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All the other onlookers gasped loudly, staring at Ji Hao in both shock and confusion.

Yi Di was a valued prince of Ten Sun Country, who was cultivated carefully by the country. Although he wasn’t as talented as Yi Shen, undoubtedly, he was an incomparable elite; added with the rich resources possessed by Ten Sun Country, despite his young age, Yi Di was already a peak-level Divine Magus.

Everyone on the scene could tell for sure that just now, Ji Hao didn’t case any magic. Instead, he pushed Yi Di back with purely physical strength. Being pushed by Ji Hao, Yi Di staggered back; this was explainable, as Yi Si wasn’t prepared for this after all. However, among the tens of high-grade Eastern Wasteland commanders behind Yi Di, three to five were Divine Magus, while all the others were Magus Kings. Yet, they all ended up lying on the ground now.

A sturdy man from Fire Dragon Clan, Southern Wasteland exclaimed out loud, "Earl Yao has such a great strength…Is he already…"

In terms of physical strength, Yi Di was already outstanding among all Divine Magi, added with the other few Divine Magi and Magus Kings, they were supposed to be unshakable. Nevertheless, Ji Hao put all of them to the ground with a slight push. This terrifying strength of his reminded many people of the word ‘Supreme Magus’.

No one believed it; no one was willing to believe that Ji Hao was actually breaking into that legendary level. It was impossible. Ji Hao was so young, and he was born in a small clan, called Gold Crow clan, which was a weak, declining, mid-scale clan!

Ji Hao slightly swung his arm and took a quick glance at his palm. Nothing happened to his hand. Ji Hao was too surprised by himself.

The Pan Gu bell and the small cauldron had been working together in his body. Pure streams of Chaos power were flowing out from the cauldron, merging with every part of Ji Hao’s body. Ji Hao’s body had been strengthening bit by bit continuously. He didn’t need to do anything, yet his body was continuously growing stronger.

The cauldron was merely improving his physical strength, but this improvement happened quite surprisingly fast.

"This is an army, away from home. Anyone who dares to disobey the order and undermines the morale, will end up like this man!" Pointing at the dead Eastern Wasteland commander on the ground, who had his head blown up, Ji Hao shouted. Meanwhile, Ji Hao cast a glance at Yi Di, whose face was extremely sulky at the moment, then continued, "You, our Eastern Wasteland brothers, you want arrows? I will give you arrows…But, if you fail to fulfill the task, don’t blame me for being too strict!"

A series of footsteps could be heard, following which, Xie Zhi walked out from behind a large tent slowly. Xie Zhi was a purely black creature, and had been releasing a stern power vibrations from his body. Walking side by side with Xie Zhi was Hao Tao, who had a dark, square face, and hundreds of military officers dressed neatly, with blood-red belts.

Those high-grade commanders from large clans and families weren’t willing to follow every word Ji Hao said. Ji Hao was young, and it was hard for him to convince everyone.

But once Hao Tao showed up, things were different. Hao Tao was a senior minister; he had served under Emperor Shun’s command for years, and had been responsible for the matters of penalty of the human society. He walked out and took a glance at the group of people with a serious look. Instantly, everyone on the scene was awed, including Yi Di. They cupped their hands to Ji Hao and silently accepted his words.

In front of the logistic camp, commanders from all clans walked away. The area quieted back down. However, everyone clearly sensed a great force agitating under this quietness.

Within three days, Ji Hao needed to prepare fifty thousand high-grade spell symbol arrows for each archer under Yi Di’s command. This led to an astronomical number. Yi Di demanded that on purpose; by doing this, he could gain great benefits. Spell symbol arrows were pricey, because of the high manufacturing process complexity. High-quality spell symbol arrows were definitely strategic resources.

Yi Di required fifty-thousand high-quality arrows for each of his warriors, and Ji Hao had stupidly agreed?!

Many high-grade commanders from those large clans had now been sneering in their heads over Yi Di’s recklessness and Ji Hao’s stupidity!

Those were high-quality spell symbol arrows. Even for Senior archers from Ten Sun Country, a strong force that was famous for fabulous archery, it would be already extravagant if they each had ten high-quality spell symbol arrows when they went out for a battle.

Even Magus Kings from Ten Sun Country could only unlimitedly use regular arrows without spell symbols; only archers at the level of Divine Magus or above could use spell symbols without limitations. Ten Sun Country was a wealthy country, but they couldn’t afford to let their warriors use spell symbol arrows without any limitation.

With the amazing archery of Eastern Wasteland archers, an archer could release at least a hundred arrows within a second, and spell symbol arrows were disposable weapons. Even though Ten Sun Country was rather wealthy, allowing all their archers to use spell symbol arrows unlimitedly could drain their money very soon!

"Our Marquis Yao does know about the cost of each spell symbol arrow, doesn't he?" At last, those high-grade leaders followed Ji Hao here all had the same thought, "He’s young after all, he doesn’t know that those things cost money!"

To this, Hao Tao simply stood in front of Ji Hao, seriously looked at him and said, "Marquis Yao, you made the promise, but can you keep it? This army is ruled by the military law. Even though you’re the chief commander of the army, you shouldn’t give false promises. If you do, don’t blame me for punishing you!"

Ji Hao solemnly cupped his hands to Hao Tao and said with a deep voice, "Minister Hao Tao, don’t worry, I know what I’m doing!"

Man Man stood aside and tilted her head, gently stroking Xie Zhi’s head while grinningly put her mouth to Xie Zhi’s ear and said, "See, see, uncle dark face is scaring people! I’m not afraid of the military law. As long as we go back to Southern Wasteland…"

Hao Tao’s face turned darker and darker. Shaosi hurriedly covered Man Man’s mouth with her hand and smiled to Hao Tao a bit embarrassedly.

"Man Man, don’t say that!" Ji Hao patted Man Man’s head and said, "Minister Hao Tao is right. You shouldn’t say that."

Back at the headquarters, Ji Hao put three faintly glowing spell symbol arrows in front of him. A magical power vibration had been spreading from these arrows.

These were three top-grade spell symbol arrows, one called ‘volcano collapse’, that could deliver large range explosion, one called ‘hurricane’, that had the highest flying speed and the longest firing range, and the last one called ‘wolf tooth’, specially designed to break heavy armors and shields.

The bodies of these three arrows were made from regular alloy, yet the arrowheads were carved from top-grade jade mixed with magic crystals. Each arrowhead was as large as half a palm, thickly covered in over a thousand tiny spell symbols, and coiled in glowing mist streams.


Ji Hao smiled, picked up the three three-meter-long spell symbol arrows, and slapped on his lower belly.

The five colored cauldron buzzed inside his lower belly, then released a dense, colorful mist, wrapping the three arrows in.

Countless tiny five-colored spell symbols flashed across the surface of the cauldron. Within a blink of an eye, the three arrows were disintegrated and turned back into basic raw materials. All spell symbols on the arrowheads became flowing streams of light, drifting inside the cauldron.

In a single second, Ji Hao learned everything about the materials, manufacturing techniques and the spell symbol systems required by the three arrows.

"Hm, along with these spell symbols, here, I only need to add a tiny magic seal."

Ji Hao worked for a while, then abruptly laughed out. Hurriedly, he walked out of the headquarters and flew out of the city along with a glowing cloud, jumping into the water.

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