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Such brave, staunch men actually existed among Yi Ren’s warriors.

The six-thousand warriors beheaded themselves and shed their blood into the water. Their blood was scorching hot, even boiling the water, and attracted countless greedy water-kind creatures who were thrilled to devour that fresh blood.

Looking at the dead bodies of these brave warriors floating on the water, Ji Hao couldn’t help but raise his head and sigh towards the sky. How come these brave and loyal warriors followed Yi Ren, such a reckless and incapable man, as their leader?

"Such a shame! They’re worthy of respect, and it’s regrettable." Ji Hao gave a resonant roar towards the sky, then waved his right arm, releasing countless beams of golden light that immediately burned out all those water-kind creatures on the water surface which had been fighting each other for the blood of those warriors.

Ji Hao ordered his warriors to bury these dead warriors well. Then, he returned to the headquarters, and grabbed Hao Tao to drink together.

Yi Di had become Ji Hao’s brother in the sect. As for the so-called mission of detecting the current situation of the non-humankind, even including finding out the colors of the daily underwear of the twelve non-humankind emperors, was naturally forgotten, fading along the wind.

Except for the six-thousand warriors who beheaded themselves, all of Yi Ren’s warriors followed Yi Di’s lead. Ji Hao treated these warriors equally, and provided them with super-grade spell symbol arrows, also upgrading their feather cloaks.

Yi Di now had nearly four-hundred-thousand warriors under his command. Among these warriors, even the weakest ones were peak-level Senior Magi, with strong defensive cloaks, which were ninety percent as powerful as the swan cloak, and tens of thousands of super-grade spell symbol arrows. Every day, Yi Di would lead this elite force and rise into the sky, hovering in the air like a dark cloud to practice the battle formations. Gradually, Yi Di could manipulate this great force as freely as using his own arms.

Time flew by. The enormous city on the water continued moving northward slowly. During the journey, some daring and silly water-kind beings peeked at the city from a distance, but all ended up being shot into sifters by Eastern Wasteland archers. Other than this, nothing special had happened.

Guided by Yi Di, Eastern Wasteland clan elders visited Ji Hao one after another. Usually, after a friendly conversation, these elders would all kneel, pledge their allegiances to Ji Hao. They promised that they would do whatever they could to help Yi Di attain the throne of Ten Sun Country.

In return of this, Ji Hao paid nothing but spending some of his spirit power to produce a batch of spell symbol arrows for each of these Eastern Wasteland clans, and upgrading the feather cloaks of their warriors…As for the required materials, those were provided by these Eastern Wasteland clans themselves.

The sky was still covered by dark clouds, while the heavy rain had been roaring down constantly. Because of the dark clouds and the rain, the world seemed dark.

A bronze water hourglass stood in the middle of the water city, with water drops dripping down, one after another. The water hourglass was marked with time scales. Although the daylight had been absent for long, patrolling warriors in the city only need to take a glance at the water hourglass to find out that it was midnight.

Beside the water city, an area abruptly rose from the water surface. The clear water flew slowly, soon forming a human shape. Pushed by the waves, this man-shaped water drifted towards the water city, getting closer and closer. Torches on the city wall shone brightly on the man-shaped water, yet weirdly, it didn’t reflect any light.

"A giant wooden city, Ji Hao, this kid is indeed capable." A hoarse voice came from the man-shaped water, "But why is he bringing such an elite force to the north? Preventing the invasion of the non-humankind?…Hehe, who would believe that?"

"He can’t attack Northern Wasteland directly, can he? Which army would march so slowly? Such a giant army, heading to Northern Wasteland at such a low speed, without mountain-huge piles of food. They would all be starved to death on the journey!"

"So confusing, I don’t get it, I don’t get it!"

The man-shaped water nimbly rolled, then reached to under the city wall in a moment. It shook slightly, then transformed into a hazy stream of watery mist, and drifted into the wooden city wall. A strong protective magic screen was set on the city wall, but clearly, this ‘man’ was more powerful than whoever set the magic screen. No reaction was made by the magic screen based on the wall, and the hazy silhouette formed from watery mist had gotten into the city through the wall already.

Without making any sound, the silhouette airily drifted across a few patrolling squads as he unhurriedly approached the headquarters tent.

On a watchtower beside the headquarters, Taisi lied on the roof, his eyes popped widely out, fixed in the distance. In his confused eyes, large troops of water-kind spirit creatures had been heading south, hundreds of miles away.

His unfocused eyes landed on a chubby spirit eel hundreds of miles away. This large eel was over three-hundred meters long, with glistening silver scales. Every time it twisted its body, the tender flesh under its silver sparkling scales would shake.

"What a fleshy eel…Let Feng Xing slice it and Yu Mu cook it into soup, added with the venom of the red-heart three-tailed scorpion they caught yesterday…Spicy, fresh, so delicious… I’m drooling already!" murmured Taisi.

As his belly rumbled, Taisi slowly reached out his hands towards that giant eel hundreds of miles away.

He reached his hand out for half a foot, then a thick wave of air ripples was stirred up from around his palm strangely. He breathed deeply as his hand merged with the air slowly, reaching to the eel in an indescribable, magical way.

Suddenly, a pale beam of light flashed across his confused eyes. Almost instinctively, he turned around and stared at that hazy, watery mist silhouette. That pair of eyes of his was sparkling with a dim, weird light.

"An invasion…Enemies! Where’s Shaosi?"Taisi raised his head, subconsciously attempting to call Shaosi’s name to tell her to deal with the intruders.

"Eh? Feng Xing told me that I am the big brother, and I can’t let my little sister do everything, because that is too shameful as a man!"Taisi lowered his voice and mumbled, "I am a big brother, and I can’t let my little sister handle everything!"

Leaning his head, Taisi remained silent and pondered for a while, then raised up his hand, waved his finger, and took out the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book.

A breeze blew from behind, while an enormous silhouette appeared behind him. This silhouette seemed to exist for real, but also seemed to be an illusion. It was like a shadow behind the whole world. In the pale, hollowed eye sockets of this silhouette, a misty divine light locked on the watery mist silhouette, along with a strong aura of death.

"Kill!" Taisi didn’t plan to ask any question. He didn’t even have a clue about catching an enemy alive for a confession.

He discovered an intruder, and in his eyes, this intruder was an enemy undoubtedly. Therefore, he used his most powerful weapon for the very first move, and cast the most lethal magic curse.

The hazy watery mist silhouette suddenly burst with a scream, while the faint watery mist turned blood-red.

Puffing noises came from the watery mist without an end; blood sprayed out from it like a rain.

"Bastard! Who dared to sneak attack your great master?!" The voice of that silhouette turned weak and powerless, sounding even dying.

"Your Master Taisi sneak attacked you!" Taisi stood up, tremblingly pointed at that silhouette, and shouted out.

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