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"You’re so young, but how can you fight so shamelessly?!"

Sent flying away by Ji Hao, Wuzhi Qi furiously leaped back up after fell, pointing at Ji Hao as he cursed out.

"Shameless? I can be even more shameless. Wanna try?" Ji Hao chuckled while conveniently pointing his right forefinger out, silently activating the power of the Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words. Behind Wuzhi Qi, the mud suddenly changed its form and turned into an extremely sharp thorn, slantingly piercing towards Wuzhi Qi’s butt.

Wuzhi Qi sensed a fierce coldness coming from behind. Again, he instinctively stepped sideway for a foot.

The sharp thorn was thickly covered in barbs. It brushed against Wuzhi Qi’s thigh and dragged off a large piece of cloth from his pants. Looking at that thorn sparkling with a dim, cold light, Wuzhi Qi had cold sweat flowing down from his forehead in streams.

"Marquis Hao Ji Hao, you Southern Wasteland men are the bravest, most straightforward warriors. But you, you evil, unscrupulous freak, how can you be one of them?"

Wuzhi Qi stared straight at Ji Hao. He could swear with his life that he had lived for so many years, met countless brave warriors from Southern Wasteland, but not a single one of them was as shameless and evil as Ji Hao!

"You haven’t lived long enough!" Ji Hao dropped his hands, approached Wuzhi Qi with big steps, and said with a faint smile, "Live for thousands of more years, and I guarantee that you will meet numerous young people exactly like me. Wanna bet?"

Wuzhi Qi showed the whites of his eyes, put the three-colored lamp on his head, and freed his hands, swinging them hard. Gritting his teeth, he glared at Ji Hao, sneered and said, "I came to visit you for some serious business, but since you have acted so unfriendly, I shall defeat you before we head to the business!"

Ji Hao slightly paused. Wuzhi Qi sneakily sent his spirit clone into the water city, did he truly do it for a serious business? Was he talking nonsense, or did he really have something serious to talk to Ji Hao?

Before Ji Hao figured this out, Wuzhi Qi had already roared out, pouncing on Ji Hao along with a fierce gale. Still, he didn’t cast any magic, and instead, rushed up with pure physical strength, then threw a heavy punch towards Ji Hao’s head.

Wuzhi Qi was a powerful water ape, one of the first batch of creatures in this world. He was as fast as a bolt of lightning, and even Ji Hao didn’t manage to see his movement clearly. Ji Hao saw nothing but a beam of light flash across his eyes, before that heavy punch came to his face.


The Taiji cloak released water-like waves of clear light, spreading out and surrounding Ji Hao like a giant lotus. Wuzhi Qi’s fist punched on the light. The violent force delivered by his fist was weakened by the layers of clear light bit by bit. In the end, this fierce punch became completely ineffective when Wuzhi Qi’s fist was still three-inch away from Ji Hao’s face.

Wuzhi Qi took a few steps backward in shock. With every step, he traveled seven to eight miles backward, and within a blink of an eye, he moved away for tens of miles.

Angrily, he looked at Ji Hao’s glowing Taiji cloak and yelled, "Ji Hao, are you even a man? You fend yourself with a crappy cloak…Can’t you fight me decently like a real man?"

Looking at Wuzhi Qi jumping in rage, Ji Hao sensed the strong intention of fighting from him.

What surprised Ji Hao was that what he sensed from Wuzhi Qi was a pure intention of fighting, without any aura of killing.

Remaining silent for a while, Ji Hao waved his hands, and sent the Taiji Cloak into his body. Without being activated by Ji Hao’s spirit power, the cloak wouldn’t show up again, unless Ji Hao suffered a lethal attack.

Wearing nothing else but a tight, dragon-skin sleeveless jacket and a pair of pants, Ji Hao twisted his body, moved his joints, then crooked his finger towards Wuzhi Qi and said, "Come on, old monkey, let me kick you’re a*s! Hehe, do you remember how I beat you up back then in the Town Hall?"

Wuzhi Qi’s face suddenly turned especially dark. He opened his jaws and roared out thunderously. A few enormous tusks reached out from his mouth. Pointing at Ji Hao, he laughed in fury and growled, "The one you beat back then was only a clone of mine! He wasn’t even one percent as powerful as me! Are you so proud of that?"

Roaring madly, Wuzhi Qi reached straight to Ji Hao with a single step. His arms tore apart the space, smashing towards Ji Hao along with an earth-shaking series of dreadful popping noises.

Ji Hao laughed out wildly and popped out his eyes. Without casting any magic, without even making the moves of sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow, and everything-perish, which were taught by the mysterious man, he launched his violent counter attack with pure physical strength. Same as Wuzhi Qi, he fought with pure violence, without any skill.

Fists bumped against each other, generating mountain-crushing booms.

Fists and faces thudded, as both the muscles and bones cracked loud.

Fists struck on chests, causing muffled drums. From the chests of both Ji Hao and Wuzhi Qi, bone cracking noise could be heard. Their internal organs had been shaking intensely; they both gritted their teeth and kept their mouths shut tight. Otherwise, they would vomit blood.

Within a single second, over ten-thousand heavy punches had been launched. The faces of both Ji Hao and Wuzhi Qi had swollen; their heads looked like broken watermelons, which had suffered thousands of violent strikes, looking completely out of shape. However, both of them possessed a strong spirit blood. As the thriving life-force surged inside their bodies, all their injuries recovered within a twinkling of an eye. Their faces turned back to normal, but in the following second, they were beaten into broken watermelons once again.

All of a sudden, Ji Hao leaped up into the sky and launched another swift kick to Wuzhi Qi’s crotch area, even starting a whirlwind in the process.

Wuzhi Qi rose as well and kicked back fiercely, raising a strong gale.

A long-lasting series of popping noises were caused as the legs bumped in an unstoppable way. Within a blink of an eye, thousands of destructive strikes were exchanged. Their leg bones broke and recovered, over and over again.

Wuzhi Qi smirked abruptly. His pair of arm turned strangely soft, and dodged a massive wave of punch launched by Ji Hao like two nimble snakes, then easily coiled around Ji Hao’s neck and dragged hard.

Ji Hao heard his own neck bone cracking. He couldn’t see anymore. Instinctively, he wielded his arms like blades and left two beautiful arcs in the air, with the move of sky-opening. His hands were like a pair of sharp blades, swiftly hacking on Wuzhi Qi’s chest. As easy as cutting a piece of tofu, Ji Hao’s hands cut Wuzhi Qi’s chest broken, and came out from Wuzhi Qi’s back.

While vomiting blood, Ji Hao stepped backward quickly. He buried his head in his arms, hurriedly straightening his broken neck bone.

Wuizhi Qi was also vomiting blood, and drawing back fast. In a hurry, he took out a few beautifully glowing leaves and threw them into his mouth, then chewed and swallowed them. After that, the wound on his chest began healing slowly.

With pure physical strength, Ji Hao and Wuzhi Qi fought this battle to a draw.

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