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Shaosi moved as fast as a bolt of lightning. The group of Eastern Wasteland archers failed to react timely. It was only after their commander was thrown into the sky that they finally saw Shaosi, who showed up so suddenly.

The strong air resistance wounded the neck of that warrior commander severely. He was a Magus King; his spirit blood quickly flushed through his injured neck and speedily healed his broken bones and muscles. While he was flying in the sky, this commander lowered his head and growled out towards the ground.

"Enemy attack!"

This alarm of enemy attack started a great disturbance in the entire water city. From all directions, troops of elite warriors rushed out of the barracks, pulled their swords and blades out of the sheathes, leaving resounding metal clangs lingering in the air. Meanwhile, deep dragon roars could be heard echoing to the clouds, as hundreds of enormous winged dragons flapped their wings and rose from the city.

The hundreds of well-trained archers outside the logistic camp swiftly scattered, rushed to high areas in the city, and pulled open their bows, aimed at Shaosi. Exquisitely crafted arrows sparked with an eye-piercing light. Strands of glowing mist coiled around the arrows, weaving into highly lethal magic spell symbols.

All those arrows were top-grade spell symbols arrows secretly crafted by Eastern Wasteland masters with the best materials. These Eastern Wasteland archers were only Senior Magi, but with those powerful arrows, they could launch high-level Magus-King-grade attacks.

Shaosi was locked by hundreds of spell symbol arrows. Visibly, waves of transparent power streams spread out from the arrowheads and pierced through the air, reaching to Shaosi’s body. These power streams were generated by the spell symbols on those arrows. The transparent power streams seemed to crush Shaosi’s body, and made her long shirt flutter in the air, as if a strong gale had been blowing across.

Ji Hao walked out of the headquarters, trod on a cloud, and flew to the logistic camp.

In the air, the Eastern Wasteland warrior commander started to fall. Strong gusts of wind rose from around his body and transformed into a cyan-colored pair of wings that held him up. Proudly and viciously, he dove down from the sky. Clearly, Shaosi was his target.

Ji Hao raised his head, took a glance at that commander, and abruptly burst with a cold growl, "Giving fake alarm, shaking the morale of the army… Kill him!"

Feng Xing walked out from a camp behind and silently pulled his divine bow open, releasing a barely visible, shadow-like arrow. In the air, the face of that warrior commander was instantly occupied by fear. He screamed while twisting his body, attempting to dodge that arrow. However, the arrow flew way too fast. Everyone nearby heard a clear popping noise, when the commander’s head was blown up.

A hazy arrow silhouette drilled up for thousands of meters high, then swished across the air, leaving a long, arc-shaped trace in the sky while flying back to Feng Xing. An exquisitely made leather quiver tied around Feng Xing’s waist glowed with a faint light, as the arrow accurately flew back into it.

This kind of quiver was a special local product of the Eastern Wasteland; a quiver like this could contain an amazingly great number of arrows, and could automatically retrieve them.

The quiver tied around Feng Xing’s waist was not an ordinary piece at all. Instead, it was made by Ji Hao with dragon skin and many other top-grade materials. Based on the Eastern Wasteland quivers, it was made with the Taiji Creation caldron. The capacity of this quiver was a million arrows, enough for Feng Xing to fight a small-scale battle alone!

Besides, the retrieving magic formation based on Feng Xing’s quiver was stronger and more effective than the ordinary ones. Within an area of thousand miles around Feng Xing, all released arrows could automatically fly back, because of the mutual attraction forces released from those retrieving magic spell symbols.

The Eastern Wasteland commander, who took the lead in this, was killed by Feng Xing with a single arrow. Witnessing his death, the hundreds of archers, who had their arrowheads pointing at Shaosi, paused simultaneously. Subconsciously, they loosened their fingers. Following a shrill series of swishing noise, hundreds of arrows flew to Shaosi’s vital body parts, along with sharp gusts of wind.

The distances between Shaosi and these archers varied from thirty meters to three hundred meters. Through short distances, those arrows reached to Shaosi almost immediately after they were released from the strings.

A hazy wave of space-ripple appeared in front of Shaosi and sparkled. Next, all arrows tat flew into the ripples, disappeared.

Silently, those arrows disappeared without a trace. Those Eastern Wasteland archers were stunned. They lowered their heads and slapped on their quivers. A round-shaped retrieving magic spell symbol glowed dimly on top of each of those quivers, yet not a single arrow flew back.

"What’s happening?" Ji Hao descended from the sky, walked straight to Shaosi and gently patted her shoulder.

Shaosi smiled faintly and took a small step towards Ji Hao, then held her hands behind her body, silently looking at those archers.

Commanders from all clans walked over from different directions. They came pretty fast, and the corpse of that Eastern Wasteland warrior commander finally thudded on the ground, after the main commanders of You Xiong Family, Shennong Family and the other ten super clans and families arrived. Blood sprayed out from the dead commander’s neck, splashing all over the ground.


Those main commanders each let out a heavy breath, then looked at Ji Hao with different facial expressions.

They followed Ji Hao to Chi Ban Mountain and built a city on the water. After that, no moves were made by Ji Hao and instead, such a strong, united army that gathered the elite forces from almost all strong human clans had been vapidly drifting on the water.

Weren’t they supposed to prevent the invasion of the non-humankind, who might take the flood as an opportunity and launch sudden attacks? Where were the armies of the non-humankind?

Not to mention the non-humankind, even those water-kind spirit creatures had been staying away from this city, without showing a sign of attacking!

They came all the way here to do what? Many main commanders were so confused by now. However, they forced themselves to not ask any question. When some other people stepped out and caused trouble, they would have the opportunity to throw out all questions they had.

The first one who jumped out, as Ji Hao thought, was from Ten Sun Country; the entire Ten Sun Country was at odds with Ji Hao.

Nevertheless, they didn’t think that Ji Hao would directly order his people to kill.

Yi Di walked out of the crowd with a dark face. Glancing at the corpse of the dead commander, he said coldly, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, what do you mean by this? My warriors don’t have enough arrows, which means we can’t fight long-lasting battles. I told them to come for some arrows, so you killed a man for that?"

Ji Hao took two steps forwards. "Don’t play any language game, and don’t play any dirty tricks. If you dare to ruin this mission, I will dare to kill people!" said Ji Hao through gritted face, his face horribly close to Yi Di’s.

Yi Di responded with a harsh tone, "What language game am I playing? What dirty trick am I playing? I’m just…"

Ji Hao violently interrupted him and said, "You want arrows? Fine. You and those under your direct command, if you have the guts to go to Liang Zhu City to find out the current situation of the non-humankind, I will give you as many arrows as you want!"

Yi Di turned his eyes away from Ji Hao to avoid his sharp gaze and said coldly, "I have two-hundred-thousand top-grade elite archers under my command! Each of them needs at least ten…No, fifty-thousand high-quality arrows! Can you do that?!"

Shaosi’s look changed. Yi Di was demanding an exorbitant price!

She clearly knew that this time, although the army had brought great quantities of supply from Pu Ban City, a big half of those supplies were food. As for arrows and other kinds of expendable things, the reserves were actually rather limited.

However, Ji Hao laughed out loud, "Good, two-hundred-thousand archers, fifty-thousand high-quality arrows for each! Give me three days, and I will give you the arrows you need! But if you can’t take your people to Liang Zhu City to get some valuable information, you, and all those people under you lead, I will take your heads."

Before Yi Di could respond, Ji Hao pushed on his chest. A violent force struck on Yi Di’s chest, disabling him from standing steadily and forcing him back staggeringly. Yi Di bumped into the group of people behind him, and made the tens of high-grade commanders from Ten Sun Country all fall to the ground.

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