of Ji Hao and that man locked together, and next, they both put forth their strengths.

Following a buzzing noise, two immense physical forces clashed against each other. Underwater, a wave of ripple was sent out to tens of miles away. After a thunderous noise, two palms bumped, and pushed away the surrounding water, creating a vacuum zone inside the vast water.


The man who sneakily attacked Ji Hao from behind roared out in rage.

He didn’t think that Ji Hao would kick him in such an evil way. He forcibly moved sideway for half an inch, dodged Ji Hao’s destructive kick and saved his vital body parts. But still, Ji Hao’s tiptoe still brushed against his lower body, heavily landing on the root of his thigh.

A loud thud was created, as the cyan-shirt man was kicked flying away for over ten miles.

Ji Hao looked at that man, laughed coldly out, and said, "Wuzhi Qi, you old b*stard!"

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